Lin Dan took on surprised package, Jan Jorgensen in the China Super Series 2009 men singles finals badminton tournament.

Didn’t expect Jan Jorgensen to beat Lee Chong Wei, Boonsak Ponsana and Chen Jin en route to the finals. The quality i like about Jan Jorgensen is that he never gives up although the odds are stacked against him. He gives more then 100% in every match.

Can the determine Jorgensen stop the ever talented Lin Dan at home turf?

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Set I

Set II

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  • David 8 years ago

    Great lin dan as usual.

    I was amazed by the poor number of smatch that jorgensen did in the second game…

    THanks jason

  • Thanks for uploading this game, Jason. A consolation for his fans in HK after he walked out from the Hong Kong Open.

  • Hartono 8 years ago

    he beat Injured chen jin…………. and it’s tight score
    wonder is chen jin was not injured
    could be different result

  • alfie11 8 years ago

    Jason, thx for uploading
    But, can you upload the whole game in two parts? game 1 and game 2..just like before…it would be better for us to see it…anyway, thx a lot

    • jason 8 years ago

      To alfie : I can’t do that with Youtube because maximum limit for a video is 10 minutes right for Youtube? Or am i wrong?

  • Lok Fung 8 years ago

    Thanks Jason for uploading this match.

    Lin Dan is great as ever and Jan Jorgensen is certainly an upcoming talent in Badminton.

    I wish them both good luck for the future games, but more for Lin Dan,since I’m a Lin Dan fan

  • Matty 8 years ago

    I just want to say thank you so much Jason for uploading all of these. Have to say though this wasn’t a particular “even” match.. but still fun to watch.

    By any chance got any more Pi Hongyan’s matches lying around still? I love to see her play xD.

    Thanks for all you’ve done,

  • robert 8 years ago

    Thks Jason!

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    Jorgenssen was lucky he got 12 points… LD doesn’t get pumped for games like these but its nice to see the difference between a good player and a great one.

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    Amazing how the Danes disillusion themselves into thinking they actually have a chance vs the Asian players… when you’re faced with a superior opponent you have to accept the fact you’re beat. Does the coach and Tina Rassmussen actually believe he had a chance to beat LD??! seriously.

  • Strenki 8 years ago

    Lin Dan the great !

  • Most European players are not training as intensively throughout their lives as Chinese players. I am impressed by the high level of badminton as a sport in this small nation. Let’s hope there will be a second Peter Gade from Denmark before long.

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    Ya that same arguement they dont’ train as much and their governments don’t support them blah blah, cry me a river stop your fuckin whinning and accept the fact the asian players are just superior at which ever sport they choose to excel at. Peter Gade is good but can’t win shit, chokes, makes too many mistakes. I like and respect the guy but he’s WAY too overrated, the Danes thinks he’s God, if they wish to disillusion themselves into thinking that then they’ll never been champions.

  • Akira 8 years ago

    Hey Alphadeck, are you asian? just asking, i agree with you’re first few comments, but you don’t have go overboard and mock everyone else just because they’re not asian, and also i disagree with “asian players are just superior at which ever sport they choose to excel at” we’re not really good at soccer (even korea), cricket, tennis. and those more popular sports. But Badminton is good enough. LD FTW. ^^

  • @ Alphadeck

    Dude stop being a troll. No one cares that you think that Asian players are the best in the world. Jan put up a good fight and thats the important thing. Its obvious that Lin Dan is better but still, im sure if you played those danish players u’d get ur ass kick. And hell, didnt Peter Gade beat Lee Chong Wei, Bao Chunlai, and even Lin Dan before as well? you cant say that he cant win for shit because remember that guy is 33 as well and can still win Super Series titles

  • In china there are more people per square mile that play badminton as compared to countries like Denmark so china usually has alot more up and comming players and tons waiting in the wing to take their place should they slip. I wouldnt go as far as to say that only asia has all the great players. I dont know how many big championships Chen Jin or Bao Chun would win if Lin Dan wasnt around. Even many of the” great” players of a decade ago never won that much consistantly like Lin Dan does now. As, for Gade he has been # 1 before and even beat Taufik in the All England finals, which is no small feat in itself. Also, i think china having so many players means that they also have great sparring partners during their practices..and i presume the competition to get into the national team like in other asian countries is ferocious. Remember the great past players like Yang Yang and Frost and Hendrewan and etc? Even they never won titles consistantly like Lin Dan seems to do nowadays. and as for jorgensen he did beat LCW, Chen Jin so we cant call him a push over. Gade has also beaten many Asian players so his place in badminton history is secure. Lin Dan really is a rare bird and once he retires i think there wont be another like him for a long long time.

