After running this site almost one year i am not sure how do you all rate Badmintonfreak. I really want to know what you all think about this site?

From my point of view, i think i am not doing well enough because this site is not producing a lot of traffic. Maybe it’s my slowness in putting up the match or maybe not providing a link to download a match.

Although badminton is not the number one sports on the planet but i am pretty sure it’s among the top 5 sports. No doubt soccer is the number 1 sports not only on earth but the whole universe.

I am really clueless on how to generate more interest or traffic on a badminton site. From my viewing, not many people search for badminton related stuff on Google. Maybe there is, but i am not sure what they are finding for. Any idea?

I spend hours a day to provide the best i could but the end result is still not up to my expectations. The greatest satisfaction i get from this site is the amount of comments i get from all those badminton lovers out there.

Valerie, Natalie, Kim, Tobias, chiewshi, george, TJ, matze, wasedaxiao just to name a few (there are many more i left out but you know who you are), thanks a million for the great moral support and satisfaction towards my work.

Not only that, there are currently 360 + RSS readers in this site as well. That is also a satisfaction.

Don’t worry i am not writing this as my farewell post but just couldn’t find a better way to express myself. Argh… i am getting too emotional! Anybody got a tissue?

Anyway i just hope you people out there can give me some ideas on generating more interest towards badminton and this site. Give me some moral support by giving a rating to this site. Positive or negative it’s all up to you. I don’t mind…

Thanks for reading and keep on smashing the shuttle!








  • Since I’m new here, first time, I thought it would be best if we, personally myself, can download these great videos just to keep. I watch them from time to time and never get tire of them. I for once, think you did a great job posting them online since we don’t see them around very often. Thanks again, Jason.

  • Sinned 8 years ago

    Hi Jason,

    Well, i think you’re right, that badminton is one of the most 5 played sports in the world, but i dont think that there are so many people, who are the real lovers and who are interested in watching all professional videos from world badminton. They all play badminton just in free time, dont mind what the professional players do and how they play.
    Shure its not your work and your site, why there are not so many visitors on your site as you expected. Your work is perfect and we all thank you a lot for this. Its just our badminton sport in general, which is not the favourite one like football.
    So please dont mind about your work!!, because YOUR WORK IS GREAT!!
    Just hope, that our sport will be more popular in the future!(I’m from europe, and here it really needs to be more popular^^)

    So, please, please dont give up!!
    We all, I mean the real badminton lovers need this site!!
    We are not so much in relation to football lovers, but we are still here!!
    Maybe we are not so much as you expected, but we need you!!! 🙂

    Ok, thats from me for the moment^^
    Sorry for my bad englisch, but i hope you can understand what i mean!


  • Steve 8 years ago

    I love your site, and frequently visit to see if you have new videos

    But there are a few small problems, I frequently find ( in about 1 in 5 videos ) that the stream has an error and I cannot watch the video past a certain point ( and I’ve had this error form 3 very different service providers in 2 locations over 300 miles apart so I’m sure it’s not just me ) which is a little frustrating

    Secondly you don’t upload a particularly huge amount of content, although if your just doing this in your free time then i won’t fault you for that one. My point here is that when you upload around 6 matches of a tournament when i know there’s load more that have been played, I’m inclined to go look for a site that uploads more ( or even all of them ). I’m not blaming you, I’m just saying that’s a possible reason

    In answer to how you could make it more popular, I’d say the best solution would be to post short clips of the matches you have here on YouTube with a link back to this site for the full videos. The reason you don’t get much traffic is almost undoubtedly due to the fact that very few people know of it

    In addition, you could try posting videos of teams that are not as successful as china playing each other. Its a lot more interesting to watch a match that isn’t pretty much pre-determined after all ( I for instance, being English, would be interested to see say Andy smith, playing against a foreigner with a similar world ranking )

    Anyway that’s my thoughts, Whatever you do do, keep this site going, because its good

  • Barry 8 years ago

    Hi Jason,
    I love your site, and frequently visit it. I luv Badminton sports, even though the country i am are Badminton not famouse at all. Keep it going, let me know if i could help.


