Lee Yong Dae will end his partnership with Ko Sung Hyun but will start a new partnership with Yoo Yeon Seong. Ko Sung Hyun was partnering Yoo Yeon Seong before they were split so that Lee Yong Dae will get a partner after Jung Jae Sung retired from playing badminton.

From my personal point of view, I think this is a wise choice as Yong Dae & Sung Hyun seems to have problem beating Indonesian pairs. Although Yong Dae & Sung Hyun is the current world No.1 but they haven’t win any big tournament as a pair.

It seems that Sung Hyun wasn’t able to fill in the shoe of Jae Sung after the later retired. The pressure was enormous for Sung Hyun as they are expected to win all the time when they play.

Not only that, Sung Hyun also seems to be the target for all their opponents as he has a weaker defense. The Koreans are not worried with experimenting with their players to find the best combination.

Sung Hyun will have a new partner too. He will partner Shin Baek Cheol. To all the pairs out there, beware of the Koreans onslaught. We wish the new pairs all the best.


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