Jumping smash is an important badminton technique. Smashes might not be a winning shot in modern badminton but it surely does open the court when our opponent hits back a poor shot. Players like Heryanto Arbi, purchase Taufik Hidayat, buy cialis Lin Dan, pill Peter Gade, Chong Wei and many more uses the jumping smash to perfection.

We at BadmintonFreak have requested our fans to share some of their jumping smash pictures and here are the ones that we have collected and we hope many more will send in their smash pictures to webmaster@badmintonfreak.com

Enjoy the jumping smashes from our supporters all around the world! ^^

Name : Muhibur Ruman
Country : United Kingdom (London)
Club : Tower hamlets/Middlesex County

Name : Johannes Chandra
Country : Australia
Age : 40
Nickname for smash : The Jumping Jo

Name : Erlend Jensen Haugland
Country : Norway
Age : 15
Nickname for smash : Deadly Bullet Power Smash!

Name : S.Akapong
Country : Thailand (Bangkok)
Club : TobDong Badminton Club ,Bangkok

Name : Kristian “Speed” Anquillano
Country : Singapore
Club : PinoySG Badminton Club (Singapore)
Nickname for smash : Power Kill

Name : Luis Aniello La Rocca
Country : Germany
Age : 17
Nickname : Looping Lui

Name : Joshua Macute
Country : Canada
Age : 17
Club : Royal City Badminton Club

Name : Thamrin. D
Country : Germany
Club : DIBVM Berlin
Name from the smash : Wild Smash

Name : Roberto Cruz Bazan
Country : México
Club : Ymca México

Name : Christoph Hoffmann
Country : Germany
Age : 20


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