A 9 years relationship of love between Lee Chong Wei and Wong Mew Choo has ended. This is indeed a surprising news and a shocking one.

Yeah i haven’t been updating the site for quite some time but i guess my first post after a while is to share this news to all badminton fans out there.

When there is no more love between each other, it’s better to split. No point forcing the issue as it will not lead to happiness.

To be honest, i am very pissed with Chong Wei of late. He is doing things that is really getting into my nerves. Playing poorly and partying too much during crucial moments.

Weeks before the world championship, Chong Wei was partying around in some night clubs till late nights. This can be proven after i saw a picture in a person’s facebook. Those Chong Wei fanatics might say i am lying but my bloody eyes won’t lie to me!

There is no doubt Chong Wei is popular in Malaysia. Who does not know him? I am just wondering what on earth is he doing drinking and partying at those night clubs where the environment is not good? (Smokes…)

Maybe that success has got into his head and he is contented with what he has? Chong Wei should be more discipline and more focus on big events rather then go party all night long weeks for the world championship.

Maybe wine, women and song has got into his head with that little success he has. Anyway what success he has thus far? Can you tell me?

I don’t look up upon you now. Chong Wei is just showing what a true “Malaysian” he is…

Damm i am fed up… Aren’t you?


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  • Peterrr 8 years ago

    I dont know what you people are still rambling on about. How does lcw have so little success, sure he doesn’t do well in the BIG events but even still he has had more success then most people will accomplish in their lives. So for the people to be unsatisfied with ANOTHER persons achievements is just silly in itself. WHO ARE YOU to judge someone else that is SOOO much better then you, WHO ARE YOU to know what pressure is, WHO ARE YOU to understand how much people struggle in their life. You shouldn’t judge others when you know nothing of the situation. I’m a fanatic of this site, but in these ramblings you do nothing but bash him because he has not won GOLD in olympics, he won SILVER but you’re greed cannot suffice. If he doesn’t win gold he has failed his country, what ignorance is this. Plz tell me who are you to judge him on such a wide scale. You are one person that does not know him so you cannot judge from a distance, you should know one to judge another. That is my rant, sorry but ignorant ppl that judge others on such a WIDE SCALE is just horrid.

  • yea yea 8 years ago

    he can do what he wants. you dont know how stressing it is to be a badminton player with all the training and such.. why are you putting standards on him?? your not person who the right to judge a person just because he went to a damm club.. wow mann that sounds pretty lame if you reallly think about it

  • Peter 8 years ago

    Looks like your fed up with people with opinions too. Didn’t like my comment too much I suppose, if you don’t want to hear about peoples opinions don’t go cry about something and expect not to hear about others VALID points. Grow up and learn to accept other peoples opinions.

  • Chong wei fan like you 8 years ago

    Dude, its not like he has only badminton to do in his whole life. Let him relax man, and your getting pissed off for NO reason imo.Why is you getting pissed off over something that doesn’t even concern you ?
    if you want malaysia to do so well why don’t you go and play yourself, without break, without partying, just straight up being “disciplined” like you say and “focus”. Give him and break, cuz guys like you who expect too much from him just dont make the case better. And get your facts straight, its a 3 year relationship (according to thestar malaysia) and not 9

    Sorry but just had the urge of saying what I feel.

  • I don’t know if it’s fair to be that harsh on LCW. I know he hasn’t been performing up to ‘our standards’ which involves winning winning and winning. Then again, how many past players have we had who are able to maintain a standard of play as consistent as LCW AND still be able to win everything?

    About him partying late at night before the world championships, do we actually know how often he actually went to the clubs or how much rest he got etc. Who are we to put him down considering that none of us have been in his shoes, having to deal with the pressure or whatever else he has on his mind. All I’m saying is to put him down and write him off as a disappointment is not fair if we don’t know the circumstances. Isn’t it too, very ‘Malaysian’ to make comments as per your post based on just these snippets of information? If you do know more and you are making this call based on much more complete information base, I do apologise.

    All in all, we should be happy that he has been in the top rankings thus far and been there consistently for a damn long time too.