  • Ricky 8 years ago

    The below is my thoughts on this site:

    – Simple weblay out so its easy to navigate
    – you upload videos promptly
    – quality of videos are decent

    Weakness (some maybe out of your control)
    – badminton isnt a popular sport
    – maybe use other sites to upload and stream videos (this is because not everyone has ADSL2 and some videos take longer to buffer), i find it easier to search your badminton videos on youtube.
    – you need to advertise your website on google. E.g. if someone typed “stream badminton video or watch badminton online” your website should appear on the top of the search list.

    i believe there are lots of badminton fanatics out there who would like to stream badminton clips, but just dont know about your site. I dont think you have a lot of competition as i only know of 1 other website that has badminton videos but the weblayout of that site is poor.

    good luck

  • torkil 8 years ago

    Hello Jason. I´m sorry to hear you are kind of sad. First of all I think your site is amazing. I love to watch badminton – I´m from Denmark and here we have a tradition for playing badminton.
    I would like to say that you are not responsible for uploading videos of tournamants. I don´t think you should upload more videos – it must take a lot of time and effort. So IMO just upload the ones you like yourself. You cannot please everyone and I get mad when I see people write ” Why is there not a video of the first set??!!” – for instance on you Youtube videos. It is not your problem!
    Regarding views..well maybe you could make a commercial video of badminton with music and post it on Youtube and other video sites. If you go to tournaments – maybe tell people about the site and for sure some of them will go to this site.
    Really you have to take care of yourself. This is a hobby/interest of yours and only do what you like. Don´t overwork youself.
    Thanks Torkil

  • Jason

    You are doing a splendid job,keep it up.Badminton is only strong in Asia as such it going to extremely difficult to up the Support and Following as basically there is no money in the game.
    As I see it one must get the Americans into it to eject any upsurge in popularity.I have been following and playing albeit at a much lower level for more than 50 years and I can’t see a European country winning the Thomas/Uber/Sudirman Cup with the exception of perhaps Denmark but that is still a long shot.

    I am an Ex-Malaysian who has lived in NZ for over 30 years and have followed Badminton since the late 50s and although the game has come a long way with the advent of better rackets,shoes etc. it still lacks the US dollars and interest to bring the game up ,compare Tennis where there are millions of dollars.

    Look at the bright side mate, and keep chipping away ,you never know whats round the corner.

    Keep it up,I for one enjoy your site immensely.


  • Person 8 years ago

    I just want you to know that what you’re doing is great. I love badminton and you’re one of my only few resources to actually watch badminton videos. I would prefer if they show it on live TV here but they don’t, and I’m grateful that people like you are posting videos.

    I see you’ve already put some of your videos on YouTube. That’s a great start! Perhaps mention more in your YouTube profile to tell people to visit your site for complete videos. Also, YouTube does not appeal to some of the audiences in badminton countries, namely China. I would suggest getting an account on youku or any Chinese site, and post some of your videos there. I’m not a subscriber, but I do watch your videos, so know that the numbers you see aren’t everything.

  • sakaki1 8 years ago

    Your site is amazing!
    I love it. It gives update about new badminton videos from around the world like no other.
    I know for sure that in a little time your site will become even mroe incredible than it is now.

  • Rajesh 8 years ago


    At the outset, thanks a million for putting up a wonderful site. It certainly helps the badminton lovers. When you are committed in what you do, good results are automatic. It is just a matter of time. And I see a lot of commitment in your efforts. Otherwise of all the lovers of badminton how many people could setup such useful site ?

    I have however a few suggestions to make. I am not sure how many of them are feasible or be of any help. But my 2 cents…

    + Somehow, I feel the site can be made more user friendly. Cannot suggest what changes can be made, but I think more menus, better GUI, cutting short the length of the page may make it look friendly.

    + Some of the videos posted in badmintonfreak donot play for the full length of the time they are supposed to. They stop abruptly. The uploading needs to be complete.

    + Why not post interviews with some of the star players ? I have seen one such interview with Peter Gade, but I think more of such interviews are going to help.

    + Instead of just posting the matches, how about posting some Instructional videos also. This may attract the younger generation as well.

    + Tips for improving fitness, improving the game

    + Blast from the Past – Post some of the nail biting classic matches from the past, at least 20 years ago.

    + Post the upcoming fixtures

    Simply put, more information posted would attract more viewers.

