Lee Chong Wei will be looking to win his first back to back Super Series titles in front of his home crowd. It won’t be easy for Chong Wei as waiting on the other side of the court is none other then Boonsak Ponsana.

Chong Wei will have an upper hand over Boonsak in the head to head meetings. Not only that, Chong Wei also beat Boonsak in the Korean Open Super Series 2010 which was won by Chong Wei.

Can Chong Wei beat the mental barrier which is his major stumbling block in winning more major titles? Watch the match to find whether Boonsak can stop Chong Wei at his own soil?

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Set I

Set II

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  • cheong 8 years ago

    thanks for the quick upload brother.

    cheers from korea.

  • Disappointing match, not in the sense that they didn't play well.. but that Boonsak couldn't insert some more control in the rallys:p. LCW was all over the place, it's apparent that the stamina and physical abilities of LCW far outweight Boonsaks netplay and natural talent. The very agressive play of LCW with the many smashes seemed to pay off dividents!

    Boonsak was pressured too much, lost his focuss (maybe because of lack of experience in major tournament wins.. he keeps reaching the finals but can't bring that extra mental toughness to the table needed to get the edge over an oponent). Resulting from the lack of focuss (and mentally being “able” to win), the diffrence in experience made LCW have a very convincing win.

    Congratulations to both players.. even though I want BP to achieve more major tournament wins, I'm sure he's able to.

  • badmintonfreak 8 years ago

    No problem. Still got many more matches to go! ^^ Stay tune ok?

  • bunbun1021 8 years ago

    lol.. it was just like lindan vs chong wei at beijing olympics 08…. good game!!

  • congrats to lcw!!!i remember that i was one of those who criticized him when things were getting a lil down but now, i can relay easily on him cz he work hard for every points and he,s aggressive!!tx jason for the upload!!

  • terrenigma 8 years ago

    impressive play by LCW. God-like compared to Boonsak. Thanks for the upload u rock!!!!

  • Henry Yu 8 years ago

    lee chong wei was in great form. i wish he had played like this against lin dan though. but boonsak wasn't in top form. the match between boonsak played against bao chun lai in the aviva singapore open, he had done better. but good match anyways 😀

  • Hassan_Azad 8 years ago

    what a match but can lee chong wei beats lin dan . its my dream to see the match of lin dan vs lee .when lee beats lin dan .thank u for uploading the video . And for B.ponsana . hard luck . work very very hard for being a champion .

  • vinvk 8 years ago

    Please upload LCW vs Chen Jin if you have it! Thanks in advance

  • vinvk 8 years ago

    if you have LCW vs Chen Jin please upload it. Thanks in advance

  • badmintonfreak 8 years ago

    Of course it will be up soon! Time is needed..

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    Shock news from Bangkok yesterday. I went to their training hall and the coaches thought I was on a spying trip for ( try to learn a thing or two as a coach) Korea or Japan as I look like K or J. Boonsak, his sister, Saralee won't be playing in the Thomas Cup prelim. due to a financial dispute and before that in KL two days earlier the uncle of one of Malaysia's Elite players told me BAM is beseiged by internal politics. So Susan, if you read this, this confirms what you said earlier. Bangkok is a great place, Avatar IMAx with Premier seat AUD$17 !!

  • Boonsak won't be playing? That's a dam shame.. I love his style of playing.

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    Positive at this stage that Boonsak won't be playing. Matty, we follow each other again, this must be very annoying to that bored little office worker in government dept.called SF who always, very predictably, used falsified identities. Thailand will depend on back-up players. They are hopeful of qualifying and negotiations continuing.

  • tanatip02 7 years ago

    เจ๋งมากเลยครับ From..Thailand