I am truly disappointed with Lee Chong Wei’s quarter finals lost to Sony Dwi Kuncoro in the World Championship 2090 in Hyderabad.

Please don’t get me wrong as i support him all the way but until his showing in Hyderabad, i think i am convinced that he will never be a great player like Lin Dan.

Yes, Chong Wei is a world class standard player but by not winning big tournaments like the All England, World Championship or even the Olympics, Chong Wei can’t be classified as a great player.

I just couldn’t understand what went wrong with him during that match. He wasn’t himself. Too anxious to finish off rallies and wasn’t playing his own game. I guess he gave himself too much pressure until he freak himself out.

We can’t take anything away from Sony, he played well but Chong Wei just wasn’t up to the mark when it mattered most.

Just look at Peter Gade, yes he lost to Lin Dan in the quarter finals but the manner he lost to Lin Dan, we should respect it. Gade fought hard all the way punching the air after winning every point but Lin Dan was just too good that day.

Meanwhile our Datuk Lee Chong Wei took things far too cool. Just look at all players, they celebrate every point with a fist pump while Chong Wei was just playing like it was another tournament. Come on man, World Championship lah…

Who doesn’t get nervous in a tournament? I myself understand the situation although i am not a national athlete but playing in front of a crowd can be very disturbing if you are not used to. So by shouting your lungs out at every points will give you super confidence and overcome your fears in a match.

Even Misbun agrees that Chong Wei was cold when he came out of courts. This shows that he was very very nervous. A few fist pumps would do him good.

It’s not that we don’t support Chong Wei but he is running out of time. How many chances does he need? He has everything his way. Training in Korea and even a personal suite in Hyderabad! I am sadly convinced now that Chong Wei will never challenge Lin Dan in the world stage unless he proves me wrong.

Winning Super Series title is not what we want. We want those big ones. Yeah, we badminton supporters are hell damm demanding but don’t let us down in that manner. Show us some fighting spirit. Loose with pride and dignity and not by just giving up like that.

So Chong Wei, proof all of us wrong if not, sad to say you are not not a great player and never will be.

For those hardcore Chong Wei fans, i am sorry if i have insulted your favorite player but a fact is a fact. I am also a Lee Chong Wei supporter. Sad but that’s the truth.

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  • yea in fact i am very dissapointed with our datuk lee…newspaper advertise world championship men single live on RTM with your face on it but u were not playing in the final…ended up china vs china…i didnt even bother to watch

  • stephen 8 years ago

    I’m lcw fans (as I’m malaysian) but I feel disappointed when watching the match…he looked too cold during the match, as the article said, he should shout out or do some fist pumping when winning a shot this will make him more relax or even let our fans know that he’s trying his best. Look at other players especially those from China (Chen Jin in particular and Lin Dan) they shout or pumping fist when winning a crucial shot. This will make your opponent remember the shot that he lost at the same time make you feel more confident and relax.

  • Jacky 8 years ago

    The ranked one player who can’t prove himself…

  • carmen^^ 8 years ago

    dissapointed with our datuk lee…

  • what I realised about him is that his mentality towards the games is very unbothered. Indeed he has an awesome defence, getting alot of shots back. However, everytime he retrieves a shot he just gets it back over the net again and again. To me, he seems to be too laid back. Perhaps he is taking his physical ability for granted, thinking he can always win by extending it to the last set. He has great ability, fast, high jumps and great shots, but he never uses them to attack, never makes his move.

  • I’m dissapointed with lee chong wei as well, when I saw the live socre showing tat he’s lossing, I was heart broken. However, Lee Chong Wei must be more dissapoined with himself then us, he must be very sad. anywayz~ hope he can win a big match in the future.

    Still support you~ lee chong wei!!!!

  • Dun be too sad with lee chong wei, jason ^^

  • LCW only got Lin Dan in his aim. He ignored the challenges from the others. This is he biggest mistake. I think in his mind, all games should finished as easy as warm up trainnings before the semi-final. He never prepared any difficaulty during those games. Win is the only word in his mind.

  • He will NEVER make it again, look at even chen jin playing in the final, the stroke and his smashing, how he take down hidayat in the semi final. do you think LCW can beat him?? NO WAY man………………………….

