Lee Chong Wei will have a new set of equipment and attire for the upcoming World Championship in Copenhagen, 2014. He will be
wearing a new pink attire specially made by sponsor Yonex.

Besides that, Chong Wei will also be using a tailor-made racquet and wearing a cool pair of shoes – all with a dab of pink and purple.

According to Chong Wei, “Men usually do not like to be associated with the pink colour, but I have decided to try something different. I have changed from yellow to pink this time,”

Top seed Chong Wei is aiming to go one step better in Denmark after losing in the final to Lin Dan of China in 2011 (Wembley) and 2013 (Guangzhou).

So is Chong Wei’s new attire due to Feng Shui? I bet so! What say you?




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