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    Makes me laugh the way Tina Rasmussen and her coach has this look of hope like a child waiting for Santa to come on Christmas Eve… like its every going to happen that Jorgenssen will beat LD, just the look of desperate bemuses me lol

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    of desperate hope that is.

  • Asians are only good at sports in which physical strength and size do not matter. That’s why the negros are good in basketball, boxing and sprinting but Liu Xiang (ex 110M hurdler champ) is a different story. Asians are good in T. Tennis, badminton, squash, archery, diving to name just a few. Speaking of population, there are only 7 million chinese in Malaysia compared to 1.2B in China but M’sia has produced many a world badminton champ. Before Icuk Sugiarto, world champ in 1983, all Indon’s world champ had been Chinese, Rudy Hartono, Liem Swie King and even Tang Xianhu (Lin Dan’s real coach) was ex Indon Chinese. Population means nothing sometimes as Malaysian had shown before that it produced the best chinese player than China (Swiss Open 2009), best Indian player in Gunalan than India and best Malay badminton player in Misbun than Indon at that time.

    I think I might just have started WW3!

  • I am not Korean btw even though my name is Kim. I am Aussie, ex Malaysia, boleh?

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    To all those who’s replied to me:

    Doesn’t matter if I’m asian or not, I have my own opinions and you can agree or disagree, I respect that. I only speak the truth although blunt, its still the truth whether some choose to believe it or not. Fact is Fact.

    You pathetic peasant. How many major tournaments has Peter Gade won besides the All England… hmmmm lets see, how about NONE. Aside from some crumbs LCW and LD throws him, he may win some matches but never when it counts *cough* someone get Peter some water… Ok. Seriously he’s a nice guy and good player but he’s won shit. #1 ranked by points.. big deal, look at LCW, he’s currently ranked #1 and technically the best in the world but anyone who knows anything about badminton knows the only reason is because LD hasn’t played many tourneys. No disrespect to LCW he’s amazing but he’s not the best.

    You keep worshipping your Danish players you ignorant peasant and the asians will keep racking up the trophies.

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    The only major tourneys that count are World Championships, All England, Olympics.

  • How many great athletes come from which countries is dependent on alot of factors. I dont see a point in being nationaistic about sports because it only serves to magnify ones own prejudices. I mean, i dont expect Canada to produce any top world badminton players anytime soon because not most people dont play badminton here, the government doesnt care to even fund it and..there isnt a history of badminton here like in other countries. conversely , i dont expect denmark to come up with the next great basketball player anytime soon either. i dont expect Sudan to produce a great bob sleder and so on and so on. Does this mean that there are no potential for great athletes in different sports in those countries, of coure not. most people in thi world ar trying to earn a living just to survive, most people dont even get an opportunity to play sports or even get an education. there must be a few great potential great painters in this world who will never even see a brush in their lives. who knows when or where the next great badminton player will come from. We can play the odds and say that chances are it will be from a badminton rich country…that`s all. the rest is up to talent, training and fate.

  • I set off WW3!

    Alphadeck, please mind your language. It’s enough to simply state your opinions like I did. There’s no need to spice it up with “f” words and derogatory remarks.

    I like the “size does not matter” comment from Kim 🙂

    I am Asian myself, living in Copenhagen. I support good spirit, good games. Whoever wins is just a momentary impression. Players improve, and there’s always someone to re-write history.

    Alphadeck, get ready to get your ass kicked if you ever come to play in an average club tournament here in Copenhagen.

  • Ya seriously. THeres no need to get all nationalistic about badminton. It doesnt prove anything other than the fact that your ignorant. And no im not a Danish player fyi, im actually from the US a country where badminton doesnt even exist. That doesnt mean that we dont cheer on our best players as well even against the odds.

    And besides saying that the only things that matter are All England, World Championships, and Olympics that count… come on… Then your definition of a “great player” is extremely anal Having all the trophies doesnt make one a great athelete. THey also need to have courage and a a big heart as well. Thats probably something that you lack.

  • Alpha, you are decked. Don’t be naive and expect people to respect your views when you use the f word, are you son of a bitch too? cos all s.o.b. swears. It doesn’t mean if you win AE, World Champ and we should hand the best or world no. 1 to you on a plate. The ranking system is there and all players might stand up and be counted! over a min of 10 events. I watch both 2009 AE and some of LD/LCW matches, LCW lost bcos he played the big points badly. Watch the videos on Tang Xianhu, he trains LD to be mentally tough and Tang beat the then 5 time AE champ Erland Kops 15-0, 15-5.
    Chinese players will be slightly mentally tough than Malaysian Chinese becos life in Chinese environment is different. Its tough. LCW has earned around $3M so far and life is good in KL, very good. Malaysia is still boleh as I mentioned earlier, we have only 7 million Chinese comapared to China’s 1.2M, that’s 171 to 1 ratio.
    Pater G was world No,. 1 at 20, won 16 Titles and according to Wikipedia is one of the most successful players of our time. This world is big enough to have more players like PG and LCW, the game of badminton is bigger than LD.

