Lee Chong Wei showed his ugly side of the game when his arrogance caused him to loose a point against Peter Gade. Enjoy this video of arrogance!

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  • Gordon pearman 4 years ago

    There is nothing arrogant about Lee Chong Wei. He is a superstar as is Lin Dan and Peter Gade (in his prime days). To me it is a little bit of entertainment for the spectators and nothing more. I am sure that Peter Gade was not offended since he has done the same sort of thing many times, just to entertain the spectators.
    They (the top ranked players) all want to promote the sport of badminton by making it entertaining with outstanding skills and abilities. If you don’t understand that, don’t make silly comments about arrogance on the part of one of the World’s most greatest, polite and likable badminton players.