Lee Chong Wei advanced to the semi finals of the Proton Malaysia Open Super Series 2010 at the expense of Chen Jin of China.

Chong Wei didn’t had much trouble winning the first set winning it at 21-14. Chen Jin came back strongly and beat Chong Wei with the score of 21-16.

In the 3rd set, it was all gloom for Chong Wei. Chong Wei was playing catching up until Chen Jin was leading 13-9. Before that point of resurgence, it was really gloom for Chong Wei.

For more then half of the 3rd set, Chong Wei was playing catching up. The best he could go was getting a tie score with Chen Jin. Chong Wei even missed a sitter before they change end.

After Chen Jin took a 13-9, lead it was Chong Wei mania. Chong Wei raced to 21 first with Chen Jin winning another 2 points!

Chong Wei will take on Vietnam star player, Nguyen Tien Minh while the other semi finals will be between Peter Gade against Boonsak Ponsana.


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  • No video? 🙁

  • leonlimthelion 8 years ago

    Nice, very immediate post.

  • freakingbd 8 years ago

    usually video 2-3 days after match. I think this is just news

  • Thanks for letting us know.. nice to know that Peter Gade is doing well again too :).

    Kind regards,

  • It's a shame Jan was beaten by Nguyen, I would've loved to see another LCW vs Jan Jorgensen again 🙁

  • kipassusahmati 8 years ago

    Yeah,good move! I think you should post latest news of what going on in tournaments…just like this.
    especially when it involves our national players.

  • kukuku 8 years ago

    hey, Jason. I'm now thinking about the quater final match at Aviva Singapore open 2009 bteen LCW and NTienMinh. at that match, TM had defeated LCW in three games. will it be repeated again? Why don't you upload that match?
    I think it will be very interesting to see.
    do you have the videos of that match?
    I'm really grateful for you if you upload that videos.
    waiting your reply!

  • kukuku 8 years ago

    TM has work well. although Jan is a potential, TM is still more experience,however. good luck for TM. He is my idol.!

  • hoong 8 years ago

    no video??so sad~:/

  • PhamNgocLong 8 years ago

    Nguyen Tien Minh will meet Chong wei in the semi finals..and it'll be the time for star player!Let's wait for a super match…Super Minh!

  • exalted 8 years ago

    ahhhh spoilerss!, i know you're a big malaysian supporter but – ___ –

    anyway looking forward to the matches as always, and also am hoping that LCW takes it seeing how there is no LD to challenge him : )

  • coldplay_vietnam 8 years ago

    No..you were wrong!I like skills of CWei but the way TM's recently played make me feel very exciting!I'm also looking forward to watcing his performance this time…Let's wait for a super match… nothing can say in advance!

  • Soundrarajan 8 years ago

    No video jason???where is the video???

  • If possible, I'd like to see the final LCW vs Boonsak.. or any other match in which Boonsak played..

    Final was apparently very easy for the Malaysian, 2 straight sets with low scores from Boonsak.. bit disappointed in that I would've loved a more close match.

  • is Lee Chong Wei now coupling with Wang Lin from china top player??

  • chichinho 8 years ago

    Lee is the best

  • I see you started posting the match on youtube :p..

    I'd like to download the match in better quality too as soon as you're able to! Thanks alot for posting it!

  • Steven 8 years ago

    While waiting for the video to be posted here, why not go to Youtube and watch the Korean Super Series 2010 Badminton that are not shown here in BadmintonFreak eg Lee Cheong Wei vs Pete Gade

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    Here you go watch it all here you monkeys:


  • Thank you very much Alphadeck !! i think that website is better than this badmintonfreak.com because here all time videos very very slow uploaded n also not all videos is provided here!! lousy la!!!!!

  • That's a little disrespectful… Jason does his best.

    And the Boonsak vs LCW video didn't work for me on there too.. so don't be too quick to judge.

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    Like us, Jason has other things to do, a job, family matters, the new badmintonfreak T shirt project to attend etc. It takes time and effort. Wait til Jason gets married, we might hear from you again with such words as “wow, no upload in one week oredy, so slow one, how can?”

  • badmintonfreak 8 years ago

    Thanks Kim Chua for the support. Thanks for showing understanding.. Really appreciate it! ^^

  • PhamNgocLong 8 years ago

    I don't think so!This is the 2nd TM deafted Jan..Jan didn't keep pace with TM in both 2machtes