  • To Alphadeck
    From what I’ve read,I can tell that you are an ignorant, cocky guy. I assume you are not playing competitions: If you are facing a stronger opponent, what you do is not accepting the fact that you are beaten but do everything to beat them and beside it’s normal that the coach and teammates should believe in and support their mates on court, that’s what we call team spirit!
    Asians are not superior to anyone, they are humans and please don’t go to say what Danish people are thinking. I have to disagree with you, once again, that every title counts for a competitor not just the big ones.

  • To Alphadeck:
    From what I’ve read,I can tell that you are an ignorant, cocky guy. I assume you are not playing competitions: If you are facing a stronger opponent, what you do is not accepting the fact that you are beaten but do everything to beat them and beside it’s normal that the coach and teammates should believe in and support their mates on court, that’s what we call team spirit!
    Asians are not superior to anyone, they are humans and please don’t go to say what Danish people are thinking. I have to disagree with you, once again, that every title counts for a competitor not just the big ones.

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    Ok now we’re talking! Let me address each one of you peasants (and I mean that in the nicest way) accordingly:

    Alright I’ll try to tone down the foul language and keep this civilized. In badminton size probably doesn’t matter, as witnessed by Han Jian when he won vs. Morten Frost in 86 WC! I don’t see the point of your post but let me say that if I ever get to Coppenhagen, prepare to get your ass handed to you on a stretcher with smash marks on your body. Don’t forget the protective goggles, I need you to be able to see the keybord when you type your appology.

    Hello you clueless Yank. The reason the All England, Worlds, Thomas Cup and Olympics are the only ones that really count the same as the Grand Slams in tennis, you want to win when ALL the players are present and when it counts MOST. To your statement about “Having all the trophies doesn’t make you a great athelete” – name me 3 Great athletes that have never won anything… besides Peter Gade your idol. Titles mean EVERYTHING in professional sports no one remembers second place you moron. All the courage and big heart will earn you respect in the short term, but if you don’t couple that with a title like Shun Fujimoto during 76 Olympics when he broke his knee and still competed you’re forgotten in the history books!

    I’ll deck your ass all over the court. How can you say if you win the Worlds, AE and Olympics year after year that you’re not the best? are you really that ignorant… the other small titles are only there so that the Badminton Federation can exist lol and so that players can get experience and stay sharp, but aside from the super series, all the other titles mean f*** all, because everyone knows unless you have ALL the good players in one tournament, it means nothing. LD’s mental game has improved greatly, he used to be too over confident and nearly got kicked off the national team a few years back but now, he’s totally focused and matured. Although still a bit cocky, he can back it up and always pulls through. I don’t think anyone is tougher mentally right now but LCW IS playing better than I’ve ever seen him play before so… I’d love to see them play again in a Final if it ever happens this year. “Chinese players are slightly mentally tough than Malaysian players”??? are you for real… look at that young malaysian doubles team KKK and Tan Book Fuk, they’re so immature its almost funny, they have no focus and are like little kids on the court, cocky and overconfident and ultimately loses to a better more determined and mature Korean team. Your random stats mean nothing… how much money a player earns has nothing to do with their success, can you say… Anna Kournakova? LD is arguably the best that has ever played the game. He has proven time and time again that he’s the best, and only history will reveal but again, fact is fact. Clap your hands together, kneel down… pray hard and maybe… just maybe… if you really believe….Santa WILL come.

    So which is it you confused soul Jo or Jandy? To your comment about supporting your teammantes i’m 100% for it, but Jorgenssen only got to the final because Chen Jin was injured. Granted he did play well but there was no chance he would beat LD. I know exactly what they’re doing but we all know what the outcome would be which is why its so amusing to see them hope… and pray… and maybe… BOOM 21-12, 21-12 WAKE UP!!!! Every title counts as a competitor I’m sure you value your high school grade 8 singles title but as a spectator the only ones that matter are the big ones. Just like in tennis, its all about the grand slams. No need to post twice, doesnt’ surprise me you don’t even know how to use a mouse.

  • Epic Thread..havent seen one of these since i quit playing World of Warcraft…lol

    Long live LD!!!