  • -sigh- i was really looking forward to lee chong wei going up against lin dan. he gets too anxious and doesn’t play his regular, spectactular game. i’ll never give up on LCW but he is really letting us all down…

  • Lee Chong Wei was really disappointing in the WC 2009 but he wasn’t the only one, Taufik Hidayat wasn’t sparkling either. Do they only have reason to be participating, have they only thought why they were taking part of the championships before standing on the field?
    They have to set their minds in their game and not just standing there putting a bad game.
    Lee Chong Wei’s biggest problem is that he’s way too passive, yes defense is good but a better attack can always break the defense.
    He should keep his good defense and stamina as an asset and not as a weapon, smashing is the only real attack in badminton!

  • Thai Ngo 8 years ago

    Don’t be too sad. Look at LD, he was easy to get the match with PG, why? Because the day before he played with Holland guys, very easy. How about LCW, he played with Nguyen Tien Minh who already beat him once. That’s the different.
    LCW has a good defend, good footwork. LD has a good smash, and you guys know that Sony also is not easy to win him. So, first thing, LCW nervous, second, he played a lot before the game with Sony. And you guys know the way that LCW play, it need to be had a lot of energy, he doesn’t have a strong smash, the only way he can beat others is making them get tired first. That’s the problem.
    But I think you guy should calm down and think more. LD and LCW are both great badminton players than ever. Each one has their own strong points.

  • Philip 8 years ago

    poor LCW , I wanted to see him in the final. But I tell you Sonny Dwi Kuncuro is one of my new favorites! 🙂

  • fritz 8 years ago

    yeah you horn, know why? because he is already. hahaha – ha

  • lch x fan 8 years ago

    bro!! i read ur comment and agreed all the way with it…im so disappointed of lcw and he showed me no emotions after each point…its sad to say but lcw uses the same pases all the time so for another player, its easy to play against him…sure he can return smashes frome anywhere but thats not enough…im sad man…

  • cimuth 8 years ago

    LCW needs to get strong mentally. Being #1 aint easy. The pressure from fans, representing a country on his back, constant comparisons with other top players especially Lin Dan. The coach needs to fix LCW confidence a.s.a.p, and fans need to give constant support both after losings or winnings, hence hopefully it will unleashed the new confident LCW.

  • Chris 8 years ago

    Hi Jason,
    It would be wonderful if you can post the man’s double final video. I heard that it was a must watch game for our die-hard badminton fans. Thanks!

  • It’s proven that no matter you are in which ranking of the world, that doesn’t matter. Even world No.1 but winning the super series is not something that should be proud off. Proves it, show it to the world that when winning the prestigious tournament that is count. All England, World Badminton Championship, Olympic, Sudirman Cup, well I think that should be enough to tell Malaysia that you guys are still not as strong as you all think.

    Factor Malaysia Loosing
    1. Most of Malaysia players are over confident and off showing
    Case Studies 1: We are not even reaching semi final yet, but rumors all over the Malaysia newspapers only focusing that L.C.W will meet Lin Dan [China] in the semi final, but what’s the outcome now? Why they are not looking at Indonesia player the one that defeated L.C.W out in the quarter final Sony Dwi Kuncoro. He beaten L.C.W once in the same tournament, again the same round quarter final. L.C.W should focus on Sony Dwi Kuncoro before looking into Lin Dan on the next round. From the game that all Malaysian watch from Astro, TV1 everyone expecting the high game skills and level from him but at the end? He took it too easy on Sony but the fact is Sony played well and he deserves the winning.

    Case Studies 2: Malaysia double player. K.K.K and T.B.H. We are proud with this pair of players but don’t because of “off showing” results them loosing. K.K.K should learn his attitude from T.B.H. Show your best game but not your off showing fancy and attitude game. I believed that T.B.H is achieving a very good and high quality of games but errors from K.K.K uncountable. Proud of you T.B.H. K.K.K please minimize your off showing and attitude that will bring both of you to the top of the world.


  • Shubhanan 8 years ago

    (Though I’m sad to) I Agree, Jason… I think he just plays very very defensive always… may be he should leverage his skills better. When he has chances he doesn’t go for it… doesn’t usually strive to get control and out maneuver.. The guy’s got awesome smashes, shots and good deception but hardly uses it!
    Waiting for LCW to have that element of anger and arrogance in his attitude!! That’s what he needs, I guess.

