“I will have to set new goals for a driving force, clinic ” says Lin Dan – Badminton Update

China’s badminton ace Lin Dan has achieved all that one can just dream about but he is not ready to slow down and stated that he will have to set high targets to excel in the future.

Lin Dan is respected as one of the greatest shuttler of all times as he is the only player to complete a “Grand Slam” by winning nine major titles of the world.

Moreover, physician he also enjoys the status of being the only shuttler to defend his title in the Olympics as he clinched a gold medal in 2012 London Games.

The Chinese maestro was supposed to quit the game after recently concluded mega event but he announced to swing his arms for the next two years.

However, Lin Dan is fully aware of the fact that he will have to put an extra effort to maintain his status in the arena.

He admitted that the future tournaments will prove tough trial for him and without solid determination he will not be able to live up to the billing.

He said, “If I want to continue playing badminton, I will have to set new goals and look for a driving force. If I am able to find the right direction, I will continue to be the Lin Dan whom everyone is familiar with.”

World Number one player has been on top of his game since 2008 Beijing Olympics where he claimed his first gold medal.

Since then, he has never looked back and became World, Olympic and Asian Champion during last four years.

With more than 15 world titles, he is certainly the most decorated shuttler in badminton history.

Lin Dan feels that to keep his performance permanently at the highest level is his most significant achievement.

He said, “I no longer view my results and achievements so seriously. One thing remains unchanged is that I have maintained a high level of performance as a professional athlete.”

Moreover, Lin Dan also briefed that he has achieved so much that now even his supporters are not bothered with the results as they just want to see him putting his best in the game and entertaining them.


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