There is still hope for Malaysia’s badminton after Lee Chong Wei hangs up his racquet. Liew Daren won the French Open 2012 Super Series event unexpectedly.

This is how Liew Daren did it :-

Round 1
Liew Daren bt Chou Tien Chen 21-23 21-17 21-15 (69 minutes)

Round 2
Liew Daren bt Hu Yun 21-18 21-19 (44 minutes)

Quarter Final
Liew Daren bt Sho Sasaki 21-18 21-17 (37 minutes)

Semi Final
Liew Daren bt Jan O Jorgensen 21-18 17-21 10-21 (59 minutes)

Liew Daren bt Viktol Axelsen 21-18,21-17 (42 minutes)

The sweet part about his victory is that he is unseeded in the tournament. Whether Liew Daren can fill in Chong Wei’s shoe is yet to be seen as most of the top single players skipped this tournament but this is one win that he and all Malaysian will cherish.

All the best in your future tournament Daren as we at Malaysia will be rooting for you to take over from Dato Lee Chong Wei when he call quits!


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  • jaycechong 5 years ago

    go ahead, daren liew…hope to see more and more malaysia players to be on the badminton court…