    Ofcourse, the challenge remains where/how to gather the information that is accurate and uptodate.

    I know it is easier said than done, so I took the easier part and leave the difficult part for you 🙂

    All the Best.


  • Simon Lee 8 years ago

    I think your site is excellent! I run a badminton club in Canada, I will let our members know about your site.

  • Jason,

    I agree with most of what was said above.

    Only post videos when they’re finished uploading.

    Check the other comments for what type of videos to upload for different peoples (like instructional videos, make a separate category for different strokes).

    Go to active badminton forums and promote your videos there, like

    Good luck!

  • Brian 8 years ago

    I love your site! Really great videos you put up on this site.

    Keep it up, man!

  • Couple of points to note:

    Video Postage is indeed a lot slower. Matches of the recent Surdirman Cup are posted a lot faster on the

    Video Quality is lower than what is available on badmintoncentral.

  • Hi Jason,

    I am actually a bit shock to see you saying the number of visitors aren’t up to expectations! I visit your website every single day ever since I found it…And sometimes when I am waiting for a game, I even check it out at work!

    And I really appreciate your prompt reply, that really makes me feel that this site is reliable! Not sure what I could really suggest you to do given you’ve done such a great job. So… after scratching my head, maybe an upcoming event list? e.g. Upload – 26 Mar – Men single Lee Chong Wei against Lin Dan. So when I see a game that I really like, I make sure I would come and watch it.

    Anywayz, just want to say a big Thank You Jason! Well done!

  • Philip 8 years ago


    Im visiting this website 4-5 time a day…. im always looking for new contents and some exciting video.

    This site is really interesting. Continue your great work for all the badminton addict that we are =)

    Thanks alot Jason !

  • Martyn 8 years ago

    Hi Jason,
    I’m one of the people getting your RSS feed.
    I have to say that I am glad I found your site.
    I check it everyday and usually watch a match every day as well.

    I like it because I can just come to you site and immediately pick up viewing where I finished off.
    No messing around, straight in.
    Therefore, keep up the good work. Simple is good for me! No problems with layout.

    On the downside, you obviously spend a lot of your time doing this, and even doing an hour a day, every day can be a really big drag.

    I don’t know what your expectations of traffic would be, but you can only do this as a labour of love.
    If it’s dragging you down then don’t do it – we’ll survive.


  • Wendle 8 years ago

    Hi Jason,

    I just want to say try not to get disheartened by lack of traffic on the site, and as to why this is the case, I think its because badminton is really not that popular globally. Obviously in asia it is without question one of the most popular, and perhaps if the site was in more foreign languages traffic would increase.

    In regards to your site and the work you do, I dont know any other site that provides the quality and content yours does, and I try and watch as many videos as I can.

    Thanks Jason and please keep going!

  • Matze 8 years ago

    Hey Jason,

    again, just thanks for your work and I wondered that you think that this site isn’t visited so often.
    I often send links of this site to my friends but the problem is that the often don’t look the videos cause they aren’t such a freak as I’m, so that’s a reason for them to just look such brilliant rallies like there were between lee chong wei and lin dan and therefore not the rest of the match and not some other matches.

    But it’s also because Badminton isn’t that famous in Germany….it’s a pity.

    But don’t mind wouldn’t it be nicer to have a little but honouring “crew” that really thank you for this job or to have a big numbers of maybe just short visiters?

    Just thank you a lot and keep on uploading:) I sometimes wouldn’t know what to do if this site wouldn’t exist:)

    greets Matze

  • This is a great badminton site; best there is in the whole world! It will gain popularity in time; no doubt!

  • teddbaker 8 years ago

    i just want to say i am an avid fan of this site, i have already introduced it to all of my friends which are all very please watching those missed games due to time schedule. while they are definitely watchable videos i just hope you can provide as well a high quality download and more latest updates as we from this part of the world only depends on your input (and bc) for all badminton happenings. thank you very much and more power. long live Jason!!!

  • teddbaker 8 years ago

    to accumulate traffic maybe you could try to post important racket reviews and news about upcoming badminton rackets especially the high end ones. these are just suggestions. go go badmintonfreak!!!

  • Philip 8 years ago

    You could ask for member contribution if u want to get more stuff in the site.

    • jason 8 years ago

      To Philip : What you mean by member contribution?