  • Brian 8 years ago

    Sometimes it’s just not his day. LCW didn’t play what he used to play. That’s all. So, give him another chance(s). The more people put pressure on him, the more he can’t achive what he should win.

    Seat back and enjoy the next tournament.

  • Chiang Shih-Hwang 8 years ago

    I think LCW takes a lots efforts or many ways to improve his skill. I recognize he is a best player both in skill and in attitude. Chong Wei is still a great player in the world.

    One game lose does not matter. Encourage Chong Wei to face this game. Get more high performance in next.

  • barry 8 years ago

    i b’live he will be one…that’s few years more for him to go for it….. Falling should not be a shame…..but not standing up and fight against it,…..it’s a shame!!!! Go, L.C.W. you will achive it one day….

  • Wanbot 8 years ago

    Jason, I totally don’t agree with your posting. I think you have low level of maturity. My perspective:

    1) Datuk Low Chong Wei is our (Malaysian) representative to this World Championship Tournament. As a matured Malaysian, we have to be proud of him and give all our support to him even if he lost.

    2) He is the best among all Malaysian. If you (I mean you Jason) are better than him, why not you be our representative in badminton tournament! Well, that will be in my dream, of course. So since he (Datuk Lee Cong Wei) is the best that we have right now, please give all our support to him cause he is battling for all of us! If he lost, then let cry with him! Not say anything bullshit behind him!

    3) Winning is great, but sometimes losing is required to make anyone go more further! Lin Dan lost in Swiss Open (to Datuk Lee Cong Wei) just after several week won the All England (beat Datul Lee Chong Wei)!

    Jason, my advise to you is just take it easy! Datuk Lee Chong Wei is more suffered from his lost to Sony Dwi Koncoro although he seemed to be not cause he is a matured man! And he knew his day just not come yet and he knows he will try dammed hard again like always!


    • jason 8 years ago

      To Wanbot : Thanks for your criticism. I love to read posts that always go against me. ^^ It’s ok i have no hard feelings. There is no doubt we support Chong Wei as a Malaysian but does he has the time to prove us wrong? To be honest, nothing to be proud about on the way he played.

      Just look at Peter Gade match against Lin Dan. Yes he lost in straight sets but look at the way he fight his way against Super Dan. Show no fear to anybody. That’s what we want to see. To be honest, i am proud of the way Peter Gade lost to Lin Dan. Don’t you all agree with me?

      Shout and scream your lungs out on every point won to overcome your nerves. (Since Chong Wei is a nervous player he should do that) By winning Super Series tournament won’t make you a great player. You need to win those big tournaments to make you a great player. Lin Dan has win it all but he is still winning it. This shows his mentality as a champion.

      Yes winning is great i don’t deny that but sometimes losing is required to make anyone go further. I agree on that point but the manner Chong Wei lost is not acceptable. As you can see in the match, he was loosing badly on the net play to Sony. Why on earth still play net? Why do you play on your opponents strength? Avoid his strong points. Don’t tell me Chong Wei isn’t mature enough to know about this?

      The only way Chong Wei has to proof to all of us that he is a true and great champion is by winning a big event. Simple as that. I am sure by winning the biggie will keep those criticism at bay.

      This is not the first time he lost to Sony in World Championship as well. So i think i have written long enough. Who is with me and who is against me? Your comments is well appreciated! ^^

      Happy smashing people!

  • Jethro Dale 8 years ago

    Maybe LCW had allowed himself to lose to Sony because he was more terrified to have another face-off with SuperDan once again and crumble into pieces… 😛

  • Eric Chong Choong Hon 8 years ago

    It is certainly dissapointed me too when I watch a live match at Singapore Super Series and I can’t believe my eyes that Dato LCW lost to a Vietnam player Tien Minh NGUYEN which I don’t know him at first. After that, I’m quite surprise that they meet up again at World Championship. That’s really bring up my attention on this match, I’m glad that he won back this match. But how about the quarter final, again the way Dato LCW played with Sony Dwi Kuncoro it just like that same when I watch the live match in Singapore.

