Top Korean pair, Lee Yong Dae & Jung Jae Sung took on World No.1 pairing of Markis Kido & Hendra Setiawan in the Super Series Masters Finals 2008 Men Doubles Semi Finals match. Both pairs had been playing brilliantly of late especially the Korean combination.

As usual, a doubles international match is a touch and go encounter. Which ever of this two pairs that takes the shuttle earlier and goes on the offensive will surely win.

Oh yeah, isn’t Yong Dae cute in the picture? I am not gay though… ^^

Lee Yong Dae & Jung Jae Sung vs Markis Kido Hendra Setiawan Video :-

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

Results :-

Lee Yong Dae & Jung Jae Sung (Kor) beat Markis Kido & Hendra Setiawan (Ind) : 22-20, 15-21, 21-16 (51 minutes)

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  • abraham 9 years ago

    huh,lee yong dae cute? nak muntah geng,,ari tu time final ada aku nampak dua orang nak ambik gmbar ngan dia, sekali tgk dia reject pula,,sombong betul…bukan artis,,baru tau kalah,,haha

  • Really? haha, thx god they’ve lost, haha, arrogant. But maybe they aren’t happy after losing…….that’s why he rejected photo taking…

  • abraham, in english please
    i don’t understand your malaysian because I’m javanese