  • kim chua 8 years ago


    You silly moron, a guru of badminton? you can’t carry my sports bag. You can’t win Olympic yr after yr as it is once every 4 yrs. A world no. 1 is you accumulate most points in 10 events, not AE, Olympic or World only. Leave LD out as if you like to lick his ass, that’s your choice. LD is the best at the moment but to be world no. 1, you have to satisfy comply with the maths.

    You are a confused bastard too, told you you should be a mixed race.
    You told Jondy this

    ” BOOM 21-12, 21-12 WAKE UP!!!! Every title counts as a competitor I’m sure you value your high school grade 8 singles title” then you told me ” How can you say if you win the Worlds, AE and Olympics year after year that you’re not the best? ” Clear your f*** head.(sorry Jason, I was quoting this moron)

    As I said, keep your little opinion, leave all of us genuine badminton fans out of your stupid riffle range. I mingle with ex Chinese National players, some are ex world champs, I know the Chinese system. KKK/TBH are not kids, they have court personalities, we need people like that. Kids, you are talking about yourself I think.

  • badminOk so I’ve read most of the comments posted here and I’m not going to get into most of it, except for the part where AlphaDeck, the obvious “bad guy” here, says that Peter Gade is not a great player. Also there are a few things you say that contradict what you say early on, first you mock the Danish coach and Tina Rasmussen because they cheer and support Jen Jorgenssen when there is such a big difference between him and LD, and then you say that you’re proud that U.S citizens cheer their players even when they know that their player have no chance of winning? really? And now to Peter Gade, first you say that he’s nothing and then you say that titles are everything, yet Peter Gade has won everything, except for an Olympic Medal. He has won the 1999 All England, World Grand Prix, World Junior Championship (MD), those were the big chunks, and altogether with a huge amounts of super series events including the first super series event ever (Malaysia Open). And I do agree with you when you say that in the professional world all that counts are titles, and well, if that is the case Peter Gade really is one of the most successful player of all time. Oh and pretty please, if you are going to reply, please try to keep a civilized language and attitude, I’m really here just to talk about badminton not to provoke anyone, which is obviously what you’re doing.

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    kim chee or chua or whatever the f$%# your name is you pathetic clown. You probably one of those who carries a big sports bag with 20 rackets but can’t play for shit!!! LOL LD is the best “for now”???? how about the past 4 years since you’ve been burried under a rock with the other low life. welcome back to the real world, let me clue you in on whats been going on, I’m right and you’re wrong. Hows that? screw the stupid points system, all that matters is how you perform when it counts, at the WC, Olympics (no shit its every 4 years!), AE, Sudirman and Thomas Cup with the exception of a few Super Series, thats it, all the others are meaningless. If you can win those, you’ve proven you’re better and has PG won all of those? AE and a few SS in his entire career… congrats.

    I didn’t say those were OUR grandslams I said its equivalent to winning those and if you can read properly you’d understand and not get all worked up because you’d know in your heart I am right. Wow, congrats on meeting national chinese players that qualifies you a genuine badminton fan no doubt!!! and the rest of us who’ve never met one can only be fake badminton fans I guess?!!! you make me laugh lol

    I didn’t say KKK and Tan Boon Fuk were kids, I said they act immature, and sure be as flashy and cool as you want just back them up with wins! They lost again to the Koreans… they got lots of talent but until they work on their mental game they won’t beat the Koreans or Chinese CONSISTENTLY!!!

    I’ll take that sports bag with you in it and burry it back into the ground where you belong.

  • Matty 8 years ago


    I’m the first to say LD is a great athlete, and a great badminton player. But at least he has more respect than you for the players he’s up against.

    Aren’t you being cocky by telling everyone that LD is the best in the world and all the rest can suck a pickle (that’s basicly what you’re saying). So who’s cocky now. I respect all the top badminton players, they’re all athletes, and don’t deserve to be talked down upon.

    And are you seriously saying you’re better than someone else in badminton before you’ve actually played them? You’re being a huge hypocrite, and a troll.

    I enjoy the sport and just hope the sport of badminton advances even further, particularely I’d like to see more European countries on the international circut.

    Fact of the matter remains that the Chinese government invest hugely in these players, and they’re steamed ready by very talented coaches who’ve already proven themselves. Simply stating that LD is the best there has ever been can not be argued. Times change and every “era” has it’s champion.

  • Alphadeck, look who’s worked up here! Enough is enough!

    Your “I am right you are wrong” attitude is only showing your ignorance. You watched a lot of badminton games and you learned to draw your own conclusions, that’s fine. But don’t force your opinion on others.

    Matty, you got a point there! I would also like to see more European badminton players on the court. Mark from Germany was a dark-horse in the Danish Open earlier last month. It’s a good sign!

