Back to back quarter final exit for Lin Dan in the recent All England and Swiss Open 2010 has cause many to think whether Lin Dan has lost his aura in court.

At the All England quarter finals, Lin Dan lost to Bao Chunlai 16-21, 21-17, 18-21 while at the Swiss Open, Peter Gade beat him with a score of 21-16, 21-17.

To be honest, the world championship 2009, Lin Dan was at his super best. He dismantled all the opponents that came his way. Even Peter Gade at his best wasn’t close in defeating him.

Has Lin Dan lost motivation in badminton as he is already the best of the best winning all the major tournaments like the All England, World Championship and also the Olympics.

Not too sure what is wrong with him, hope you badminton lovers out there can give some insight on what is happening or wrong with Super Dan?


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  • yukimura 8 years ago

    well, rumor has it *from superbird badminton on faceook* that he isnt being paid as much as he should be from the chinese government for his services, thus the bad performance and lack of victories. i think that hes just been gone from the superseries tournys for far too long, making him loose his rythym ans edge he always had when he played more often in the major tournaments. hopefully though, i believe he can bounce back and have a great year if he puts his mind to it. its already a proven factor that he can defeat lee chong wei, as well as any other major players if he really wanted to, and im not just saying that out of overconfidence and because hes my favorite player, its the history he has of beating the best players multiple times in a row like lee chong wei and peter gade and taufik that make me absolutely certain he can do it again. hes still young and he still has alot to accomplish before he retires.

  • alvinbhalim 8 years ago

    I think Lin dan's actions are justified. After winning the All England 4 TIMES, it's just normal to lose interest in it. Sometimes when you're already that high, your interest in going higher diminishes. I mean let's face it, what else can he do? 3 world championchips, 4 All England titles, an Olympic Gold medal, and almost all other badminton titles that are out there, he is already one of the best players of all time.

    But an amazing job for both Chong Wei and esspecially the unknown youngster Tago. Tago is an obviously talanted youngster who has amazing potentials, he reminds me of the young taufik who blew everyone away by winning major titles at such a young age (16) and going to the AE finals twice by the age of 18!! Tago has a great future ahead of him.

  • Flying Kangaroo 8 years ago


    Instead of saying I told you so 5 months ago, let's give LD the benefit of the doubt. Its hard to remain at the top for so long, motivation is one of them and I think the (forced) retirement of his gf has something to do with it. In your section “Why I think LCW will never be a great player” I chose to differ and used the term 'the tide has changed' to which you replied 'Kim, I don't think so'. Do you have a clue how many times LCW has cried whenever he lost to LD? Did you see the relief on LCW's face rather than jubilation when he won AE? When Chen Long (not LCW) beats him twice in a row, he will be told to quit.

  • akira 8 years ago

    hes underpaid for somone of his status and hes donr all there is to do in the world of badminton so why would he show the chinese government that they can walk all over him

  • badmintonfreak 8 years ago

    Yeah i still remember. I am sure Lin Dan has a lot more to offer. I am pretty sure he will be back.

  • Flying Kangaroo 8 years ago

    Is lack of money a reason? In a way, he is priceless and he wished he could get this sort of money as his table tennis counterpart as reported yesterday. $1.6M.

    BEIJING, March 19 (Reuters) – China's Shanxi table tennis club has paid a record 11.33 million yuan ($1.66 million) to secure the services of women's world number four Guo Yan on a two-year loan deal, local media reported on Friday.

    The 26-year-old, runner up at the 2005 world championships, was bought in an auction of players in Beijing on Thursday in which six men and three women players went for a total of 37.5 million yuan ($5.49 million).

    Even god is angry now, Beijing is covered in sandstorm today.

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Wow, kimmy, even you know that god is mad at beijing. i guess since you're a self declared badminton god you get to attend god's daily meetings.LOL.If you can predict such things kimmy, why dont you just play the lotto instead of wasting it on badminton? Hahahahahaahahahha!!

  • Eugene 8 years ago

    oh come one, give him a break.

  • Flying Kangaroo 8 years ago

    Still the same style nomad, I see, no clue in badminton at all except thrash writing but we need you here. Still the same writing style, didn't they teach good english writing in your high school? Toning down too, you must have lost your touch. Only one thing left in your style, that's lots of haha, I think the best contraception method is your personality.

    Back to badminton, Tago/LCw is boring? to whom? not to us but to ignorant morons like you. Stay off asian sports, what do you know? Piss off.

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    no man, the best contraception billboard is you. LOL. funny how you think you have badminton knowledge. yeah yeah yeah, 5 months ago , you predicted lcw was peaking. 5 months i ago i declared that you an egodork but hey you dont see me predicting that the gods were so angry they made hailstorms in bejing, do you? oh let me make a prediction here as well. hmm..lets see..i predict that lcw wont win every tourny he plays in come the next few years. i predict he wont win all the big titles. then if it comes true ill come on here and declare myself a badminton god like you.LOL. Stay off asian sports? So is football an asian sport or european? i didnt know asians or any other race owned a sport.And i thought you were a badminton deity.

  • majyun 8 years ago

    Is is indeed true that there's no insight(especially in badminton) in your post whatsoever. Are you taking pride because you got it right because you predicted that Lin Dan had won the majors in the past few years? Seriously, putting your money on the best player when in comes to betting is an act that even the kids in primary school would know. So, do you know anything else in badminton other than your usual “LD is going to win the next tournament” prediction(which coincidentally is the prediction that every tom dick and harry out there would have make)?

    I am not sure why jason hasn't ban you yet since all you did in this website was just trash talking while licking off Lin Dan's sweat on his calf. We don't need you to tell us how good LD were and how LCW used to breakdown in majors cause we can read it from the news.If you have nothing useful to contribute, please get lost.

