For a change, took a picture of Pi Hongyan not with her badminton racket nor hitting a shuttle in the court. A spontaneous picture and a sweet smile will make everybody’s day.

Anyway, Pi Hongyan took on Malaysia’s top Women Singles player Julia Wong in the India Open 2009 Women Singles Badminton championship.

To be honest, i am quite impressed with Julia’s improvement as a player. Might not be as talented compared to “Hafiz Hashim”, but i am pretty sure she has the will and desire to play badminton.

Just don’t know why this Hafiz Hashim fella just couldn’t get out of my sights! I will fire on any opportunity i have on him. Maybe me and Hafiz Hashim is like yin and yang. Lolx..

Anyway enjoy the highly entertaining match between the both ladies and to Malaysians out there please to watch this match as we Malaysia are starting to have world class women singles player after so long of wait. Enjoy..

Part I
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  • Thanks for the video as always! Pi has great style game.
    Thx jason!

    • jason 8 years ago

      To Neil : Julia almost nick her first international title man… Pi more experience! She will come good soon! ^^

  • yeah, I’m looking forward for Julia’s performance in this coming Sudirman cup..She did a great job for previous tournaments,hopefully she will maintain her spirit and stamina,fight all the way !!!

  • jason 8 years ago

    To chiew shi : She is a fighter all right! ^^

  • superb!!!!!

  • avantika 8 years ago

    i loved this video…it is a good example for beginners like me

  • The video has been removed..think you can reupload? Thanks!