Boonsak Ponsana of Thailand the 11th seed for the tournament took on home crowd and Olympic champion Lin Dan in the men singles finals of the China Masters 2009.

In the semi finals, Lin Dan defeated Chong Wei while Boonsak upset Chen Jin of China. Both players are rated as talented but Lin Dan is consider the favorite for this match because he is more consistent compared to Boonsak.

Boonsak on his day can beat anybody. Can he sly the dragon at his own den?

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Part I

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Part II

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  • BojanglesBadminton 8 years ago

    Great quality. Thanks a lot!

  • Patrick 8 years ago

    No doubt Lin Dan is the best~~really awesome…

  • Ginee 8 years ago

    Boonsak Ponsana is better than chong wei…hope can get more china master video from you…

  • Hi there,

    any video between lin dan and lee chong wei semi final?
    I miss out to watch it…

  • Stanley Faulk 8 years ago

    It’s really good to see how players like Boonsak and Tien from the smaller badminton countries are really improving. With a little more experience and refinement it will be scary to see how good those players could get.

  • jason, you’ve been busy… we expect more vids from li ning tourney soon 😉

  • Bad(minton)Fan 8 years ago

    LD was good but not too good for Boonsak.

  • WonderWoman 8 years ago

    This is what I’m talking about….. great camera angle which you can appreciate the height and “rapidity” of the shuttle.

    Ladies doubles please. Thanks again for sharing.

  • mooore pls 🙂

  • what did Lin Dan try to say to Boonsak at the net around the middle of the second set? I guess he also questioned the line call. I think Lin Dan has quite a great sportsmanship.

  • Lin Dan = best mens singles player in the world 😀

  • LCW vs LD???? PLZ!!!!!

  • Boonsak seems found a way to confront lin dan, but just was lack of some stamina, skills and luck. Both of them are fantastic!

  • Boonsak looks like Lilyana Natsir…

  • Ashely 8 years ago

    hi jason, seems like the links to don’t work, it says the files have been removed.. please put them on! thanks~~ 😀

  • Jerry Liew 8 years ago

    I am really disappointed with LCW for his mediocre performance in China Masters 2009 semi-final when he lost to the Super Dan. I expect him to show a much better performance against his nemesis but as usual he has failed successfully. It can be clearly observed that Lin Dan has surpassed LCW far way ahead and it is not possible for LCW to beat Lin Dan at this stage. When LCW lost 21-7 to Lin Dan in the last set, it indicates an enormous gap between them. Some may say LCW is tired for having to participate in many tournaments during the year and he is having a knee problem. I don’t really think these reasons are acceptable. Being World No. 1, he must show his worthiness and calibre by consistently winning major tournaments. No more excuses. I understand that LCW fans will disagree to this comment but please look deeply and you will realize that Lin Dan is unbeatable at the moment and for many years to come. Super Dan is far more superior in all aspects such as smashes, cross court shots, foot work and net play. LCW does not have much time as he is growing older and losing to not only Lin Dan but also to other lower rank players such as Simon Santoso and Sony Dwi Kuncoro is not an option. He must prove that he is a worthy World No. 1 but I don’t think that he can since he has failed to live up to the expectation when it mattered most. Mark my words, the badminton history will portray Super Dan as the greatest badminton player in the modern era. Not the beloved Datuk Lee Chong Wei…………

  • Jerry,

    LCW didn’t do that badly, if you watch the video, he reached set point in the first set and if he had won that first set, things would be very different as he won the 2nd set 21-16, and all this is done on LD’s home soil. I think LD has never won the Malaysian Open yet. Super Dan played the big points well. Some of the points you raised are logical, sensible and well argued for. However, if you look at the comments posted in Jason’s topic on LCW and WMC break-up, you find we have touched on the subjects you raised. Stan Faulk said some of the good points you mentioned and I have also argued why Malaysian players are not as mentally tough as the Chinese.

    • jason 8 years ago

      To Kim : Maybe they are contented with what they have already? That’s why they are not going that extra mile to be extraordinary…

  • Jerry Liew 8 years ago

    To Jason: Video match LCW vs Lin Dan please. Thank u.

    To Kim: I am afraid that LCW is now facing the same fate like Dinara Safina the World No. 1 woman tennis player until Serena William takes over the rank today. Dinara Safina has not won any grand slam title throughout the year and frequently losing to lower rank players. She was ranked World No. 1 because of competing in many tournaments but could not live up to the expectation for being a top rank player by winning grand slams titles. LCW should follow the footstep of Roger Federer being World No. 1 and winning 15 grand slams titles in his career and currently regarded as the greatest tennis player of all time. LCW being a good player he is but definitely not the greatest. Sad to say but it’s the truth. I strongly support Lin Dan not because of anything but purely due to his rare talents and outstanding confidence level combined with the characters of a great champion.

  • John Li 8 years ago

    Hey are you the Jerry from New Zealand and also plays very good badminton? also have a brother named Jeremy?

  • hi, i tried to download the second part of the video lin dan vs boonsak ponsana, but when it opens the link ( in a new window, i’m getting a error message like this:
    “Don’t share this page with anybody!”

    Can u send me an alternate link please if possible.

    Thanks, Sai

  • Nomad 8 years ago


  • In all honesty, the commentary of Gill is a bit too one-sided. Agreed Lin Dan has achieved a whole lot more but I think Boonsak played very good this match.. and she was rambling on how Lin Dan is so great. Give a little room to say something about Boonsak from time to time (she did, but very limited).

    Some very nice points.. enjoyable match.. love Boonsak's manner of play.

  • trehanchristie 8 years ago

    hey can you please upload the china masters mens singles semi-finals between lin dan and lee chong wei.

  • thanks for sharing

  • lolipop 8 years ago

    how to download d second video???

  • ponsanaluver 8 years ago

    what is boonsak sponsored by?

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    Boonsak, his sister and Sudket are having some problems with Thai Badminton Management. They didn't play in the Thomas Cup and Thai is out in the Final. They didn't come to AE either. Boonsak was formerly sponsored by Gosen, but now Kumpoo (no jokes please on septic tank products) which is a Jap manufacturing Co.