One of my favorite players took court yesterday and he’s none other the Lee Yong Dae. Yong Dae & Jung Jae Sung took on Canadian pairing of Adrian Lu & Derrick Ng in the men doubles match of the World Badminton Championship in Hyderabad.

What can the Canadians do but get slaughter by the Koreans. Enjoy the slaughter match! And to Adrian Lu & Derrick Ng you are lucky to get a link in badmintonfreak. Lolz…

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Part II

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  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    I hope those Canadians didn’t have to fund their trip… its a long way to go to lose a match. At least they get to see the Taj lol

  • Nice to see where the level of our national badminton players is.

  • well they got double digits. 🙂

  • walter faulk 8 years ago

    Darryl Yung’s ClearOne training center still has a ways to go before turning out competent national level badminton players. but hey, it’s a brave start.

  • This is the First time the Canadians ever went to the Worlds, so this is a GREAT step in badminton for our country.

    I see these guys practice all the time in Vancouver, and they’re only going to get better after getting REAL international experience =)

  • Derrick Ng 8 years ago

    Alphadeck: We, Canadians, did have to fund our own trip! But we had a lot of support from our community to help us fund our way there! And no, we did not see the Taj.. but we did see top players and am watching top level badminton so to us, much more beneficial than seeing Taj.. Guess I can save seeing that when I’m older 🙂

    Al: Yes, we are around the top level of Canada.. kinda sad.. but it’s because the level of training we do can not compare to the level of training they are doing. But things are changing here in Canada and we will have the high quantity and quality of training that we need to succeed in the int’l level. Yay double digits too!! only in 2nd game though ><..

    Walter faulk: It's just the beginning! With Kim Dong Moon's Academy in Calgary and Darryl here in Richmond, it takes time to develop players. The quality of training is definitely there. The only thing we need is time. It is the quantity (of course along with quality) that we need right now. There's a saying it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something. We just need our 10,000 hours..

    OY: Yes it was Adrian, Toby, and my first time playing World Champs. For myself it was the first time playing at this level and the first time playing in a stadium. It is definitely very tricky to get use to. It was very bright and a bit windy in there and we found it very hard to adjust. We need to travel and compete more in these arenas so we could gain the experience needed to adjust, or if its possible, to just train at the richmond oval for a week before each tournament hehe. And thanks, we're looking forward to the future after now getting REAL international experience 🙂

  • this must be a joke. Canada is FAR from being accomplished on the world stage. if anything, this match only comes to show how incompetent badminton players are up north. Give it another 10 years before seeing some real development.

  • badminton 8 years ago

    though the canadians got destroyed in this match, it still gives hope that one day canada might be competitive on the world stage!

  • Until North America treats Badminton as a real sport, we’ll unfortunately see more slaughters as this. But nevertheless, it’s still a huge accomplishment for two Canadians to compete on the World Stage, when it’s mostly out of their own pockets!

  • I didn’t check the draw so I am not sure if Canada played Nigeria in the first round or whatever, but I don’t think there is any shame losing in the 2nd round to the #4 seed.

  • jason 8 years ago

    Wow, we have an international player on this blog. Welcome Derrick Ng! ^^ Hope to hear more from ya…

  • Stanley Faulk 8 years ago

    This is a clear example of what happens when local pro-am players meets the worlds top 10 pro…was there any surprise? I mean, Lee yung dae won a gold medal in the olympics at 18yrs for pete’s sake! The countries overseas fund their national teams very well, they have the best coaches who have been there and know what it takes to win at the highest level. The players are hand picked at a very very young age and when they are selected to be on the national team all they do is train 24-7, the government pays for everything. In countries like canada players train a limited amount of hours due to school or work etc and then they expect to compete? If you havent reached the highest level in your 20’s then its really too late. The local players have it good because they may be a big fish in a small pond but put them against big fishies in a big pond and its another matter. You see those guys in all places, they play more then most and because of that they carry this attitude like theyre the next best thing to sliced bread.theyre in your local gyms, rackets clubs, etc. But in the end who cares really? So the person is #1 in much money do they make? Can they win international tournies? no , no and no. A friend from singapore once told me..”Do you know what most ex- national Singaporean players are doing now? They are driving taxis.” That is sad really. Unless your gov funds you entirely and you move away from family, play 24-7, play international regularly, dont work, dont have any life outside of badminton, then dont expect to be able to compete with the worlds best…let alone Lee Yung Dae.

  • walter faulk 8 years ago

    well said, brother faulk. perhaps, the WC experience will be a good lesson in humility.

    walt (wtf).

