Choong Tan Fook & Lee Wan Wah made it sweet and simple against Saputra Hendri Kurniawan & Hendra Wijaya of Indonesia in the India Open 2009 Men Doubles Finals Badminton Tournament.

I think the Malaysian took less then 20 minutes to win the championship. All though Tan Fook & Wan Wah is no more in the national team of Malaysia, their experience in the game is very useful when they take on their younger opponents.

The old cock of Malaysian doubles might not be world beater anymore but they will still give the other pair a run for their money.

Part I
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  • First comment ~ yeah! Oh and thks for upload : P

  • Incredibly sucks for the SIN team!!! that is not an international level!!

  • eddyardianto 8 years ago

    hendri kurniawan and hendra wijaya is not from indonesia…how stupid you are..they from singapore..

  • lol, how deceiving. even the flag looks the same.

  • chris ross 8 years ago

    this is a blowout by the malaysians!!

  • one of the stupidest matches i’ve ever seen!

  • he aint stupid .. he just made a mistake .. people make mistakes and btw youre at his web . Thanks jason for upload…I got 1 request …lol upload the sudirman cup for the malaysian team when its available TY

  • maddsom 8 years ago

    anybody know what badminton brand the malaysian pair are supporting?

  • Peterrr 8 years ago

    Lol I thought one of the parts was missing because it was so short then I watched, wonder how they got to the finals…

  • edwin 8 years ago

    hey jason the logo looks more like of victor not winex.

    • jason 8 years ago

      To edwin : Yeah, sorry my mistake! Thanks for the correction. It’s Victor… ^&^

  • cimuth 8 years ago

    Just want to clarify that Saputra Hendri Kurniawan & Hendra Wijaya play for Singapore’s team. They don’t play for Indonesia team although they’re probably Indonesians just by looking at their names.
    Just want to clarify that. thanks.. ^_^

    • jason 8 years ago

      To cimuth : Are you the one that gave the same comments on Youtube? Noted about that. I didn’t realize their country but once i see their name, i was 100% sure they were from Indonesia! ^^ Thanks ya…

  • cimuth 8 years ago

    To Jason: I do have the same username on youtube ^^ and i used to watch ur videos there but now I watch straight from this website.

  • fastest game ive seen in a while

  • Victor . Rong Jun 8 years ago

    hey hey . no critizism for singapore . pls . they trash the malaysian straight set in 2nd round of Aviva Open 2009 okay .

  • wolgnes 8 years ago

    I saw him at Indonesia xD… i went to indonesia with my coach and a few team mates to get training from Saputra’s dad xD… he’s’ from indonesia but apparently wasnt good enough so he went to singapore im serious