For all of you to watch videos, i think there isn’t any doubt badminton freak is the best online! Anybody dare got a better site? lolx.. Trying to show off. 🙂 Show me a better site then i retire from my job! 🙂

Now the big thing i would like to share with all of you is how to share these wonderful badminton matches with all of you. As you all know, Natalie from Australia is helping me to upload to another site so that you all can download.

From now onwards i will be using Hotfile to upload those videos to another server so that you all can download it. Sorry for those of you finding trouble with Uploading as you all have to pay for certain videos. Sorry for that.. Didn’t really understand their term and conditions.

The lastime i didn’t really concentrate on doing so because if i was doing it alone, it will take me years to finish. That’s why of late, you all can see that i didn’t do any links for you all to download videos. With the help of Natalie my burden is lesser.

I am looking for another 1 or 2 person that stays in a country that has super fast to help me to upload videos to Hotfile so that i can share those for you all to download faster and earlier.

Any takers for some volunteer work? ^^

Contact me at :-

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  • hmmmmmm

  • burnchild 8 years ago

    what is the minimum requirement of speed jason….im from the philippines….

  • I love your site. It’s really cool. So what is the minimum requirement for uploading.

    • jason 8 years ago

      There’s no minimum requirement. As long as you got smooth internet plus high bandwidth, your help is much appreciated. ^^

  • I live in Canada and I’d like to help since I enjoy watching. Just send me a message of the to-do steps. Thanks.

  • burnchild 8 years ago

    hey jason…..i would like to volunter…now i know that there is no requirement just send me the what to do….and just want you to know that you have really proven that a million people love your site..just contact me at tnx

  • haha~ thx everybody for helping jason~ My internet credit is already used up……
    so, it would be very helpful as u guys helping along.

  • strandjeanette 8 years ago

    Keep your file size < 100 Mb, then it is free for everybody. And then your site will be the best in the world !

  • Thomas 8 years ago


    Your website is truly great for all the badmintonfreaks out there!

    I have an ul of 60k steady, so if I can help send me a mail.


  • Tauheed 8 years ago


    I am interested to download the match of All england badminton 2000 match between Taufik and Xia Xuanze. could not find that on ur site. so pls guide from where to download. i prefer an english language link.

    thnx and keep uploading such gr8 games.