Anybody got any idea how to do it with Windows Media Player, malady VLC Media player etc etc?

Could really do with some help as All – England is just round the corner! ^^


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  • wasedaxiao 9 years ago

    i am thinking if you could upload those videos onto this web that is controlled by yourself. The 3rd web like youtube always check if the contents violate copyright.
    Anyway, every thanks for your great devotions to Badminton.

    • jason 9 years ago

      To wasedaxiao : Good idea. But anybody knows how to do it? ^^

  • sounschu 9 years ago


    Try here,

  • What would be good is:
    A free open source video player which embeds into the web page.

    ffmpeg can convert wma (and other video file formats) to flash. ffpge is free to use.

    Alternatively create a http link within the webpage to the videos on the ‘server / file upload area’ where the web pages are stored, they links ‘should’ open with the users default media player (vlc, media player)

    Something like this for a link:
    [a href=””]


    • jason 9 years ago

      To Neil : Yeah the longtailvideo thing is kind of interesting. Do you really know how to use it? I am still confused on how to use this flash thing..

  • carmen^^ 9 years ago

    soory…i dunno about it but i wan know about de all england…

  • That web uses youtube downloader like me ..when i put movies in my ipod touch can dl youtube downloader online dont have to buy it

  • I have no ideas with all this kind of stuffs, but truely, youtube is more faster than others ‘video viewing website’, anywayz, jason, hope u can find the best way to share ur badminton videos!

  • Youtube would be best bro as they spend close to a million a day to ensure that the videos stream well and their servers are more than capable and reliable.