    What happened to our Dato LCW? You are the world No.1, it is fact that you never win the important tournament at all. Not like Lin Dan, he got the all the title he want although he is not World Ranking No.1. I know you are pressure on court, pressure on all Malaysian rely on you. Just don’t bother about it, ok? Just enter the court and get what you want! You should find out a way to overcome your mentally pressure problem. You are a great player which I agree with that, but prove yourself to win all those important title. I’m in Japan now, do you know what I ask some of my badminton friend over here? I said you are the World No.1 now, their reply is surprise and question me back, not Lin Dan? Which I also agree with her that Lin Dan won all the important title in the world although not world ranking no.1.

    Also Rashid Sidek, don’t be too confirm at the media that Lin Dan only the resistant for Dato LCW, others still not yet reach our Dato’s LCW mature level. Our National Coach must also solve our Malaysian team members mentally problem issue to reach to the top of the world. Next Olympic will held at London. We can see that the European skill is picking up. So don’t be too over confidence on talking without proving. Anyway, I’m still a big fan on Malaysian Team. I wish Malaysia is really Boleh when we all shouted out MALAYSIA BOLEH!!! Haha… Ganbatte Malaysia Badminton Team! Dato LCW, see you next month in Japan Yonex Open, I will support you and don’t let me down again!!! Hope you can read this. I’m your big fans!

  • sad to say but, its the truth…
    hope he can prove us wrong~

  • yaohui 8 years ago

    really nice to see you all talk about badminton/badminton players so passionately =) maybe LCW himself is in some way disappointed in himself and has a need to find his passion and fire again. Bottom line is that we won’t know for sure what LCW is going through.. LCW is still a great player in my mind .. when he loses we criticize that he is “cold” .. but i also see that when he wins .. he does it for malaysia and not for just himself. He has also great sportsmanship and that is to me differentiate LCW from most players and that is why he is to me a great player.

    just my two cents worth, hope all dun mind =)

  • Although I am a supporter of SuperDan and Taufik (for his uniqueness anyway), I am also a great fan of LCW.

    I would have loved to see another LD LCW matchup. So to all of you defending the honors of LCW, I see no reason to stand behind him at this point. By that, I do not mean we forget about him and let him fade into the oblivion. I believe real supporters should recognize that LCW has not only lost our respect, but the respect of millions of badminton enthusiasts. LCW cannot take support and respect for granted, he has to WIN all of that back.

    And in order to do that, I totally agree with Jason’s analysis of handling one’s mentality. LCW is too laid back, not in his game, but in his mentality. Every point is a triumph! It is a triumph for us sitting in front of a screen, how can winning a point mean very little to the player on court? Yes you may argue that he is mature that he does not show his emotions. But showing emotions is part of the game. Look at how his game became dull after his emotions became dull when he was playing Sony. Badminton is a sport, any sport is about hardwork, skills, strengths, will power, and above all, emotions! Playing nonchalantly sometimes cost you the game, and always cost you the beauty of the game. Get up and fight like you got no tomorrow LCW! Earn our respect back!

    Go LinDan! And go make a super badminton baby already.

  • Cedrick 8 years ago

    For me, smash is the main offensive weapon in badminton, whether singles or doubles. This is what LCW lacks. LCW is very tentative to attack, and there’s only one explanation for this (not sure if his coach already noticed this). He position himself very very very close to the net after every shot and as an effect, it’s harder for him to back pedal which hinders him to position to attack. IF you’ll look at it, he’s very close to the short service line! That’s why he can’t smash like the other singles players. You can look at Lin Dan, Taufik, Peter Gade, then look at the position of LCW… you’ll see the difference. I’m not too sure what’s the rationale for that but definitely it hinders him to have a strong offense and play passively.

  • Whatever it is, whatever the comments is, the day has passed. We don’t look back we look to the future the next coming event. We hope that L.C.W will be able to give us a glory again. Whatever it takes it’s not easy to stand on the top of the world. We should proud of him as he managed to gain the no.1 title. But if possible, we don’t bother the no.1 as all the fans here wana look at L.C.W to win the prestigious tournament. That will make us proud of you L.C.W.
    What can do, just wait for the next upcoming event and see how was the result’s.


  • Wanbot 8 years ago

    1. Easy said than done. For those who used to play in any badminton tournament (any level), sometimes we faced this terrible situation, i.e. no matter what we did or tried, it’s not our winning day although we believe we can beat the opponent.

