Lin Dan returns to Yonex

Lin Dan will be looking to win a hat-trick of Olympic gold medal at the Rio Olympics 2016. Lin Dan previously won the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympic gold medals defeating Lee Chong Wei on both occasion.

Now Lin Dan has ditch Li Ning as his main sponsor and went back to Yonex. Some of his die hard fans especially in China is very angry with the latest news. There is some that even branded him as a traitor of the country due to the long history between China and Japan.

Lin Dan’s fans reacted negatively, saying they will no longer support him and that his decision was a tragedy for the people of China, but others have posted messages of support.

My take is that there is nothing to worry on this matter as even before the emergence of Li Ning and other big China brands, the Chinese badminton team was already using Yonex brand of racquets and products. Why now only those die hard fans make a fuss on such issue? They should have made the fuss then and not now.




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  • Sensitive, orthodox people. Insecure dingleberries. Only Li-ning rackets can be used to play badminton? Why bother bringing in the political issue?

  • Why don’t these so called fans ask their current leader Xi Jinping why his whole family either have US or Australian passports? Speaking about patriotism in China? Are they serious? I think the most unhappy people would be Li YongBo as he cannot keep the team China to use Li Ning exclusive? I am sure there will be more to come.