  • Stanley Faulk 8 years ago

    No, thank you brother Faulk. Your insights always continue to inspire me to greater heights. And agreed, World badminton will humble almost all players. If not then that old british geezer commentator will humble players with his disrespectful yet bizzarely funny quotes like” Crruummbbsss from the table..” and ” Theyre bored! hehehehe that is funny! What a silly thing to say!”

  • walter faulk 8 years ago

    Brother Faulk,

    you flatter me. i believe that ‘old british geezer’s’ name is john burgess. an immensely entertaining commentator who, how can we forget, also gave us the comment, ‘…bucket loads of experience…’ in describing the indo player alianto (sp?).

  • Stanley Faulk 8 years ago

    Brother Faulk,

    As i have said before , you are such a suppository of knowledge and obscure facts it amazes me to no end. That being said , John burgess as you have informed me is quite the entertainer when describing Taufik. comments like” oh how do you make a backhand into a forehand?” and ” oh win it win it win it win it…that is Naawwwghty!” come to my mind. Bring our sister Ivana Faulk my best wishes.

  • I am proud of the Canadians and I would fund my own trip if I represent Australia. They did well to get double digit score. If they join the badminton circuit more often, they might get used to the speed. It would be the same result, except reversely, if the Koreans were to match the Canadians in ice hockey!!

  • Peruvian badminton player 8 years ago

    Firstable this canadians play really good.this is their first is this istheir first experience in a world championship.and you are saying that america isnt good in badminton.well that’s not right.tony gunawan and Howard Bach played against japan in the world champs and they beat the Japaneses 21-9 21-10.the japaneses made just 10 points.that’s sad for the asians .and tony and Howard lost against partner seed number 2(Malaysia) in 3 can you say that American badminton players are bad ?I don’t think so.and this canadians are really good.they came to Peru and I watched them playing. They are good.

  • facebookie 8 years ago

    If there are any pro-am athletes who think that they can compete with the worlds best they will be sadly mistaken. oh, and the double digit score was a gift of MERCY. It happens alot in blowout games, where the guy winning doesnt see a need to totally embarrass and crush the opponent. As for Canandians, they should stop thinking they can compete in anything else on the world stage besides hockey until they start funding something else besides hockey. Hockey for breakfast, lunch and dinner..and they wonder why they dont do well in anything else besides hockey…oh and curling. Maybe they should get into snow throwing as a sport.

  • cory k 8 years ago

    i watched another canadian pair take on tan/koo and they lost 21-17 21-18 or something if i remember. i can’t remember what tournament it was, but they were very impressive.

  • Alan Wilson 8 years ago

    As Derrick mentioned, this is just the start. At that level there are subtle differences to what you can and can’t do – and everything happens that much faster and tighter. Any experience garnered by Canadian players will eventually trickle down to the lower levels and can’t help but raise the local standard. Taiwanese and Chinese National players are already bringing the experience to BC both in tournaments and coaching. You can’t aim for this year or next year, but you have to look 10, even 20 years into the future. The main thing now is just to be there. To compete.

  • FACB89 8 years ago

    “never listen to a commentator, he knows nothing about the game” this guy sucks lol. What’s that gals name, whose been commentating forever, she definitely knows what she’s talking about. This guy just sucks..i think he’s famous for this line..”…no…that was naughty”

  • baddyisdabest 8 years ago

    wow, what an embarassment, these guys should stop trying so hard in their own country, i bet they are really cocky when they're playing in their home country too

  • Derrick 8 years ago

    to baddyisdabest,

    Actually we are not cocky at all in our home country. We probably know even more than you do about international badminton so if anything we show more humility and respect. We understand that we are a distance from being anywhere near being top in the world at this sport but because we are the very few of 33 million people in our country, we must try our best to do what we can to represent Canada. We are grateful to our local community for donating what they can to help fund our trip.

    And lastly, when I think about this match, embarrassment is the last thing I think about. I'm just glad I had the chance to play this team. We can only improve, that's about it…

  • Flying Kangaroo 8 years ago


    That's the spirit. At least you were there and baddyisn't. Put it this way, if the Koreans play cricket with the aussies and gave it their best, we can only admire. Don't worry about critics like this or those of what Nomad say, they don't know much about badminton. They become instant experts because they watch quite a few vidoes!

  • Canadian 8 years ago

    You are just saadd…Go Canada =)

  • Nomad 7 years ago

    Yes, flying kangaroo kimmy, whatever you say.I guess if you say you know more about badminton than I do, it must be true. By the way, how many super series championships have you won? well if you reply with a number than that must be true as well…just cause you said so. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. what a dufus. Oh , i see you still haven't cut your hair still. Maybe you did cut it…cause you said so.LOL