  • badmintonFan 8 years ago

    Just my 2cents:
    I am not sure about LCW went to nightclub and also when it happened prior to WC. If it happened just before WC, then it means he is not committed to WC.

    Anyway, he is still one of best player in world. We can’t deny his achievement.

    About LCW broke up with WMC, i feel sad but this is their personal matter.

  • how pity to break up…. T^T
    but if lcw has really changed….then I’ll support the spliting…..

  • Sometimes, “boys will be boys”. You don’t have to be a LCW for women to be attracted to you but of course if you are, it will be so much easier. The split saddens everyone. However, it is a personal matter. I am a bit westernised and a little of partying, in my opinion, does no harm since there is a saying “all work and no play (will) makes Jack a dull boy”. Even in badminton, there’s an off season, there’s a weekend off. On the other hand, if I have a great gf like WMC, then I won’t party. Its really a personal choice, personal matter. I wish both of them well and find hapiness…

  • Pepper 8 years ago

    Well, everyone has their own opinion, so mine would be like this. LCW didint want to be with WMC so they split, nothing wrong with that. So i dont get it man, why are you people getting fed up by that huh? So what if he partys all night long and dont train so much, who cares man? He’s just living his life for god sake, he is doing what he wants to do, not some bullshit that others tell him to do. So please, stop that bullshit ur talking about LCW and better show up some respect, because LCW is training hard, playing all the tournaments until he drops to the ground from exhaustion?? Even he needs to relax and take time out. Drinking is not a bad thing and neither is partying. So do you mind not being so cocky over everything he does, if u dont like it how he lives, its your problem. And for the record IT’S NON OF YOUR BUSINESS HOW PEOPLE LIVE THEIR LIVES. I wish the best to them both.

  • Stanley Faulk 8 years ago

    Pepper, dont you think youre a little too hard on Mr. badmintonfreak? It’s no doubt he loves badminton and maybe hes a bit critical on LCW but it’s because he wants him to do well . You dont have to be such a buzz kill about it. This is a FUN badminton site for badminton fans, and things said here may be impassioned, silly, etc but you have to take the coments posted on here with a little grain of salt. I cannot speak for Mr. Badmintonfeak but Iam sure he sincerly wants LCW to do well and is disappointed that he hasnt won big of late. And i see your point of LCW needing to have his own life as well. But Pepper, if you make Mr.Badmintonfreak angry and he decides to end this site and post no more videos becuase of you.. youre gonna get alot of badminton fans of this site very very very angry at you.

  • carmen^^ 8 years ago


  • walter faulk 8 years ago

    I like LCW’s new shoes.

  • some guy 8 years ago

    Ummm…world #1 ranking = little success? I think not.
    I agree that LCW’s play lately has been pretty disappointing though.

  • how come wil break up??? really sad to hear that. i hope is juz a mistake news from news… but… it is true le… wmc hadadmit it…. :(((((

  • maybe after he break up with WMC he went clubbing coz of stress and pressure, he should ask me go out clubbing oso hahahahaha

  • majyun 8 years ago

    I think is OK to get upset when your favourite players don’t perform to your expectation. But do keep in mind that Chong Wei is just a human and I don’t see partying few weeks before the WC as a crime. After all, we are human and we need time off once in a while. Think about it buddy, even a machine will break down if it runs non-stop,what more a human that train non-stop.

    I really appreciate your effort in making this site a success. But I think you have take things that concerned LCW a little too extreme. I hope you will be a little more objective when it comes to talking about LCW in the future.

  • Usama 8 years ago

    Lets put it this way ok..
    There is a great army journal from whom nation expects alot and give tht person all their love because he saves the country in crucial times, just like that as a great badminton player we expect lee chong wei to focus on badminton and be extraordinary and not ordinary otherwise we dont need to be a fan of him k? so whoever thinks that we dont hav eno right to say anything about his personal life, yes we do because i live in canda and sometimes if chongwei is playoing i go late at work i sit till 5 am in d morning to wath him play so yes he have the right to get mad k?
    if he is fedup of badminton if he hsa gotten all d status he wants then he should retire then he can party as much as he wants to but for now he is a badminton player alll the fame he got is because of badmiton and his down to earth attitude so if he cant commit himself anymore then retire thats the best he can do for us and for him self but is he wanna stay as a badminton player then act like a badminton player otherwise atleast we have the right to criticize him jsut like we criticize hafiz …..
    chongwei die hard fan….