    There shouldn’t be any racial definition among sports. Any race, if they receive enough training, can be good at a certain sport. Alphadeck only supports and admires the best players, that I can understand. But that doesn’t mean other players are all losers. They all fought their fights and I wish to see more good successors to Peter Gade and Keneth Jonasson.

    Again Alphadeck, one of your comments really set me off:

    – “kim chee or chua or whatever the f$%# your name is you pathetic clown. You probably one of those who carries a big sports bag with 20 rackets but can’t play for shit!!! ”

    This really throws me off and I detest the way you call others names. If that’s how you react to opinions that are different from yours then I could imagine how you suffer socially in your daily life. Good luck, my son.

  • oohh Clueless yank. Now thats the first time ive ever been call that. I think i can draw some good conclusions about you. Ur probably one of those guys that can talk like they can play badminton but when u get on the court your nothing. Trying to hide something that you dont have? Maybe you’re a bit insecure about that eh?

    Anyways you’re one of those people what we “yanks” call a DOUCHEBAG. Good luck on your badminton.

    Anyways good video jason! I really enjoy watching these videos.

  • kim chua 8 years ago

    Alpa or beta or sob

    I have only a humble background in badminton. I never played for Malaysia, the best I got was the State’s Under 20 champ when I was 16 yr and 7 mth. These days I played at World Masters with some ex Chinese National players and yes they are better than me. I only have a few medals to show and I had been to Simulated Thomas Cup training for 2 weeks.

    You must have licked LD’s ass too many times. LCW had beaten LD in Thomas Cup and Sudirman Cup a few times and was once 13-20 down against LD and won 22-20. You watched a few videos and think you are a Guru, truly you are a confused bastards cos I think you are not yank 100%. Like a typical Yank, you know it all and don’t lose any more respect here cos we know you are a little worm who thinks it is dragon. Look into your mirror now and grow up. Its Tan Boon Heong , you alpfuk, show some respect who is a Junior World Champ, AE, 6 SS titles and GP champ.

  • kim chua 8 years ago

    To Noid, Matty, Max and Alex

    I think I must have done a good job on alphuck, he seems to send his loose cannon only towards me, go ahead, you aplphuck bastard, make my day.

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    Look at all you pathetic weasles congregate in unison to hoot and holler. LOL

    You people are obviously on the lower chain of humain evolution, and its evident by your attempt at personal attacks that I’ve touched a raw nerve. I suppose its only humain nature that when treatened they fight back any means possible… when faced with utter defeat, we grasp at straws and anything we can find which is what you’re all doing. Making senseless remarks and accusations based on nothing but your personal pain. I understand and thats ok… thats exactly how Jorgenssen felt when dealing with a superior opponent, nothing he throws at LD works, and nothing you throw at me or say will work. Thats how solid I am with myself, unlike all you useless weasles, who need to resolve to personal attacks. I will not stoop to your sub terrainian level as I’m very comfortable knowing I’m 100% right and you’re 100% wrong. Plain and simple. Whether you choose to believe it or not its up to you peasants. So deal with fact and stop disillusioning yourselves.

    As for Tan Boon Fuk, if you know anything about him you’ll know that’s his real name. He was born in a small town called Sum Dum in Malasia, where he started playing at the age of 7, he was named after his great grandfather from the same village the late great left hander called Luk Kee Fuk who used to hit a lot of shots off the net. After he reached high school his mom remarried and thats how he got his new name. So to all you Sum Dum Fuk wannabes, learn your history before you speak. Know when you’re defeated and shut the Fuk up and bow down. I rest my case.

  • Alphuck duck,

    You are at the lower end of the social ladder, we can tell. TBH did not come from Sum Dum which is in the US where you got your bastard mixed blood from. Its hard for a yunk to be told he is not as good as a Malaysian, is it. You will always have an excuse and you are always right (we have a problem here cos you are always wrong, your IQ is 99). JJ did not feel helpless, you don’t win on your first SS Finals usually. It took the great Ivan Lendl in tennis to win his first Grand Slam after about 8 Finals from which he got the silver medal and soeaking of which, you copped lots of silver medals here. Be a man, accept defeat and if you start low like swearing or kim chee or kim choo, you end up on the duck, sorry, deck, sorry whatever your name is.

    Next time, ask not what you can tell others about badminton, ask what you can learn from the rest, especially from the Chinese, Malays, Vietnamese, Thais etc.. Punk, Have a nice day, my poor learned friend or foe

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    How sad…. you keep digging your self deeper and deeper lol where did you learn english, you must be a Sum Dum Fuk. I know your mother, her name is Fuk Poon Tang right? thought so.

