I couldn’t understand how Hafiz Hashim could made it to the India Open 2009 Men Singles Finals against Taufik Hidayat. I really couldn’t…

To be honest, i have already lost hope on Hafiz Hashim the moment he won the All England Men Singles title and was given all the rewards which made him big headed.

So to me, there’s nothing special in him anymore. The world was at his mercy but attitude problem is his downfall..

And to BAM, don’t waste time on him as he will never be a world beater. World Top 30 can but sorry no place for you at Top 10.

Just enjoy the finals…

Part I
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Part II

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  • Hafiz, true to his name, is not quite habis yet. He is a talented player, coached by Misbun and played like Misbun too, won AE in 2003 when he was just 22. However, once a player settled down (got a wife, kids etc), the motivation to be the best somehow becomes a little difficult and not so important. Its hard to see him returning to top 10 but he can still deliver on his day. He is Malaysia’s no. 3 singles player for another 3 years unless TCS, CWF and D Liew have other ideas.

    • jason 8 years ago

      To Kim : Trust me, Hafiz is goner already! No hope… Yes i totally agree with you that he’s talented. Talent + wrong attitude will never go far. He only got married like last year if i am not mistaken. What happen to 2003 to 2008? Sleeping or lazying or still thinking of 2003? Too bad i have no sympathy for such player. He stepped on my tail on the wrong day!

  • Lullaby 8 years ago

    hmmm, i think we all almost hav this prob. forsake those players tht once was gud, was able to produce results and able to make us on our feets in excitement. they r old n out of season now, we hav to respect tht they once fought n win for our country. of cz, aside all those attitude prob, management prob and financial sponsority, malaysia is a dominance on baddie court. =D cheers

  • Dear Jason,

    After he won AE, he was the most successful Malaysian player before the emergence of LCW from 2004 onwards. He went into a slump after winning the Philippine Open in 2006 and like you, I was waiting for his revival which has not happened. The following are some of the titles he won after 2003. His worst years are 2007 and 2008.

    # 2003 All England Open Champion
    # 2003 Dutch Open Runner Up
    # 2005 Thailand Open Champion
    # 2005 Swiss Open Champion
    # 2005 Dutch Open Champion
    # 2005 German Open Runner Up
    # 2005 Denmark Open Runner Up
    # 2005 Sudirman Cup Champion(second division)
    # 2006 Philippine Open Champion

    He needs to play and win smaller tournaments like GP Gold and GP to get his confidence back before he can return to be a top 10 player.

  • lol at the end, where the interview is. they are having such a hard time understanding each other :P:P:P.

  • Hafiz proven that he’s not ready to go yet by getting into the finals? He will be back soon. He’s trying to make a comeback?

  • I dont think Hafiz lack confidences… I seems to have abundant of it with his Mr.Cool looks…

    He lacks the *Will to WIN*…

    I never lose Hope that one day Hafiz will rise again but I never dare to hope anymore cause he hurts me everytime.

    If Hafiz continue his rise after ae2003 he & Datuk Lee would have been malaysia one-two punch (Hafiz 0ne)

    • jason 8 years ago

      To AL : Totally agree with your comments. No point putting hope on someone who play when he wants to play… We don’t like such attitude. If you are not talented but hardworking, at least we wont complain that much as you have given your best shot. This is the opposite… talented but attitude not right… Deserves no more second chance…

  • Amin Khalili 8 years ago

    Waaa jason .. deserve no more second chance?
    Ok then .. since many people lost hope on hafiz and say that talent+lazy couldnt be in top 10?Then how?>

    Hafiz need to change his lazy to work hard so everyone instead himself can get confidence and hope back …

  • giv dis fler a chance la…

  • renzo 8 years ago


  • during the interview, taufik couldnt understand some of the questions. but he was trying his best to answer it. thats so nice of him. Taufik deserves this title. for hashim, this is the first i saw him play and he seemed not giving his full at this game. anyways go taufik! i hope u win the championship 2009 🙂

  • badmintonboi 8 years ago

    Well, When i see him play at the India Open Final, It seems that he was not trying his best, instead, he just try to get his way through, he did not even give taufik the fight.
    This kind of players, how to respect?

  • anonymus 8 years ago

    To jason:
    I agree with you.. Hashim has lost confidence and has became complacent over the years and that is why he has never won TH yet.. TH has won bigger titles than Hashim but he still has the desire to play and win and that is why I admire him.. And for those of you who thinks that Taufik is another goner, believe me, it has got not much to do with his family but more on PBSI and that is also the reason why he quit the squad. 😀