  • Pepper 8 years ago

    I havent been hard on anyone, i know every LCW fan wants him to do well but man, going bezerk because Chong Wei partied all night long and broke up from WMC is just rediccoulous. Didint mean to offend anyone.

  • everyone that thinks badmintonfreak is ranting about the wmc and lcw, read again. LEARN to read. he stopped talking about her after paragraph THREE.

    “LCW didint want to be with WMC so they split, nothing wrong with that. So i dont get it man, why are you people getting fed up by that huh? ”
    Uh yeah, learn to read. Talk about rambling. I don’t even want to read the rest of your post. It probably has the same credibility as the above statement.

    @*most others*. you just don’t get what badmintonfreak is saying.

    winning/losing isn’t the problem – although it was rashly mentioned by badmintonfreak, i don’t believe that is his main concern. i’ve seen him state many times in past posts, what’s more important to them is the manner in which they win/lose.

    when i see lcw lose, he crumbles. horribly. i ask myself many times, how is this man world no.1? is that a characteristic befitting someone at the “top of the badminton world”?

    although i don’t agree with some statements done by badmintonfreak. the message he conveys to me, i wholeheartedly agree with.

    lcw has all eyes of the badminton world on him. the sad truth is, because of that he has expectations of him befitting his rank. this is reality. try not to be a dreamer and say “can you live in his shoes”? get your heads out of the clouds.

    i’m no psychic but whenever i see lcw’s demeanor. he does not have the air of a world champion in him. he has the “whatever” attitude – which is unfortunate given his ability.

  • Jason is a strict disciplinarian and his argument is valid and logical, he didn’t go nuts or being ridiculous (I like your spelling, Pepper, very colourful). He expects nothing less from a top sportsman, so should all coaches. A month ago, Misbun did say “with success, there are other distractions, fame, money and woman(!!???)” so there’s more to it than we know. Even in Australia, top sportsman make headlines if they were seen partying into wee hours of in in the morning. WMC lost in the 1st round in China Masters SS and let’s hope LCW can beat LD tonight.

  • Weily 8 years ago

    For god sake you have no idea what you are talking! all your comments and opinions on LCW are totally unacceptable. 1st of all, what’s wrong with “Malaysian”?!!! the way you described LCW is like a typical Malaysian. Tell you what mate! If all Malaysian are like Lee Chong Wei guess how the world will look to us?! i am proud of Lee Chong Wei. He is the only Malaysian who bring hopes and live up Malaysia all the time. Yes i must admit that i was disappointed on his result in WC recently but this didn’t affect how i feel on him. I AM THE MAN WHO ALWAYS SUPPORT LEE CHONG WEI. EVERYTIME HE LOST, I SAID TO HIM IN MY MIND ” NEVERMIND AS LONG AS YOU TRY YOUR BEST!” LCW Jia Yu!

  • Dude Jason,
    I think you should relax. I don’t have to blab a whole load to get things into your head but I just want you to know this :
    -LCW is a great player. If you think you are better, go ahead and play into International arena.
    -LCW is not a celebrity. He is a player.
    One last thing, LCW just human.

    Don’t judge him like a God-like player. People do make mistakes.

  • Usama 8 years ago

    M.r josh
    or anyone with very logical arguments
    I or jason or whoever is criticizing lcw action didnt go bezerk our point if that he shuld setup example he is someone alot of youth like us look up to so he gotta take that responcibility ofcourse he is human being and he wil make mistakes time after time
    its just that we dont suport the idea of going to clubs while u r playing at a level as high as lcw we criticize his recent actions, unlike most of the people writing on this forum. we dont hate it we just hope that he will not do it again untl he is attached to this sports because their is alot of his admirers who wants to follow his path way….
    I hope you guys get my point