    Sigh… listen here Kum, keep scratching just like JJ… but you’re going to lose just like JJ, your fellow Dum Fuks can keep praying and cheering you on just like the Danish coach but in the end… feel the power. Bend over and take a swift kick in the arse. Learn something, then come back.

  • Please… grow a pair

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    a pair of boobs like u?

  • Default 8 years ago

    Dude Alpha, please stop talking. And everyone else, stop talking to him. All you’re doing is feeding the troll. Lin Dan is far and away the best; none of the other Asian players can touch him either, so there’s really no point in making a big deal out of it. Danish people do well in badminton too, no matter how you slice it, so there’s no point in pretending otherwise.

    And all this shit about racial superiority? Aside from that being an obvious attempt at getting people mad at you, it’s not even true. Physically at least, I think black people are naturally the strongest. Just look at the most purely physical sport there is: running. Who’s the fastest? Pretty much all black people.

    But anyway, just don’t talk to Alpha guys. He’s being a douchebag, and I would beat the shit out of him if this wasn’t online. Unfortunately, this is the internet, so he can say all the shit he wants and hide behind his anonymity like the pussy that he is.

    Oh and for the record, I am white, and I live in the US. Yes, I know we suck balls at badminton, but I still watch plenty of pro badminton and so I know the difference between good people and crappy people.

  • Default 8 years ago

    Oh and jason thanks for putting up the videos, and please block Alphadeck if you can.

  • Boris 8 years ago

    Hello Alphadeck,

    you are an idiot! How on earth can you argue that Asians could excel at any sport they chose to compete? Have you ever heard of Asians playing ice-hockey? It won’t happen and you know why. It is not because there are not proper conditios to develop such sports in Japan, Korea or China. What would you do when you have to face Russians or Canadians that have chests as big as two-wing wardrobe? What happened of the Asian ever-persistent amibition to be good at football or even volleyball? Even really small nations like Bulgaria have hundreds of times better teams in volleyball and football. If you don’t follow voleyball just check what happens everytime Koreans or Japanese face Bulgarians – small and quite poor nation. Think of what will happen when the Asian super-football teams face the Europeans or South-American teams in South Africa next year. Well, it would be quite fun to see how those tall, strong and technically gifted Koreans are trying to mark Drogba or pass through Yaya Toure. Are you familiar with those names? They are from one very fucked-up country in Africa that is as poor as a church mouse. And don’t give me as an example the WC in Korea and Japan in 2002. We all know how the referee didn’t count 3 otherwise perfectly fine goals of the Spaniards when they were playing against Korea. Yes, the Asians are the best in badminton but it doesn’t mean you have to get arrogant and aggressive, and so disillusional.

  • Matty 8 years ago

    Apart from Alpha being an obvious troll, I commend his efforts because now there’s alot more informative talk going around! Nice to know some of the other badminton enthousiasts here at badmintonfreak.

    We all share a common love which is badminton, let’s just keep it at that and keep all the useless back and forth jibbering to a halt. Let’s al remember the saying, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one!

    It’s not because you’re good at a certain sport (I’m not :p I love playing badminton but I didn’t get the proper training when I was young and lack the physique) that therefore you are better than someone else.

  • Everyone is feeding his troll job 🙁
    I think it’s obvious he’s trolling, if he’s not, oh well, I think I just met the most hypocrite self-righteous jerk ever.

  • LD just teasing jogensen in the 2nd game..

  • Bombay duck, peking duck? block that duck!

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    LOL I love it. I’m getting to you idiots and have you guys all steaming. Keep it up!!!

    To Default – For a guy with no balls to put even a name you sure are a big talker. First of all I never mentioned ANYTHING about RACIAL SUPERIORITY. I love how you idiots read what you want into it and go off on a tangent. This thread was never about race, see thats the thing, when iditos congregate and start weighing in, they have no idea what they’re talking about. You reveal your own insecurities about yourself and thats fine, I understand your situation and see I don’t need to lash out at anyone because I’m comfortable knowing I’m right. You just can’t accept it, so you go on and on and for what? you’re only making me stronger so keep it up. FEED THE ANGER – give in to the DARK SIDE LUKE hahahahahaha

  • I think, Jorgenssen improved quickly, of course cannot compare with LD now, who is the one of millions badminton player in China like LCW and Hydayat in their countries and as badminton pro players they work hard to get a single point. Jorgenssen is doing good now maybe in two years time, he will become a fox, all his shots are hard to predict like LD doing now. he at least can reach Semi in London’s Olympic, I believe so. While LD, LCW, Pete Garde getting older. Maybe new star is born tomorrow.

