More joy for Malaysia as Koo Kien Keat & Tan Boon Heong marched to the semi finals of the Proton Malaysia Open Super Series 2010. Women doubles pairing Wong Pei Tty & Chin Eei Hui also made it to the semi finals.

Kien Keat and Boon Heong had a much tougher time in the semi finals against the English pairing of Nathan Robertson and Anthony Clark.

The Malaysian didn’t have much much problem winning the first game 21-12 with attacking display. In the second set, the English pairing turn up the heat and started to be more aggressive and deservingly winning at 25-23. The score was close but there was plenty of drama. Wait for my videos! ^^

In the 3rd game, the Malaysian didn’t gave Clark & Robertson to play their normal game. The Malaysian took the initiative and started to attack Robertson more. In the end, the Malaysian prevailed 21-12, 23-25, 21-11.

Men Doubles Semi Finals Match Up :-

Koo Kien Keat & Tan Boon Heong VS Chai Biao & Zhang Nan (-_- Chinese pair is good!!)

Guo Zhendong & Xu Chen VS  Alvent Yulianto & Hendra Gunawan

Women Doubles Semi Finals Match Up :-

Ma Jin & Wang Xiao Li VS Wong Pei Tty & Chin Eei Hui

Du Jing & Yu Yang VS  Jung Kyung Eun & Yoo Hyun Young


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  • kelvin_T_T 8 years ago

    Is there men's single final match of korea open 2010??Waiting for it since it that day…

  • bishanboy 8 years ago

    upload the videos please

  • hey bishanboy, stop being demanding, he owes nothing to you. he'll upload it when he uploads it

  • xinli 8 years ago

    can't wait to watch the clips… many thanks for sharing these games with us…

  • hoong 8 years ago

    waiting the korea open 2010 video and koo&tan vs clark&robertson.thanks very much….

  • kyaxiang 8 years ago

    yuo me oso x wait 2 watch d match between lcw n peter gade!!!

  • Mal-NAF 8 years ago

    Awesome video! the Malaysian pair are back! That drop cross court kkk made was uperb..the fake smash set it all up. Robertson replied with a lovely net drop on the 2nd game yet the Malaysian pair didnt give up..even changing rackets in mid game in a point. then with the english pair surprised by the quick switch up the malaysian pair took the bull by the horns and hammered in a midcourt smash! the foot work of the malaysians in the 3rd game was they just played their first game. Superb control in the back by tan boon and when it was 4-6 in the 3rd game his 7 smahses in a row was sensational. i have never witnessed a match such as this!

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    Hey Mal-NAF, thanks, you make our mouth water, just like describing a durian with silky pink flesh (500 in Malaysia at RM$200 each). 7 smashes in a row! its a must watch for me.

  • mal -NAF 8 years ago

    Kim, dont thank me, thank Jason for the videos above!

  • Makes me want to watch it too.. hahaah.

    Jason never disappoints ;).

  • the jockey 8 years ago

    Spoiler alert! LCW wins Malaysian open beating Thailand's Boonsak. Though fans of a LD and LCW match up will have to wait until the All England.

  • badmintonfreak 8 years ago

    Thanks for the support Matty! ^^

  • pho240 8 years ago

    which game is the real semi finals match for the men's doubles? KKK vs. English or KKK vs. Chinese?