  • Shir lynn 8 years ago

    Calm down and chillax ppl! WMC looks like she’s very dissapointed and sad because of this breakup while LCW looks like he got over it for a long time. Don’t you guys never heard of this:”Girls take a longer time to heal than boys”. I don’t think LCW hangs out always in niightclubs. Maybe he had…but its just once. C’mon, every single man will want to enjoy great entertainment, money and girls. If LCW and WMC has no fate together, we can’t do anything also. Maybe WMC will find a nice man who loves her no matter what and appreciates her more than LCW does. Maybe LCW will also find a cute ,hot and fresher woman to date with. Maybe LCW got bored with WMC after 9 years of relationship. bUT if they are born to be together, then they will somehow one day unite with one another again or maybe suprisingly, they end up marrying after realising that they actually need one another. We are supposed to be happy that God gave them a moment to break up and feel what’s the loss of a partner who standby you for 9years. Hopefully they will make a comeback together and love each other deeper. Or maybe they could simply build their own lives happily soon. Let’s pray for them.

  • Shir Lynn 8 years ago

    C’mon, chill! Let’s pray for them instead of criticising them! They feel sadder than us cause they are the ones experiencing it. We are the ones hearing from it.

  • Stanley Faulk 8 years ago

    Lee chong Wei would have been a great if Lin Dan were not around. The brutal truth is Lin Dan is better then lcw , then and now. It is all about the hardware and Lin dan has won it all…well except the Canadian open. HAHAHAHAAHAH! To me, he word “great” means on top of the mountain. Great artists, musicians, atheletes, dont come around every year or even every decade. Dont get me wrong lcw is a superb player but Lin has that extra something you cant define or sum up in words. Talent mixed with hardwork? Possibly.Who knows? The results speak for themselves, whether you like Lin Dan or not, you cant deny he is the greatist player in ms badminton in modern history. Thats not taking anything away from lcw but after talent and hardwork its up to god…and that is why we have great, good, mediocre and lousy in this world. Jason I think is frustrated in lcw performances and it may come out sounding the wrong way but I dont think it is all in anger. You would be peeved if your hero wasnt doing as well as you hoped. Now as for the celebrity part, they are players as well as celebs but the differncce and li mao has said when he coached malaysia that over there ,there isnt a team 1st attitude like there is in china. the players were jealous of each other success rather then putting the team and country first. Why do you think china does so well, they play for their country first, then themselves. its different in other places where play for stardom. China even takes pride in throwing matches in order for their players to qualify for other tournies. How many countries and their players would do that? No, its a me me me first..team and country second. Lin dan gave Chen jin the all england once i believe so he can qaulify for the olympics..now ..how many players in malaysia and indonesia would do that for their team and country?

  • Jakob Plum Philipsen 8 years ago

    Hey Jason

    do you have the video with Peter Gade against Boonsak ponsana at china masters 2009? because i would really like to see it 😀

  • Jpnaruto 8 years ago

    a very bad new ! as the same time as me

  • safari 8 years ago

    should be influenced by kkk who likes to party.
    he went for clubbing again before leaving for japan open

  • Who really cares about his personal life? Just show us the badminton videos please!

  • kim chua 8 years ago


    Some of your points make sense and that’s because LD played the big points better than LCW, skill wise, these two are above the rest. However, no match fixing in Malaysian badminton, the better man on the day always wins, regardless of whether you may qualify for the Olympics or not. The Sideks and the coaches are not LYB.