  • i think being such a big celebrity and considered an idol in China means that he will have many advertisements, meetings with officials, CFs and other programs. So he probably hasn't been training as much because of this, thus not being prepared for tournaments.

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Well well well..looks like we got another kimmy kangaroo lover in Majyun. Well,first of all maggie, let me ask you, where have you ever read that i predicted lin dan will win the majors? so how can i take pride in something i never said but when its something your pea brain just made up? Whats the matter cant find the page where i predicted lin would win majors? go look for it..if you can.Second, maggie may, when did i ever say lin win win the next torunament? go look it up and cut and paste it on this page if you can find it? What's the matter? you cant find it? kind of remind me of make up shit that other people never said and you post it on this site. And with jason. maybe hte reason why he hasnt banned me is because he knows im not a kimmy kiss ass like you are. Hey, at least jason rags on players from his country before, like lcw and hafiz. What have you contributed majyun maggie, besides kissing kimmys ass? Maybe , and this is my guess, jason hasnt banned me because unlike egodorks like kimmy wannabes like you, maybe, just maybe i provide a counter view to all you ass kissers out there. And hey, get this, just maybe,maybe jason is actually a fair guy and god forbid if this site were over run by ego dorks and ass kissers like you and kimmy.Maybe i like to rub it in to egodorks like kimmy cause without ppl like me, others would just hear you two kiss lcw's ass all day. have you thought about that Maggie may? so go, enlighten me..go find the post of where i predicted lin dan would win a major. But im willing to bet you wont..cause there is none. so come back give us more of your badminton input..ahem..i mean bullshit. im waiting maggie may.LOL

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    LOLOL I gotta say that many of you people are so funny. When you post your badminton shit up, it's ok. when other ppl ive seen post their shit up, you guys get all womany over it cause it's counter to your own views. When jason made comments about hafiz and lcw not living up to expectations, a whole shitload of you went ape over jason for it.Ahh..duh , don't you think jason doesnt know this? Did i got nuts on jason when he made those comments? Ah…NO. why? ..maybe cause unlike a pile of you lcw ass kissers out i their i let ppl have their views. Kiss lcw's ass and nothing happens but just mentioning lin dan get many of you so worked up i swear you probably come home after work and beat your kids. Pathetic. you people talk about fairness but the rest of the ppl who has any common sense on this site know that it BullShit. Even jason isnt immune to your crap.So to Majyun maggie and kangaroo kimmy, please..why spare us your hippocrtitcal egodrok crap? You get on other ppl for their comments and youved even dissed jason for his comments but you turn around think your comments are untouchable? LOL. Please.those days ae over and a new era has come. The Nomad era. Hahahahaahahahahahahhahahahahaha! Well majyun maggie? wheres the post of where i predicted lin dan will win a major? immmmmmm waaaiitttingggg.

  • hello to all readers.I'm one of Super Dan fan. I follow his performance so far. obviously, the rumors about the payment from government is possible circumstances. But for me, he want to focus more to THOMAS cup oncoming this MAY in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia. Lately, the team sent their youngsters at all super series. Super Dan just attend the tourney for several reasons. First, he don't want to being labeled as coward of such losing previous tourney.Second, because of his popularity.Next is he want to maintain his skills.
    I sure that Super Dan wont quit earlier. He still didn't get what he what and keep searching it. For me,Super Dan is SUPERB player.

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    689, You make excellent points but unfortunately, i think many of the lcw ass kissers on this site would rather believe that lin dan somehow has miraculously lost his form when he didnt make the AE finals. Those lcw ass kissers would rather believe that lcw has ” peaked” and lin has plummeted in a span of 2 months or so. Well, lin dan lost again..yes, and to gade in the 2010 swiss open but guess what, gade was beaten by chen long. yes.. chen long, the 4th tier player in the chinese team.before lin lost he raped koreas shon in 2 games..the same player who beat lin dan late last year. for anyone here who has any common sense left..dont you find it odd that the last few years the most dominant player who is lin dan, now for some reason isnt playing the same way? Do you think it's cause everyone like gade and lcw and tago caught up? a span of a few months? Hahahahahahahahaaha.
    689…you have made the best point i have heard here so far about why lin dan isnt his usual dominating self, but im gonna let you know one thing. the lcw ass kissers on this site would rather believe in flying elephants than the logical points you made. but hey, who knows..maybe kimmy was right..lcw has peaked and lin dan has dropped to playing like a 14 year old highschool badminton dork in the span of a couple of months.Hahahahaha!!!! to all the lcw ass kissers here..dont thank bam or bao for lcw's AE title…THANK LIN DAN! hAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • Barry G. 8 years ago

    That is all about —- Some time you win and some time you lose… Why can't he allowed to lose??

  • cambruc 8 years ago

    Lin Dan for now still best player, he'll back,
    LCW just lucky only.

  • Well, Lin Dan now is at his very best.. He really skipped 2 SUPER SERIES events just to prepare and condition his mind and body to defend his title at 100th All England Open which is very special (PRIDE) for him.. He really want to beat anybody, but can not do it anymore.. Other players are better than his game this time.. Bao did a great job researching on how to dismantle Lin Dan.. Players are getting better every year.. Expect Kenichi Tago to surprise everyone this year or the year to come.. Improve your game and strategies LD, and avoid ALIBIS!! NO EXCUSE LD, NO EXCUSE!!!…

  • It's 100th All England Open.. Lin Dan doesn't like to be beaten by anybody by this very special event.. Lin Dan really prepared for this event.. Skipping 2 ss events just to condition for the All England Open.. Other players are better than him this year.. Lin Dan cannot win with his OLD STROKES anymore.. NO MORE ALIBIS AND EXCUSES LD, NO MORE!! