Discussion time on whether badminton should have video replay or not? Dubious calls, illness mistakes are part and parcel of lines judges. I personally think that video replay is important in badminton so that the game can be played in a fair manner.

Tennis has the hawk eye while squash has also allowed video replay for their referee to make calls whether the shot made was a let or stroke. Sports like badminton need to evolve in line with technology. I strongly agree that we should have video replay for badminton and I suggest each player have 2 video replays per set. If the linesman call is right, players will be left with one video replay lesser.

Just my suggestion to improve the game. What say you?







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  • Roger Carroll 6 years ago

    I fully agree with an electronic line judge system. I can recall several bad calls that spoilt some important games and it would also ensure impartiality which in some rare superseries has been spoilt by highly suspect line calls when a countries own players have received some “help”