    2. Why so? Many reasons, e.g. (a) the opponent played very dammed good, (b) the opponent somehow knew almost accurately all our tactic and strategy (the main reason), (c) our focus was distracted by somethings, …

    3. My guess regarding the losing of Datuk LCW to Sony Dwi Koncoro is simply the reasons (a) and (c).

    4. Sony Dwi Koncoro played superb on that day, even Lin Dan had difficulty to beat him in the semi. Should Sony’s strength was not deteriorated due to heavy fight with Datuk LCW, he might have better opportunity to beat Lin Dan as well.

    4. In additon to the reason (a), I think the main reason to the lost of Datuk LCW on that day is simply (c). He was not playing his best because his focus was distracted. How? I don’t know and if the source of this distraction is not handled properly he will have serious problem in the next tournaments.

    5. Above all, I wish Datuk LCW can forget the past nightmare and give all his best in the coming tournaments and win the next All England, World title and Olympic gold medal and to be the greatest of all!


  • I agree with Jason, I’m personally a big LCW fan. The way he plays when he is fired up is world number 1. That’s what got him there in the first place.

    However, he seems to have a large problem with his mental game. Although getting the results on super series, he is yet to win the big titles.

    I know it is slightly harsh for us to sit in a computer chair and complain about a man that is world class, but so far he has not delivered in that area when we all know he has the skill to.

    I am sure that LCW and his coaches will do their best to improve this vital part of his game. They have my 100% support.


    ^ ^

  • We cannot change the past. All we can do how we can move on. I think LCW need moral support from us to move.

  • the trick is to keep breathing 🙂

    besides this i agree with yyling 🙂

  • Torkil 8 years ago

    Well you cannot change a mans mentality like that. LCW is a modest player and he cannot just behave like Peter Gade showing temper and fisting his wrist. To say he is not a great player, is IMO not correct. I can understand thay you guys from Malaysia wants Lee to get the big titles. Maybe he should try and not play as many tournaments. That could possibly get him more motivated to winn the big ones. Quantity is not quality – Lee should try and get the big tournaments now.

  • alex le 8 years ago

    Lee Chong Wei is Ugly

  • kim chua 8 years ago

    I think LCW is more of a man than a son of a bitch like you,

    • jason 8 years ago

      To kim : I think when you read all those comments, your blood sure go up the stairs… ^^ Take it easy ya!

  • oR@cLe 8 years ago

    To Alex: i dun think that having a pretty face alone can make u win a game~!!….especially in badminton!! maybe u’ve got the “model’s face” but i’m sorry that u seems so dumb n rude to me(that’s very ugly!).. n one thing, LCW is one of the athlete that has great attitude n a very good sportsmanship which reflects how beautiful person he is!!

  • Sure Jason. Sorry Pal.

    In Australia, when we say SOB, we meant more to described someone who is dumb. I wish I had LCW’s physique and court manners. He has lots of followers in China, more so than NTM, that’s where I think Alex comes from. LCW is more handsome than NTM, by the way.

    • jason 8 years ago

      To kim : I am not angry with you. No need say sorry. Just at times i couldn’t understand people as well as you do! Lolx! ^^

  • Jerry Liew 8 years ago

    Haiya. Why you guys always keep talking about LCW? He does not deserve to be World No. 1. Always losing when it mattered most. All of you should admire Super Dan not LCW. If LCW is so superb why the world media never gives him the nickname “Super” just like Lin Dan. Have you ever heard people call LCW as Super LCW or Sifu LCW or Maestro LCW. Never and never will? Why? because he is not worth it. They just call him Datuk (old man) or in chinese ahso.

    Lin Dan is the greatest badminton player of the modern era. No doubt about that.

    To LCW fans: Why all of you always get mad when other people criticize LCW? If he is great enough no one will criticize him. Be bold enough to accept the facts that he is not up to the level yet. Come on man. Haiya..

  • you know dat lin dan has a style and dat styl s wat we cold p0wr smashr…i rspct lee cw bt lin dn s stl d bst.,,vry gud n dfnce nd n atakng..,actualy i dnt know the playng styl of lcw…by d way..r u also a bdminton playr??????fwom john….

  • kimchua 8 years ago


    Super Dan is a comic book hero/strong man in the 50s. Any Daniel or Dan who is good just as Lin Dan is nicknamed Super Dan. Its not original for Lin Dan.

  • anonisme 8 years ago