I know you people are waiting for this video. ^^ Here you go! Lee Chong Wei took on Park Sung Hwan in the first badminton Super Series tournament at the Malaysia Open 2009 tournament.

Chong Wei had a tough semi finals match against Peter Gade where he was stretched to 3 sets while Park Sung Hwan had a relatively easier semi finals match against Hsieh Yu Shin of Taiwan.

The lastime they met, Chong Wei was pulled to the distance by Sung Hwan. This time around, with the home crowd chanting and screaming for him, Chong Wei was at his best form and victory for Chong Wei was written on the books from the word GO!

Chong Wei attacked Sung Hwan relentlessly leaving the Korean with no answer at all. After 39 minutes, the match was all over with Chong Wei dropping to his knees and kissed the ground as well after the victory with a 21-14, 21-13 scoreline. Hail King Chong Wei!

A 5th Malaysian Open for Chong Wei and he will be looking to make it 8 to equal Wong Peng Soon record of winning the most number of Men Singles title at the Malaysia Open.

WIth this victory, Chong Wei must continue to work hard and not rest on his laurels as Lin Dan wasn’t present at this tournament. Chong Wei need to beat Lin Dan on a consistent basis to really him as the undisputed World No. 1.

A deserving defending champion for Chong Wei and, next stop for Chong Wei, the Korean Open.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

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  • I notice that Sung Hwan smashes straight to LCW.. but LCW smashes to the opposite side of Sung Hwan true world class player


  • Park SW smashed straight to LCW because of the instructions given by his coach, Li Mao, who was LCW’s previous coach. However, LCW lived up to the challege and was too quick for Park. The Malaysian newspapers headlined the next day “a walk in the Park for LCW”

  • oh Thanks .. i am from Malaysia but i currently live in Canada … One question though .. doesnt Li Mao know that LCW has a superb Defense ..like Koo Kien Kieat

  • powerhouse 9 years ago

    To play offense against someone like KCW, you either smash to his right hip or do line smashes which of course is more risky.

  • Yes LM knows LCW’s game well but since they parted company, LCW has improved in his fitness and speed. A good pro like him picking up line smashes is “no worries mate” as we say in Australia. Body smash sometimes work. Lots of pro can only last about 15 minutes with LCW and after which, he will win the rubber game or the 2nd game 21-10 in 9 minutes as the opposition has tired out.

  • i hope LCW can fight lin dan at all england 2009 and win the game also champion(the game ) all england 2009.LCW the best single player.

  • eriqzwan 9 years ago

    u are great player in the world

  • eriqzwan 9 years ago

    u can beat lin dan…i trust u….

  • eriqzwan 9 years ago


  • eriqzwan 9 years ago

    i still waitting video of korea open 2009..between LEE CHONG WEI vs PETER GADE.

  • jason 9 years ago

    It is up already my friend. Enjoy!

  • eriqzwan 9 years ago

    thanks friend…..