Is disappointed with the attitude shown by Koo Kien Keat & Tan Boon Heong in the Axiata Cup when they lost to Indonesian pairing of Angga Pratama & Ryan Agung Saputra. From an angry supporter!!

If coach is to be blame, Rexy Manaiky shouldn’t be the one blame. He is the one that found this pairing and made them world beaters but it got to their heads. Of late, they have been playing like school boys. Sadly so.

When athletes don’t perform, coaches will be first to go. Now is Kien Keat & Boon Heong former coach is their reason for downfall or their own doing? Your comments appreciated.




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  • KKK spend too much time at Zook!

  • Cannot see KKK winning a single point from last 2 games. All he had to do in the 2nd game is to keep it simple, but he had to go for fancy shots that mess things up. Drop KKK NOW!

    • admin 6 years ago

      @Rox : Maybe! Too much drinking i guess!

      @ksc : KKK all this while is known for being fancy but in an international competition, there isn’t any opportunity that you opponent is going to give you to do such fancy shots. They will kill you off once they see it coming. KKK should be drop…!