Just need some ideas on how to make this site known to more people. Any ideas and all ideas are welcome. Thanks.

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  • perhaps can advertise and spread Badminton Freak this good website through blogger’s website.. 🙂

  • joker 8 years ago

    Mayb by putting ur page on one’s blogroll who u knew…i alredy put in my blogroll…

  • It would be hard, but if you work with some people it can be done. It’s hard because you are using someone else’s source (Astro). If you are able to work with your source and not infringe any copyright laws and have a large advertising campain, this could work.

    But hey, I’m living in North America and I got to this website without seeing any ads, so you’re doing pretty well.

    • jason 8 years ago

      To Wing : About Copyright i don’t think there is any issue because even Youtube has the Astro videos. If they want they should catch them first instead of me. ^^


  • JOshua 8 years ago

    one idea –
    find interesting players like lin dan, lee, taufik, yong dae..etc on their training routines

    show videos of how they train and what their life is like

    show how fit they are

    show their personal life (if possible)

  • Find some of the more heavy trafficked badminton forums and promote the site there, either by putting up posts and getting people enthusiastic about sites, or maybe better: getting into contact with site admins and discuss how the forum could help promote your site.

    http://www.badmintoncentral.com/forums/ might be a start.

    Ask people visiting this site to promote it amongst some of their badminton-playing friends or colleagues.

    Ask admins of some of the bigger badminton websites if they can promote your site.

  • Karel 8 years ago

    Possibility is to ask the searhing machine to include your website and to ask other friendly website for instance badmintoncentral to add a link to your website…
    the same time you can offer them too add their links to your website. So you can promote reciprocal.
    I hope this will help you

  • have you ever tried to work with websites dealing baminton news in europe? as for example wit Badzine? this website is well spred in almost each representative country in europe. May be , you could find an agreement where your weblink would be schown.

    nice videos from the AE and Swiss Open 2009….and always nice to watch the men doubles magic final from the AE 2007 !!! thanx!

  • jiang 8 years ago

    if the salery so good then footbal-player…maybe!!!

  • To Jason : Was it Youtube that posted them or the people who uploaded videos on YouTube?

  • Jason,

    I agree with NILS, there’s lots of badminton nuts at badmintoncentral forum, get in there


  • smash 8 years ago

    Maybe you could put up the choice for us to download??

  • Would it fit your promotional ideas if I feature your site’s RSS feed on my site?
    My site is focused on the local/philippine badminton scene and I was thinking your site could give our members a good view of the international badminton scene.

  • Your other option is still youtube, put a badminton trailer like the best rallies between Lin Dan and LCW for 3 minutes and then if the viewers want more action, come to badmintonfreak. You can put several 3 minute trailers featuring big name players like LCW, LD, Peter Gade, Taufik, KKK & OBT and the like.

  • Bojangles 8 years ago

    you could probably get some banner ad’s on your site to get some sort of income so you can in turn put banner ad’s on other people’s sites.

  • Robert 8 years ago

    I agree with advertising on Youtube.

    Make sure you specify the site is free and works. You won’t believe how many people refuse to follow advertisement on Youtube because the websites advertised usually suck.

    Heck, make sure you emphasize those two points everywhere. I personally wouldn’t believe such a cool site exist if I didn’t find this site by accident.

    • jason 8 years ago

      To Robert : You found this site by accident? How it happened?

  • Use overseas fans like myself to intoduce to all players in that country.
    I have already intoduce this to my Nigerian coleagues here.
    However, the following needs to improve
    1. Quality is bad. Need to have DVD quality
    2. Allow for download …for free for the first year?
    I am willing to pay for Quality download…
    In Nigeria, we cannt see these tournaments on TV.
    Internet TV is on way, and will soon overtake all others.
    So a headstart is needed NOW

  • Faisal 8 years ago

    you can start by uploading the matches for the india badminton open 2009…lol..:D

  • achin 8 years ago

    make a page for training videos or a place to upload videos from local tournaments?

  • Jamie 8 years ago

    upload news about badminton, IE how are the players getting ready for the next tournament etc
    people should send link to friends and tell them about all the videos is up here
    also try to get as many badminton videos you can

  • leomer 8 years ago

    i love this site and i always mention this to my friends! 🙂 to all – if you are an avid fan of this site, spread the word to all, like what i am doing.

  • Trung 8 years ago

    I think it depends on how popular the sport is in ur area. but everyone who visits this site should send link to their friends. just like me.
    ps. i luv this site.

  • leomer 8 years ago

    yes trung, you are right! let’s send this link to everyone we know. 🙂

  • Hi Jason,

    I think you really got to get the videos quality up notch
    Go get this torrent file
    it’s the all england 2008 mens final
    put my computer on my widescreen tv and it was almost as if I was watching it live! with that quality, I only want to see more and more videos!

    I know it’s bandwith and time consuming but I don’t have any badminton coverage here in canada so I’m willing to wait extra days for better quality
    Maybe just post the download link or make torrent files

    thanks a lot and keep up the good work!