Coach Hendrawan thinks and believes that Hafiz Hashim will once again be a champion. From my point of view, Hafiz won’t be a champion again due to his lack of mental toughness and wrong attitude.

Hendrawan says that Hafiz should seize the opportunity to win back his critics starting with the German Open from March 2-7.

So can Hafiz Hashim proof is wrong by winning tournaments or will he be remembered as a failure in the world of badminton? I surely think that Hendrawan is crazy and i really hope Hafiz can proof me wrong this time around after disappointing us again and again.

The stage is set for men’s singles shuttler Mohd Hafiz Hashim to be a champion again.

And national coach Hendrawan wants Hafiz to be brave enough to seize the opportunity at the German Open, which will be held in Mulheim from March 2-7.

A good outing in Germany should give Hafiz the confidence to face tougher challenges in the All-Eng­land at Birmingham from March 9-14.

Hafiz, who last won a title at the Philippines Open in 2006, is seeded eighth in the German Open and, barring any upsets, should make his way to the quarter-finals, at least.

He is in the lower half of the draw with second seed Chen Long of China, Taiwan’s Hsieh Yu-hsing (fifth seed) and three European trouble-makers – Germany’s Marc Zwiebler (fourth), England’s Andrew Smith (ninth) and Poland’s Wacha Przemyslaw (13th).

Hafiz’s first challenge will be against Smith in the third round.

Three Malaysians – Wong Choong Hann, Tan Chun Seang and Kuan Beng Hong – are in the top half with top seed Bao Chunlai of China.

Choong Hann, Chun Seang and Beng Hong still have a chance to represent Malaysia in the Thomas Cup Finals if they do well in Europe.

Most of the world’s top 10 players, including Lee Chong Wei, have skipped the German Open to focus on the All-England.

Hendrawan said that “Hafiz has what it takes to become a champion again”.

“There is a chance for Hafiz in the German Open and I really hope that he will be bold enough to go all the way for the title,” said Hendrawan.

“He has to have the self-belief to make a difference in this GP Gold Open tournament.

“I will give all the encouragement he needs to be successful. A good outing should give him a great boost to face the daunting task in the All-England.”

In the All-England, Hafiz has been lumped in the bottom half of the draw with three of China’s top players – Lin Dan, Chen Jin and Chunlai – Yu-shing, Denmark’s Joachim Persson and Vietnam’s Nguyen Tien Minh.

“For now, it is better for Hafiz to focus on the German Open. He will take on Yu-hsing in the first round and it will be great if he can avenge his defeat to the Taiwanese,” said Hendrawan.

Hafiz suffered a big blow to his morale in his first international tournament this year when he went down fighting to Yu-hsing in the first round of the Malaysian Open last month.

“I do not want to look too far ahead into the All-England just yet. It’s quite tough with all the top three Chinese players there. But a good showing in Germany will certainly give Hafiz the confidence to stretch his opponents in England,” said Hendrawan.

A good showing in Europe will also put Hafiz in good stead ahead of the Thomas Cup Finals, which will be held at Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil from May 9-16.

The German-bound team will leave for Mulheim tomorrow.


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  • majyun 8 years ago

    Failure in badminton? He is inconsistent, yes. But, at least Hafiz Hashim has something that LCW and TH don't have-which is an All England title.

    However much you don't like him, please give credit where it is due, so that people will take your comments more seriously.

  • yukimura 8 years ago

    i respectfully agree with your comment, but i have to say that things have become a bit more difficult since hafiz won the all england back then. the game has evolved somewhat since then, and shuttlers are much more trained and prepared now then they were back then. had that been lin dan playing Hafiz in the england open, he wouldve lost. had it also been lee chong wei, he wouldve lost too. right now its much more tougher to obtain an all england title with people like lin dan and chen jin and jan jorgenson as your opponents. its true he does deserve some level of respect for obtaining the all england title, but thats it. he blew his chance soon afterward to make anything of it, and thus criticism and disbelief are what befall him now. its not that we dont like him, its just that people are frustrated about how he still thinks hes one of the best, and how hes spoiled himself with that title. he let fame get to his head, and i think badminton freak has a pretty good reason to dislike him. i honestly dont think that anyone in Malaysia, besides this coach, think that he has a chance to win as a champion again (maybe his family and friends but thats it.) winning one title doesnt make or give you anything, unless you make something out of it. as for Hafiz, his career pretty much ended right after he won that tournament.

  • taufikh 8 years ago

    Hendrawan think that Hafiz can change his attitude and improve his physical and mental.Its not wrong to believe him… Anyone can be better if they work harder

  • I believe if Hendrawan picks up the racket again, he has a much better change to become a champion again then Hafiz.

  • Fred Flintstone 8 years ago

    Sure Hafiz won the AE but that's in the PAST. If we all lived just for the past we'd all be still cooking meat on sticks and sleeping on bamboo poles. God, what would Malaysia do without LCW? More and more this sounds like other countries paid Hendrawan to keep Hafiz on the team. Hafiz is more benificial for them then he is for Malasyia..he keeps choking.Hahaahhahahahahahahaaa!!!!

  • Barrygsl 8 years ago

    no harm trying..

  • badmintonfreak 8 years ago

    This is funny! ^^ I guess i totally agree with yiu!

  • hafiz will be a champion again? the biggest joke in the world.

  • It's interesting sometimes how some of the very talented players often fall apart like Hafiz has. Lee Chong Wei is more about drive and hard work. Hafiz is more about having good hands, and deception. Players who are willing to put in the hard work are more likely to stick around for a long time.

  • ayiee1976 8 years ago

    Hendrawan has his basis on why HH should bag the German Open. As a coach he certainly know on his player capability. HH definately talented with some motivation and a lot of hard work he will do well in german Open. He done well in Germany up to this date…hope he will go to the final.

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    Hendrawan also injects a dose of confidence into HH. I have always believe and insisted he might be back, I wish him all the best in the German Open. One step at a time.

  • badmintonfreak 8 years ago

    I couldn't agree more with ya brother! 🙂