The world championship in Hyderabad is rock when rumors of a terror attack is aimed at the world badminton championship. It really caused fear and anxiety to those involve in making this event a success.

Even Rexy Manaixy wasn’t let out feeling anxious as his eyes almost popped out when he read about the threat from the local newspaper.

This news is hot as Hyderabad was involved in bombings last year by terrorist. BWF has denied the allegations.

I really hope that the threats were merely rumours and i really nothing bloody will happen during the badminton world championship.

Not only during the badminton world championship but i really hope terror attacks will just stop. It will not settle matters by just bombing and killing innocent lives!

I wouldn’t mind if the player sweat blood just to win a world championship but not blood all over Hyderabad.

Nonetheless, i hope all in Hyderabad will be safe and all our blessings are with you all. Get smashing and world peace!




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  • kim chua 8 years ago

    Yes, it is a worry cos cricket should be the obvious one but security has been tightened since the Sri Lanka team attack in Pakistan, it was the sheer courage of the bus driver who saved the Sri Lankan team. The only comfort is since it is now out and no longer a secret mission, only the dumbest terrorists would dare to go ahead. I think we can all enjoy great badminton again.

  • jason will u recording the match start frm tmr ?

  • jeez i hope nothing happens to any of the top players o_o

  • chiewshi 8 years ago

    Really hope that is just a rumours…hopefully everyone is safe at Hyderabad. World peace and world championship pease as well…

  • David 8 years ago

    🙁 I have read that England withdraw the whole team from Hyderabad becaus of the terrorist alert.

    If you look you will see that they all loss by walkover 🙁

    F… the terrorist !