  • Stanley Faulk 8 years ago

    If you look at it critically, what China does makes sense. Right now they have 3 top tier mens singles players, chen, bao and Lin. and I hazzard to geuss that Lin Dan in team matches is the best out of the 3. that’s not to take anything away from the other two but only one player from a country can win the gold in one discipline So it makes sense that in all possibility, Lin Dan should be the one to represent china in the finals. The other two should be a supporting cast like football linesmen to block other players from getting to the qaurterback. This means that if you are LCW you may potentially have to beat 3 chinese players to win an event. This is difficult but not impossible of course[ Mew choo in the china masters i believe] but very difficult indeed. In western mindsets where indivduality trumps everything people may view this as match fixing. In the East the mindset in certain countries is the opposite and the sport is treated much like a team game. I will geuss to say that most chinese players will tell you even if their countrymen wins the gold instead of them, it is ok because in the end, China is the true victor. Of course the downside is that when LD plays CJ it is boring as hell and i never watch. Im not saying it is right or wrong but it is what it is. Different ideology. Everyone loves the underdog but everyone wants their country to win too, so which system is right? And Kim, you are right to say that Ld plays big points better then LCW but isnt that what it’s all about? It is a game of inches and he who masters the smallest amounts wins the largest rewards. Even when Taufik was in his prime and LD wasnt, Lin was able to beat him on numerous occasions except for that close 3rd game at the worlds. Now LD has gotten even better and it is scary to think but the proof is in the wins and the hardware. LD has no flashy backhand smash like Taufik but in reality how many points does Taufik win on that backahnd smash? Maybe 1 in a match? Ld on his backhand side has got the most wicked overhead smash giving him more percentage of outright winners from not just that corner but also on the other 3 corners as well. Yes, many ppl say LD is a robot but he deserves more credit and it is overdue. Taufik is a talented very smooth fancy artsy player one may say and if you give him time on the court he will make you look like an ass. To beat that type of player you have to play like Ld, run Taufik all over the court, pull him left to right, etc. You cant make fancy shots well when you got no time and when your heaving for breath after ever point. ppl are in awe of Taufiks talent but so easily overlook LD’s talent…which is quite unfair. After all, just to name a few, LD has won 3 worlds in a row, 4 all englands and an olympic gold . If LD doesnt have special talent then I dont who does. One doesnt win a wall full of big event trophies on just hardwork and luck alone. – cheers.

  • Upload some videos

    this site is getting lame

  • walter faulk 8 years ago

    another piece of lucid writing. brother faulk, you’ve me proud.

  • Stanley Faulk 8 years ago

    Brother Walt, as you know…echo always replies with an echo.

  • Gentlemen, calm down, and Stan, What happens with Team China in badminton will not happen in other country or sports. I watched John and Patrick McEnroe played in one tennis final plus countless Venus Vs Serena Williams Finals, each of them played to win, bro or sis or otherwise!!. Circa 2005 or 2006 AE semi, Cheng Yu gave a walkover to his compatriots citing a back injury but the next day, he was seen jumping up a flight of stairs even Carl Lewis would be proud. There’s a huge difference between patriotism and cheating or match fixing. In Malaysia, life is good and there’s no need to resort to cheating, match fixing or deceiving the public. Sooner or later, LCW will win a big one (if you can say a silver Olympic medal isn’t one), not all big tournaments and Olympic is held in China. Just watch this week’s Japan Open, LD will not win.

  • ChinaMasters2009 8 years ago


  • @usama

    living in canada and having to stay up to 5am to watch his games is your own damn fault anyway. why does this give you any right to talk shit about what he does? he doesn’t have to do a damn thing if he doesn’t want to. as for having to set an example for the youth, what the fuck? he’s just a badminton player, playing badminton. he’s not the dalai llama or something.

