Can our beloved Datuk Lee Chong Wei win the World Championship at Hyderabad India in 2 weeks from now? Once again Chong Wei’s shoulder will be heavy as he is carrying Malaysia’s hope there.

More burden on Chong Wei’s shoulder as he will be the top seed for the event. Chong Wei is most likely to meet nemesis Lin Dan in the semi finals. We can’t discard his earlier round opponents as dark horse Nguyen Tien Minh will be at his path. Nguyen will not be a pushover as he just recently won the Thailand Open 2009.

Basically two things that Chong Wei has done right so far for preparing for the world event is that :-

1] Having own cook

As we know, Chong Wei was down with Diarrhoea the last time he was in Hyderabad. I wouldn’t want to comment anything about the food in India as i love Indian food myself! ^^ Maybe it was just Chong Wei not getting used to the food there. By having a own cook for the Malaysian camp is something positive towards the preparation of the championship

2] Running away to Korea for training

Chong Wei is a superstar in Malaysia. No doubt about that. There is many interference and disturbance whenever he is around in Malaysia due to his status. People will be disturbing and bugging him all the time. This will surely disrupt his preparation. So by going to Korea, no people will disturb him lah!

Not only that, with Li Mao guidance and more sparring partner in Korea, this will make Chong Wei better prepared. Sad to say, there isn’t any good sparring partner for Chong Wei in the whole of Malaysia! How sad…

I think Chong Wei is better prepared this time. Physically he should be 100% but his mental aspect when reaches to big tournaments is still a suspect. Chong Wei will win in Hyderabad if and only if Lin Dan is out early or he beats Lin Dan in the semi finals. Of course i am hoping for Lin Dan loosing early but what are the chances of Lin Dan going out early?

We in Malaysia especially will be keeping our fingers crossed for him as we think he deserve something as a badminton player. I am going for Chong Wei for this year’s championship!

Sorry i won’t be mentioning anything about our men doubles pairing as their inconsistent form is a suspect. Kien Keat and Boon Heong might be second seed but i think their hot and cold performances will cost them dearly again this time unless they proof us all wrong like how they did in their early days.

So what say you on Chong Wei chances?

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  • shinanhan 8 years ago

    i think LCW will meet LD in the semi finals, due to the fact that LD always performs well in WCs (he reached the final of 05 ;06;07; and 08 ), because LD is used to the pressure, so i think there is no doubt that there will be a LD;LCW showdown in india. Although LD leads the head to head in INDIVIDUAL competitons( 12-4) ´
    i think( hope) ,that lcw will win that time.

  • chiew shi 8 years ago

    Jason,finally updated !!! hehe… 😛
    It has been look forward this coming WorldChampionship for long time. Definately will be another great badminton match that cant miss it ou.
    Personally support and wish Chong Wei could bring back this World Champion all the way from India.
    Chance for Chong Wei to win is there only if he is well prepare himself in mentally and physically as well. Even if Lindan is the most challenge player,but not to forgot black horse at the early stage before proceeding to semi final.
    Anyhow for the final results,It doesnt matter,what I would like to watch out is Malaysia’s team players’s spirit,never give up and always fight till the end.
    Just hope and wish all the best for all Malaysia’s team players in the coming World Championship.
    Looking forward this great tournament !!!

  • Jonathan 8 years ago

    It would be nice if LCW could beat LD, but I don’t know if he’ll be able to do it. Whatever happens I hope it’s a really exciting match for us to watch!

  • torkil 8 years ago

    Not much of a chance IMO, – if Lin Dan is motivated and turns up the volume.

  • 50-50 la…. tho i really hope to see him winning it~

  • Hey Jason, I was just wondering where you get your videos. They are great quality.

  • toothfearie 8 years ago

    haiz… i think the only thing datuk beat LD is temperament.. haha find some way to make LD angry then will win liao… lcw tell LD that you love xxf or something.. sure unsettle him de :D!

    as for kkk/tbh, haiz dunno what to say. You guys can do it, just be humble and stay focused. Jia you!

  • It will be close, very close and I am starting to sense LD has lost a little hunger this year after AE. I think 2009 might be LCW’s year. Funny as it may seem, Malaysia is the only Super power badminton country not to have won a world title, even USA has one.

  • If Lin Dan wants LCW has no opportunity towin. And I have some doubts about the preparation of LCW. I hope he wins la

  • chiew shi 8 years ago

    haha…jason,I miss your words in badminton freak.. ^^

  • Matze 8 years ago

    I fully support Datuk LCW, even though I come from Germany and LCW will play against Dieter Domke in the fist round but that shouldn’t be a big problem for him.
    Lin Dan is the greatest and I think that LCW has to be a little more aggressive because he’s always that defending when it comes to a match between them.
    GO Lee and give him hell !!!;)

    In men’s doubles KKK and TBH will hopefully do it….I don’t know but they can do it like toothfearie said:)

    Last thing…Jason’s back, goodness gracious it was boring without videos:D;) Keep up your great work !:)

  • yamunaa 8 years ago

    i really hope that chong wei can win the tittle.i hope he can beat lin dan in semis n reach final 2 capture the world tittle.i think this time chong have bright chances to win the al lcw fans lets we pray 4 his sucess.if he win 4 sure i will hv party at my house.hope everyone can join it…

  • safari 8 years ago

    kkk will make it this time …!!!!

  • david 8 years ago

    CHONG WEI WILL WIN!!!!!!!!