  • asshoe 8 years ago

    all ya shut the da fuck up……who care LD or peter gade is good….just watch badminton for entertain will yah

  • RAWR!! TROLLLL!!!!!

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago


  • Alphadick 8 years ago

    I have changed my name from alphadeck to alphadick because it suits me more. I have no friends so i can only talk here even though im talking c***. Thats how pathetic i am.

  • X-Men Vermicelli 8 years ago

    Doesnt matter what any of us say..we dont got no world trophies. They’re all at Lin Dan’s house. I will cry for us all…sob sob sobity sob.

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    Hahaha very creative I like that… Alphadick keep it up!!!

  • santos 8 years ago

    ha ha ha in the fact…Lin Dan is the Best player for now..

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    Stop licking LD’s balls Santos hahaha

  • Dear All (Alex, Noid, Matty, Boris Et Al)

    10 or 15 years ago when Cell phone was thousands of dollars and ownership is 1 in a thousand pax, you would see someone holding his CP talking loudly in crowded places….until one day his CP rang. The moral of this story is in cyber world these days, if suddenly alpha is talking to beta, we all know is the same person, one boring, sad recalcitrant. The best thing is people get to read our comments but nobody now read theirs or his. Respect is more important than ego and it is my belief, the moment a foul language is used, he should be blocked and there’s a way you can do this by blocking the domain user, we all have an internet domain site, it does matter how many identities we create. This site should not be contaminated just because one person is. Over to you Jason.

  • Matty 8 years ago

    Don’t worry mate, I’m happy I found some cool guys on this site :p.

    We should get forums here on badmintonfreak.. would be cool to start a little community.. and discuss video’s in further details.

    Jason I’d love it if you were to put something up like that.

    Kind regards,
    Matty from Belgium

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    Go cry to Mommy Kum LMAO… keep it up!

  • The internet makes me laugh

  • Alpha-Clit 8 years ago

    Alphadeck just had a sex change from dick to clit. In order to be able to win a medal in badminton, I had to sacrifice my little body part…

  • Matty, where did you learn how to say mate? In Oz, we always say “G’day Mate” and “no worries” The forum here is alive and well. I learned from a few people and Alex, of course lots of good laughs from internet. One of my best laughs come from funny commercials, worst idols and people who always think they are always right. One of my greatest enjoyment is watch a good match like LCW Vs LD in 2009 Swiss SS and LYD/JJS Vs KKK/TBH in China Masters, two greatest matches for free, thanks to Jason. These beat a $200 concert by Rod Stewart anytime.

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    comon… you can do better than that!! Keep it comin bitches!!! LOL

  • Matty 8 years ago

    I picked it up from talking to alot of Australians, I’m Belgian myself :p. My english mainly comes from the internet :p so don’t judge me.

    And are there actual forums on badmintonfreak? Or are you talking about the comment area.

  • Matty, your English is fine. How’s Aussie accent? Belgian tennis is in good shape, especially the women. Where on earth can you find a mother who made a comeback and won a Grand Slam? My namesake Kim of course. There is no forum on badmintonfreak as such, this is it. You can try “badminton central forum”, badminton experts there include “george@chongwei, badkaki, flying kangaroo(ahem, yours truly), just to name a few.

  • santos 8 years ago

    ha ha alphadeck is sissy bragging ball

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    is that the best you can do Santos? …i’m disapointed in you…. LOL

  • Matty 8 years ago

    Really wish Belgian badminton level was higher.. I can’t find decent trainer (well, affordable training) here.. and it’s not that popular-a-sport in Belgium unfortunately.

    It’s even sad that our top Belgian players have to compete in France in order to have decent competition. I really wish I was born in Denmark haha.

    I’m 20 now and didn’t properly start playing badminton (well on a regular basis) 1-2 years ago (but still lack training), and so I lack form and technique.. I’m probably never gonna get any good. But I enjoy the sport and love watching, so I guess that’ll suffice.

  • All badminton players need good sparring partners, including LCW. Australian players are the same, we have few good players here. At the clubs here in Melbourne, most decent players are from either Malaysia or Indonesia. This is because badminton is the unofficial national sport in these countries. I am a veteran player, I only play in OLd Men’s Olympics, The World Masters. European players are better in doubles, matured after 23. ASian players a lot earlier (Porntip is only 1, Taufik in AE Final at 18 and Tine became world No. 1 at 28) Welcome to the game of badminton, its a great sport, the fastest too.

  • Matty 8 years ago

    Yeah, unfortunately for me I have no steady sparring partner :(. I have a mate who’s pretty good but he doesn’t want to put in the time to play badminton more. My brother plays football, and in my club there’s not really a “willing” candidate either”.

