Malaysia has signed former world champion Hendrawan to increase the standards of the national singles players standards.

Malaysia currently is only banking of Lee Chong Wei for success as other of the national singles players are lagging behind in standards. To be more exact, rubbish!

So now to change those rubbish to world beaters, Malaysia has employed Hendrawan.

I really hope Hendrawan will help improve the standards of our national singles players.

I don’t think our national singles players are lacking in skills but mentally they are weak. Not only that, the will to win is not there. That’s the main issue that they must address.

Winning mentality is all what they need. Make them hungry and they will perform. Make them full, they we take things for granted.

Do you think Hendrawan can help our national singles players?

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  • among the current national singles players, only hafiz hashim has beaten LCW in the game b4. although he’s no longer a formidable player in the world, he is far better in standard than the rest of national elite back-up singles players. i think they need to catch up wit hafiz first b4 they can think bout being the same level wit LCW..

    hendrawan will sure come out wit lots of ideas to help improve the standard of our singles players..but it’s all up to the shuttlers themselves then whether to help themselves or not..

  • cimuth 8 years ago

    o wow! I didn’t know that, i wonder who’s gonna coach simon santoso and sony dwi kuncoro then?

  • chiewshi 8 years ago

    perhaps another turning point for malaysia single player performance..perhaps not too…
    the most important stepping stone still depends on player’s attitude I guess…
    jason,you are right…player’s mental is the main issue..
    right now,Malaysia really need to train more talented single player,we cant always depends on Chong Wei…in order to achieve better results for next year thomas cup,it’s a MUST for Malaysia to have another Chong Wei.
    anyway,just hope for at least some changes for Malaysia single players when Hendrawan is here to help !!!

  • Saqib 8 years ago

    OMG!!! i’m so excited!! i support both indonesia and malaysia, and I must say I full support the idea! malaysian badminton players can benefit from an indonesian coach, look at what rexy has done for them. hendrawan will definitely improve malaysia, and i think the men’s singles back up players will play cross-court smash winners a lot!! lol

    • jason 8 years ago

      To Saqib : Hopefully money is well spent on Hendrawan!

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