How does Lin Dan think of his 3 main great opponents (Peter Gade, Taufik Hidayat and Lee Chong Wei) in his career life?

Lin Dan: 3 of them are in different age and competitive game is like this, no matter how young or old you are, you will have the chance to be the champion in each profession. During my early years, among 3 of them, Peter Gade was the first opponent I needed to challenge because he is the oldest among us. At that time, Gade was already a very famous player. Every young player was determined to defeat him. This is actually unfair for the young player to compete with him, but this is competitive game. After Gade, it came Taufik, he is one year older than me. And the last one is Lee Chong Wei, he is alomost same age as me. We have been competing even until now. I don’t know whether you have the picture of Lee, Bao Chun Lai and me taking photograph together in the year of 2000 when we participated in Asian Junior Championship. This picture is widely circulated in the social medias in these two days. Sometimes, I hate them to disclose this picture because it reminded me of those days when we were young. 16 years ago and it made people feel so emotional. Now, only Lee and me are still on the court.

Host: So, how do you think of you and Lee?

Lin Dan: In 2008 Beijing Olympic, I defeated Lee and won my first Olympic gold in my career life. After this, I saw a very diligent Lee and he has become stronger. I think that he is such a great player, he has the dream of achieving World Champion and also the dream of his country. He is such a man, a man to never give up to achieve his dream. Thus, I think that I can also continue to play to create my value. In 2012 London Olympic, he was again lost his opportunity to realize his dream, but he never gave up and kept on working hard. His perseverance has given me a great impact. In this year Olympic, for me, my result is not good but i have already tried my best. After 2012 London Olympic, I decided to take a break for 8 months, I saw that Lee was playing very hard. He participated in many tournaments and tried very hard to be a stronger player. This has greatly touched me. He continued to play despite his loss. So, I have no excuse to leave badminton. I have no injury and I can still play and I think I can accompany him to play. This is like a promise, a promise between Lee and I. Because of him, I persevere until now. And I feel so proud of representing my country to participate in Olympic for the 4th time. There are many excellent young players in my country, but there is only one Lee Chong Wei in his country. I am so proud that I could make it to semi final and meet Lee, at least I was not eliminated before meeting him. I think that I have done my best.

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