    I agree though, it takes someone to challenge you on a daily basis to give it your all and max.

  • Stop your whinning Matty lol if you need a sparring partner just find one, I’m sure there are some that are in similar situation.

  • Matty

    We have an imposter here, the above is not me but we know who that sad person is. He is the one who reads all our mails and no one reads his anymore cos he has lost all respect from us. For you, the best way to improve is to join a club and play with players much better than you. When I was 16, a Junior State Champ, I had the priviledge to play the Senior State Champ and I could not see his first 10 smashes, they were so quick, so accurate and so fast, almost just like LCW’s. I was completely outplayed 15-1, 15-2.

    Two years later, the score was more respectable 15-7, 15-8. I didn’t have any coach, it was all self thought. Usually, the asians in Belgium would play badminton here, so if you know “Ni How” or “Nei ho mo” you should get far with them. Those words mean “how are you” in Mandarin and cantonese respectively.

    Kim Chua, Australia

  • Oh and by the way Matty, I’m gay and love it up the tailpipe. Call me up some time when you’re in Austrailia

    Kim Chua

  • Sad really when you have to pretend to be someone else to get your point across. Everyone don’t pay attention to this troll he’s obviously trying to confuse us. Stop talking to yourself and imposter others we are on to you, this is not me, I’m Kim Chua so don’t listen or trust to this person.

    If you see my name its because he’s using it, trust me I’m the REAL Kim. Don’t take anything he says serious.

    Kim Chua

  • Matty 8 years ago

    Yeah I’m thinking about changing club, my current club doesn’t really have many high ranked players.

    The club that’s also close to me is in the first nationals in Belgium, so I think that would be better to progress my play :p.

    Btw nice accomplishments! I’m sure you’re one hell of a badminton player.

    And I know those two times weren’t you, don’t worry :p.

  • kim chua 8 years ago


    Thanks for knowing who’s who here and I think we all have our own style of writing, one with integrity and one without. You can bet the real Kim does not use indecent language but I never read his email at all, I think nobody does. His style is the name, more like the script writers of Police Academy 10!!
    I was born in a badminton mad nation called Malaysia so playing badminton at a high level is second nature to lots of us (Malaysians). But I met my match many times, once I played singles against a National Player from the UK, the only time I was in the Centre position is when I was receiving or serving. The moment after that I was chasing the shuttle like a headless chook so I know how other players feel (except LD) when they played LCW. These guys are so quick, they glide and each shot has the same hitting action so you won’t know is going to be a cross drop, half smash or a full blooded smash. Needless to say, I only get a few points, lucky ones.

    Good luck with your club search, I am sure you will improve by leaps and bounds in no time.

    My guess is “this sad person” might now impersonate you!, and of course I would know too.

  • Matty 8 years ago

    Yeah the thing is the best of the world make it seem so easy.. how they move seemlessly over the court amazes me. You’d think they aren’t putting in much effort/time to get from one corner to the other corner of the court.

    Also mad returns, anything you throw at them they hand you back in no time. Crazy backhands, awesome netplay…

    Really great athlethes, cause making it seem easy is one thing.. actually pulling it all of is another :p.

  • Antony 8 years ago

    I am a fan of Lindan so I appreciate all his matches. He moves so fast and he is very decisive. I can only worship him. Thank you for your sharing.

    One more thing, at early stage of this blog, you – the blog owner – used to upload your files to hotfile in .flv format. Now you change to youtube with lower quality images. I wonder if there is a chance that I and other badminton fans can download your original files (700mb – 1Gb/file) recorded by your device?
    Or being able to download your .flv files. is still a fortune for us – leechers, I have to say.

  • Antony 8 years ago

    Thank you in advance and contact me if you have time.
    I wish you best!

    • jason 8 years ago

      @ Antony

      If you can help me to download from my ftp and upload to hotfile that would be great. Do you have a fast internet connection then?

  • Matty 8 years ago

    I already sent you an email Jason but so far no reply, I’d love to help out if you told me what to do. Let me know if you need a hand I want the high quality too xD.

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    What gets me is the umpire yelling out
    ” SERVICE OVEERAOOHE!” “SERVICE OVERAOOHE!” Let’s hope she doesnt work at Mc donald’s front desk taking orders. “chu want a hambergeraoooo?”

  • Alphadeck,

    You've obviously been defeated. Give it up; your futile attempts to regain any sort of respectable reputation only shows how desperately lonely you are. By the way, your English skills are lacking severely, illiterate cunt. Please educate yourself on proper grammar and punctuation before you begin communicating your ideas (no matter how absurd they are).

  • Lin Dan>>>>>>>>>>>everyone else (past and present)