Lee Chong Wei is a man on a mission against Peter Gade as Chong Wei’s coach Misbun Sidek is lying in the hospital. Chong Wei was simply perfect against Taufik Hidayat in the semis by blowing the Indonesian of in 2 quick straight sets.

Peter Gade will be looking to avenge his loss to Chong Wei in the group stages.

Besides that, Chong Wei will be looking to win his first title as a World No.1. Not only that, the 42,000$ dollars price money is also another motivation! ^^

True enough, Chong Wei raced to a 12-0 lead against Gade in the first set before Gade got his first point. Not many could do that against a player like Gade. In the end, Chong Wei only lost 8 points in the first set.

As we know, Peter Gade is not a looser. Gade will fight for every point. Gade gave a better fight in the 2nd set to Chong Wei. At one points the score was tied at 13-13 but that’s about all Peter Gade could conjure.

In the end, Chong Wei beat Peter Gade 21-8, 21-16 in 33 minutes. Chong Wei jumped with joy after winning the match point. Not only that, Chong Wei, dedicated his win to his sicked coach Misbun.

A good end to a tiring year for Chong Wei. Only stumbling block for Chong Wei is Lin Dan. Hope Chong Wei will get the mental block of his head whenever he plays with Super Dan.

Lee Chong Wei – Peter Gade Video :-

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

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  • could you upload semi final men’s double between kkk/tbh vs farizzizuan/zackry

  • wow! u’ve got most of the tournaments videos! which is great! I love it! I feel so lucky that I can still watch those matches since I’ve migrated from Malaysia to Australia! Thanks a lot!

  • jason 9 years ago

    Sorry IS, dont have that match.

    Hi there nat. Which part of Australia? ^^ I just cameback from Australia and it’s very good. I went to Sydney + Melbourne. Rox man!

  • hehe, i’m now living in Melbourne, are u a malaysian? ^0^

  • jason 9 years ago

    Yes i am! So now you become Aussie already? ^^

    Coco Black and Ill Dolce Freddo rocks! ^^

    When i was in Melbourne, everyday Gelato… 🙂

  • Haha, not really aussie-aussie…….. I’ve only migrated here for two years, still a pure chinese malaysian….^^ can u understand chinese? i dun think u can, coz ur english is very well written.

  • jason 9 years ago

    Ni hao ma Nat? ^^ I can speak and i can understand. But please dont write Chinese characters! ^^ It is ok if you want to write… I can ask my sister to translate for me!

    So what you want to tell me in Chinese? Oh yeah, your english also very well written!

    Merry X’mas and Happy New Year!

  • Haha, dun worry, i won’t write any to trouble u~ hehe, just wondering how old are u? ^^

  • jason 9 years ago

    Hmmmz… Age is a secret to the public… I will email and tell you. Ok? ^^ How abt ya?

    You want to write Chinese no problem. Pin yin will be fine!

    So how was your x’mas celebration? In Melbourne where you stay? I mean near where?

  • Ok, u can email me instead, coz i just wanna noe ur age to see weather u’re younger than me or older than me…….
    Write pin yin instead of characters…… not my style ^^v
    ‘aiya’ hard to chat with you by comment leaving……got msn? if u dun, i’ll just keep on leaving comments or emailing u… if u got email address, just love to chat with badminton lover ^0^v

  • Nice match, 您是否有任何其他圆? 小组阶段说?Hope my chinese is ok not too familiar with the letters. hope to hear from u ^-^

  • ah dong 9 years ago

    I support chong wei and mew choo all the way. Anyway, anybody knows yang wei and zhang jie wen?

  • yaya, of course, and zhang jie wen is choong tan fook’s gf, marry soon this year.

  • jason 9 years ago

    Wah you seem to know a lot yeah Nat? Why dont you go and ask them the exact date of their marriage? lolz..

  • ah dong 9 years ago

    I am imagining all top badminton players from China and Malaysia attend the wedding ceremony of Tan Fook and Jie Wen. =D

  • blade 8 years ago

    hmmm the videos have been removed. What should i do to see them or where i have to go?

  • Jonathan 8 years ago

    The videos are all removed?….Oh no….