  • Stanley Faulk 8 years ago

    Kim, we are all calm..and…

    I dont understand what you mean when you say “cheating.” Cheating implies a violation of the rules of the game so one opponent can beat the another opponent. You make it sound like China somehow cheated by forcing lcw to lose to ld. Even in throwing a match for whatever reason doesnt mean the winners won because they cheated. A person who throws match has a right to play the game to however he or she sees fit. When Taufik plays like he doesnt care about a match because he knows he cant win does this mean that he is “throwing” a match? What if a player is sick that day and knows he doesnt have the energy to go on and takes it easy and loses..does this mean he threw the match or “cheated” It would be cheating if China bribes an opponent like lcw to lose a match or if they put a gun to his head and forced him to lose. It would be cheating if China hired linesmen to make calls in their favor, but if a china team member loses to a fellow team member that is his free right to do so. There is no machine to peer into someones heart and intent. Whether lcw plays 3 or 4 or 0 chinese players to get to the finals..in the end.. he still has to beat Lin Dan. As for tennis siblings playing each other , good for them! And if serena let her sister to win because she felt kindhearted, good for her! Can you say that she’s wrong? It is her right is it not? Match fixing in boxing or in the finals of an even involving
    ” opponents” is wrong but when it is teamates from the same country it is a diffferent matter. Kim, if you lose intentionally to your opponent because of a bribe, then that is wrong. If you threatan your opponent to lose to you then that is wrong. But if you decide to lose to your own team mate even if your country asks you to, and you comply freely with your heart and will..who’s to say that youre wrong? No one can force you to do the opposite of what you chose to do. If lcw lost to LD in the finals it is because he lost to LD, not because so and so threw their matches for LD. As for big torunaments not being held in China, you are right. The last 2 worlds ld won were not held in china. All of the all- englands ld won are not held in china. The Denmark open and the japan open etc etc lin dan won are not held in china. LD of course will not win every tournie, but he is a BIG tournie player..just look at his stats, they speak for themselves. As for the next Japan open i dont think LD cares too much about winning that desperately because…hes already won it. It is safe to say perhaps that maybe one more gold in olympics is the only prize that drives him now. The man has won it all, what more does he have to prove? LD can retire today and become a hall of fame legend as the greatist if he chooses so. Also i dont want to somehow imply that LD has got matches thrown for him everytime he plays, i or no one else can confirm or deny. These are only playful assumptions. As for LCW iam not against him in any way. He is a superb player, has had much success and has beaten LD before. If LCW where to have won what LD has won I would say the same of him. Did you know that i once was a fan of Taufik? And Iam not even Indonesian! Even though i love taufiks talent and court smoothness i have to be coldly critical when i say that what counts in the end are the big wins, the hardware. The famous chef Gordon Ramsay’s mentor, Pierre Marco White put it best when he said” I never let my emotions get in the way of my decisions.” Lee Chong Wei is a brilliant player but the fact is the hasnt won a big torunie yet. Now…kim, emotions and patriotism aside..would you bet your house against Lin Dan in a big event? I know I wouldnt. If lcw beat ld in the japan open..good for him! That doesnt undermine ld’s achievements. In the end no country, no humanbeing owns a sport. A great player is a great player, whether he is from malasysia, china, africa, the moon, etc. How that player gets there and what system he uses is his prerogative. Sport belongs to everyone. There is no such thing as chinese badminton or indo badminton, if you got a hand you can play. Lin Dan is a great player because “he” has achieved greatly. People will remember lcw for his achievements , not because he is from malaysia, but because of what he has done. Do most people know where Einstein was from? What about Picasso? Do you know that Bruce Lee was one quarter German? Does it even matter? Iam no against any player or for any player, i just try to call it as i see it. And no matter what i say, in the end of the day, the big trophies are at Lin Dan’s house. How can i or anyone else not respect or applaud that?

  • Stan,

    Of course what you said has some truth and I respect that. On top of that, I better respect someone whose name starts with an F and ends with a K!! Bruce Lee is a pure Chinaman but Noami Campbell is 1/4 Chinese


    I can also agree that LD has more hardware in his house and he did win when it matters. This week alone, he beat Park Sung Hwan and had he lost to LCW in the first game, he would be a goner. Stan, my fellow Malaysian sportsman has room to improve their mental toughness. Even our MD, Yap Kim Hock and Cheah Soon Keat, they won the silver medal which should have been gold, they held match points but lost it. Mentally, I am tough myself, I was 8 match points down and still won the match in an Under 20 tourney when I was only 16 yrs and 8 months but I never reach national level.

    Like Jason, you know your badminton well. Good and have a nice day, mate cos I am now Aussie.