  • Hi Jason!
    I am leader of a small badmintonclub in Norway and recommend your nice site to all I meet. In Norway it is very hard to get TVchannels that send badminton. Even in the Olympics the Norwegian channels sent a max of 6 matches, and only part of them.
    So – I have not found any other website that takes badminton as serious as yours. And I appreciate your efforts very much. Thanks a lot – keep up the great work you are doing!!

  • Philip 8 years ago

    Some member can give their advice on some Racket they tested, String comparaison or Training Technique etc..

    That could be nice to share our knowledge to everyone who coming there

  • hi jason,

    although i did not RSS this site, i subscribed it via google reader. and i’ve seen many frequent updates from ur site as well and that’s really satisfying. Thanks for your wonderful effort, although some videos are uploaded abit later, its worthwhile waiting for!! Thanks again for your effort!! i’ll give it a 5-star rating!!

    PS: NG from Norway,
    which part of Norway are you in? i’m going Norway for student exchange on spring 2010 in Trondheim in NTNU.
    hope we can meet there. =)

  • Stunnishing!!!!!!!! Pls. Share some videos,so i can upload it to my ipod. Thanx jason! more power!!!!

  • Hey Jason,
    what can i say!? Nothing else what´s written above! Keep on going….

    I agree with Ricky
    “- you need to advertise your website on google. E.g. if someone typed “stream badminton video or watch badminton online” your website should appear on the top of the search list.” or on the right site when someone types Badminton…
    “-i find it easier to search your badminton videos on youtube.”

    Thats how i found your site …at the beginning of an part it was written “” thats good….

    Not bad also the idear from torkil
    “well maybe you could make a commercial video of badminton with music and post it on Youtube and other video sites”

    but not to forget… we should/could make more… send every new video to friends and known players. Post your page at own homepages…

    Sorry for my bad englisch 😡

    yours TJ

  • Vine Law 8 years ago


    You can increase the publicity of your site by letting more people know about it using those free-friendship-site such as Facebook. I am sure there are many badmnton-related pages on facebook, e.g:,, and, etc.

    Thank you so much for uploading games. I really enjoy them and trying my best to let friends know about it.

    Good luck!


  • Jason,

    found badmintonfreak for about few months ago through google searching,just felt that it’s too late to get to know this good website.badmintonfreak is really a good website that I ever find for badminton,already linked badmintonbreak to my personal blog as well.This the the website that I will click on everyday whenever I access to internet. Everything about badminton is over,badminton matches video uploaded,sharing comments among badminton fans all over the world.
    Everytime I just cant wait to read the updating post as well as leave comments here.
    The best for badmintonbreak is the uploading videos where I can always watch it out for numerous times.
    Your hardwork is really appreciated especially you keep upgrading the quality of the badminton are doing it free for all badminton fans,your hardwork really appreciated…thanks a lot for creating badmintonfreak,thanks for always update all badminton news over here…keep it up,jason !!!
    p/s: just a small suggestions here,I guess linked badmintonfreak at personal blog is quite work to create the crowd here,so guys,dont hesitate to link badmintonfreak at your blog or maybe link it to facebook as well.

  • Jason, I love this site and really appreciate your efforts to keep high quality videos up to date.

  • Ferrero 8 years ago

    Hi Jason,

    I am from Singapore and trust me thats no other website that provides these matches so promptly… i really love this website…

    Have you tried to create a group in Facebook? If not maybe you can try to create one and make an announcement here when you have done so… i am sure with words of mouth there should be more subscriptions…

    Don’t give up! I am sure your website will generate more success!

  • Toothfearie 8 years ago

    I come here everyday! Please don’t close this site ^^. I don’t think its a top 5 sport, but its #1 in my heart haha. I have no fnf to share my passion with though, sigh.

    Its not your fault, we can’t please everybody..

    Thanks again Jason :D:D

  • tomfrance 8 years ago

    Hi Jason,

    For France your site is the only way to watch badminton international video because in the french sites videos are from your site. And it’s fast, when Lin Dan plays monday at 3pm the video is on the site tomorow.

    Bye, and sorry for my english

  • Hang in there Jason, wait for the World Championship in August and then The Thomas/Uber cup coming up. You will find that the traffic will increase by leaps and bounds. I am confident that things will improve, albeit at a pace slower than your expectation.

