A David vs Goliath match where English pair Nathan Robertson & Anthony Clark took on 2nd seen Lee Yong Dae & Jung Jae Sung at the Malaysia Open 2009 Badminton Super Series tournament.

My oh my we are really in for a surprise in this match. Nathan Robertson & Anthony Clark were at their elements going for attacks after attacks towards the Korean and was rewarded the first set 21-19.

The Koreans as usual always like to defend and will only go on the offensive in the later part of a rally. This strategy almost backfired after they lost the 1st set. The Koreans showed more urgency in the second set and took the attacking initiative back from the English pair and won 21-17.

In the rubber set, treat Nathan Robertson & Anthony Clark keep the pressure and raced to an 11-8 lead. An upset on the cards? Not really but almost as the Koreans camebackstrongly with Lee Yong Dae winning most of the points in the front part of the courts. The Koreans eventually won 19-21. 21-17 and 21-16 in a 102 minutes match.

So to all the top pairs in the world, doctor beware as Nathan Robertson and his old time partner Anthony Clark is back with a vengeance! ^^

Nathan Robertson & Anthony Clark vs Lee Yong Dae & Jung Jae Sung Video :-

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

Part VII


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