Many has been asking for Korea Super Series finals matches. Guess the first one that i am going to share with you all is the best of the Korea Super Series for 2010 and it’s the men doubles finals.

Jung Jae Sung & Lee Yong Dae took on normal nemesis Cai Yun & Fu Haifeng of China in the finals. The last time both of this pair met, the Chinese pair was victorious.

With the home crowd advantage and cheering on the Koreans, the home pair will start as slight favorites. To be honest, matches among the top players in badminton, the home crowd does not play a big role in helping their home players. That’s just my point of view.

Enjoy the match which is the best of the Korea Super Series 2010!

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Set I

Set II


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  • Cai_Fu 8 years ago

    l like the Chinese pair, but they deserve to lose. They make many mistakes. And Jung Jae Sung performance is really outstanding, esp the rear court smash.

  • shuttle-crock 8 years ago

    im just surprised that china's top doubles pair actually came to korea..considering what happended with Ld and Hyun il and the fracus that occured with the biased line calls and fight which took place a couple of years ago. Taufik and LD dont even bother with the korean open anymore.

  • Yipom 8 years ago

    Another Great match! Thanks again Jason!

    I have a few suggestions to Badmintonfreak that I believe would make watching badminton matches here alot more exciting. I hope you will get a chance to read this, Jason.

    1. You have been doing this from time to time, but not always. If its possible, can you post the matches that was actually played first before posting the finals?

    Cause normally I don't check out the draws, and everything before or after an event, Badmintonfreak is my only source to know who won which super series event. Therefore, if you can post semi-Final matches first(both in timely order) before posting the finals, it would make me not knowing who will be in the finals more excited, so the ending won't be spoiled for the semis.

    Another reason for putting them in chronological order is that, Jill + all the other Commentators will a lot of times mention who won the other games. For example, if you post the MD finals first, but the MS finals already played. The commentators, because there is nothing to say sometimes, will mention that XXX defeated XXX in the MS finals…. etc…..

    In the end, it is all because I love to watch matches as if they were live. Knowing the outcome already just makes me less excited to watch the rest of the matches.

    2. My other suggestion is that If its possible can you actually leave more space between the 2nd set and 3rd set's videos? Hit the enter a few more times? or throw an advertisement in the middle?

    This is because I find myself a lot of times accidentally scrolling down too far, and taking a glimpse of the words “set III” or seeing more videos under the last video of the 2nd set or nothing at all. Since when I see this, I automatically know who will win this set/game, which makes it WAY less exciting to watch.

    Same with the way the videos are all named in Youtube. Seeing a match labeled “part 3/7” will just let me think right away that, whoever wins the 1st set will win the match, which makes it less fun to watch. Perhaps you can just put Part 3, or part 7, and not showing how many videos there are quantitatively. Cause we will automatically look for part 8 if its not over yet.

    Thank you for you time, if you read my wall of text.
    I am very sincere in hoping that these changes can be made for the future videos. I already love badmintonfreak, and i watch all my videos here 😉 (more hits for your site.) So if these changes can be made, I promise I'll buy a T-shirt =D

    OY from Canada

  • that was a good game ^^

    happy to see the Chinese are enjoying themselves too =)

    how good can LYD get?

  • kukuku 8 years ago

    a great match!

  • bob_jabba83 8 years ago

    Also cannot be watch.. can someone tell me why please??? thanx

  • Chinese 8 years ago

    Why I couldn't watch the game?
    Who can tell me?