  • James 8 years ago

    Jason, keep it up mate…. the word will spread slowly but surely….

    Your doing a great job… Loving all the matches… there is never enough badminton on tv (especially in the UK) and i love coming on this site to get my fix!!!

    KEEP IT UP!!!

  • Jason 8 years ago

    hey Jason

    good job i think that this site is great ;]
    keep up the good work buddy

  • James,
    you are right, the only “badminton” shown on tv when I was in the uk was horse jumping from badminton, which is the name of the place famous for it.

  • I’ve came upon your website about 6 months ago. I think this is one of the best, if not, “the very best” website for badminton video viewing. I’m a fellow badminton lover that is staying overseas and don’t get a whole lot of televised badminton matches.
    I’ve always looked forward to seeing the new badminton video uploads. I’m impressed with the clarity of the videos that are uploaded as well as the time frame it takes to upload the videos after the tournaments are concluded.
    I hope you continue the good work, I’m sure there are tons of people that appreciate your effort thus far.
    If time permits, I believe it would be nice to have an “badminton instructional video” section for fans that would like to improve their game. Not just any instructional video, but actually instructional videos by former top players (i.e. Zhao Jian Hua, Yang Yang, or any M’sian players ^^).
    Thanks again for maintaining the site, all the best and keep up the outstanding work!


  • Jonathan 8 years ago

    I signed up to your email thing and like getting badminton updates via email!

    For me if I want the latest I’ll often use badmintoncentral, which is updated almost immediately with results, and quickly (few days / a week) for videos, usually with very high quality downloadable videos. But it’s a bit unfair to compare you against a forum, which has many users.

    For watching vids your site is great. Your work on Youtube is excellent, and this site acts as a front end for all of that hard work. Your Youtube account is great, with many videos having reached tens of thousands of users, and the most recent ones getting almost 100 views per day. I think this site is always going to be less popular than your Youtube, but it still acts a very useful front end, putting a face on your collection of videos, and helping a lot of people.

    For downloading I like the high quality ones (those 300MB+). Personally I would like if we could download these HQ vids, but am aware that would put storage and bandwidth strain on your site, or the large amount of time spent splitting files and uploading to external sites. On a forum different people do this for different competitions, so individual work load is lower compared to if you had to do it all yourself.

    I think this is a great site. Your Youtube account is an excelent collection of videos, and this site is a front end, and a good one too. By the looks of it a lot of people watch your Youtube videos, not as many use the site, but that’s expected. If hundreds of people still reguarly use this, and there are tens of thousands of hits on your Youtube vids, then keep up the good work!

  • Ryan K 8 years ago

    This is a great site I think.
    The only problem I saw was the quality of the badminton video files but now things have improved. I really appreciate what jason has shared to the badminton fans.
    Hope this site keeps going on and on

  • hi jason,

    maybe you can add a chatboard on the side and make this a community for badminton lovers. let others share their videos to post here, get to know each other, hope that someone is near our place, and then invite for a game or two. ive been seeing so many forums on badminton in the internet, the topic is usually invitation to play. and the latest post is way old, meaning not that active. just some ideas you might want to consider. thanks~

  • Lerios 8 years ago

    I frequently visit for badminton news and video, i love your site, one thing make me doubtful in streaming the video, i always has an error in the ends, anyway! i do support your efforts in this great job! keep it on jason! Spread the badminton sport to more ppl in this world!

  • oR@cLE 8 years ago

    hang in there Jason~. Thank you for four thought, ideas,videos , ur effort specially ..everything that u’ve been contributed and shared with us.Every morning i will go through for almost 5 different newspapers, BAM official website and YOUR website,Jason. So, plzz dun give up =D

  • Pedro Pahor 8 years ago

    My name is Pedro and I’m writing from Brazil to say that i love the Badminton Freak, where I can find many good videos of that wonderful sport.
    To improve this site, i think you should try to upload some videos of ‘less prestigiate’ tournaments, to show to everybody how the south americans, africans, and other nations of Europe (Portugal, Italy, Spain…) and Asia the level of badminton played on this places.
    I know that is not an easy thing to do, however, it would be just great.

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