Some reports in China from unofficial source has stated that China’s controversial national badminton chief coach Li Yongbo has been relieved of his duties as the Chinese badminton chief coach after 24 years at the helm.

In fact, Li himself had admitted during an interview with media at the ongoing Singapore Open on Monday that he would no longer be the head coach of the Chinese badminton team nor would he be retaining the position of deputy director for the Center of Table Tennis and Badminton in China.

The Chinese media also revealed that Li will take up a new position at the Chinese Winter Olympic Committee.

“I’ve been this position for a long time, and I have started to feel a little bit tired … I think it’s time for younger generation to take up the leadership role in the team. As for the new position, it has not been officially announced yet,” said Li.

Although Li has achieved remarkable success during his reign as the Chinese badminton chief coach, such as winning 18 gold medals at the past six Olympic Games including all five badminton golds in the 2012 London Olympics.

However, his career as Chief coach also coach tainted by numerous scandals, with the most infamous involved instructing his players to throw matches at the London Olympic, in which Li Yongbo later accepted his culpability by saying: “It’s me to blame. As head coach, I owe the supporters of Chinese badminton and the Chinese TV audience an apology.”

Despite being the least likable figure in badminton, Li should be considered as an extremely successful chief coach ever in the sport of badminton.




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