  • Stanley Faulk 8 years ago

    Thank you for your reply Kim. Just one correction, Bruce lee’s mother Grace was one half German. One of her parents, her father i believe was German. Bruce Lees parents of course were both of Chinese decent. I also remember this was in a dvd bio of him made by his official biographer John Little, whom Bruce’s wife Linda knows well and supports. John Little has written many current books on Bruce Lee and has access to his library, notes writtings, etc, thanks to Bruces widowed wife. It is in the literature though not often mentioned, and many people do not know this even today. It is because of this that his Win Chun master Yip Man did not teach Bruce the full system directly himself but instead helped Bruce by letting his students show Bruce parts of the system. This is the main reason why he had to develope and learn by himself and as a result he created his Jeet Kune Do. The rest is history as they say. But of course all this means nothing for as Bruce said himself ” Under the heavens we are all the same.” I cheered for lcw against boa chun lai at the french open, I admire Federer for his tennis success, tiger woods for his great golf achievements, because though it is fun to feel prideful and nationalistic about sports, work etc, i just wanted to say that it is important not to take it to seriously and to understand that the individual is the most important thing. To me the meaning of “talent” is to be able to adapt to get by every obstacle. Sport belongs to no one and to everyone. For that reason Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei are individual badminton players first. To me, success is the journey one takes, not the destination. Though if one does get there ,then it is like icing on the cake. It is not whether one has the “key” but it is getting to the door to use the key which is the hard part. Kim, most people, 98% of people, never even get to the door. Many people are born in absolute poverty, never live past even 3 years old, or suffer all their lives. Heck, many people dont even own a TV. That is the brutality of fact and it is something many people forget or ignore. Many people struggle on the journey, a precious few make it to the top. Even if you make it to the top of the mountain, it’s safe to say that though you will always remember the view at the top , you will never forget how hard the struggle was to get there.
    Life is truly a dark and glorious journey. -cheers.

  • China Masters??????? Videos?????? 8 years ago

    Jason, do you have the China Masters 2009?????

    Long time since there has been a video up.

    Want to see LD play LCW at the China Masters. Plzzzzz

  • Pepper 8 years ago

    some ppl tell me to learn to read?? WTF U LITTLE NERDY ASS WHORE, SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STOP BEING SUCH A LITTLE BITCH anon. go kiss some gay ass u tard.

  • WenHui 8 years ago

    Well the Chinese have a saying that if a person reached the peak of success, he will fall…. Sad.. but i know that Chong Wei Can undo this saying and be as he like before! 😀 I still support you Chong Wei no matter what you do! 😀

  • Dear Stan,

    May I have one last words? In Malaysia, life is too good. Roti plus teh tarik (a type of local tea) for breaky, the best at US$0.60 !! Then, you have girls like this when you become famous, you need to be just a state player, not a LCW to have girls “chasing” after you.


    KKK is the girls’ favourite at the moment so if you think his game has been affected a little, well, may be.

    • jason 8 years ago

      To Kim : Lolz.. Nice Youtube Video! ^^ Lucky it wasn’t porn! -_-

  • chrisng 8 years ago

    It’s a good thing WMC broke up with LCW. Looking at his features, he is an ungrateful person. The earlier she split up with him the better for her. WMC don’t feel sad, thank your lucky stars!

  • Badmintonfan 8 years ago

    Let the guy from the site give his opinion, nothing wrong with that. Though you don’t have to agree with it. I don’t agree with it…. Let Lee Chong Wei go clubbing he does’t have to play badminton 24/7 or?? there must be lot of pressure on him. I don’t think he has no succes he’s the number one seed…….

  • Ardy Wiranota 8 years ago

    Haha .. I've never been a fan of his .. He will always be the shadow of Lin Dan .. Nothing to be proud of ..

    Oh yes , good to know Mew Choo is single now . Hope she puts her game back on track .. Go go Mew Choo !!

  • just shut up! all of u… none of your business…

  • seowyee 8 years ago

    Hey , give him a rest .. ChongWei is facing lots and lots of stress lately .. His a world famous badminton player and he has tons of trainings to do and my bet he doesn't even get enough sleeps .. ChongWei must have been stressed and pressured so that's why maybe they broke up forawhile to ease himself a little .. Give him a break .. But after such long distance relationship for 9 years , I have a feeling they will be back together soon , you just need to give ChongWei some time ..

  • whatever 8 years ago

    ehem……. excuse me, did you realise based on what have you say or posed or whatelse to this blog??? i agreed with yea yea…. LCW can do what he wants….. Imagine if LCW is you, you'll also do the same thing, isn't?????? I didn't sure if the picture that you see in someone facebook is true or not…. Maybe it's other people but the people change the face withchong wei….(you know what i mean) and so, before say or post or whatever, you must think!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry i say like this…. and i know, my english is 'broken'….. hehe

  • whatever 8 years ago


  • blalaala 7 years ago

    i didnt believe it..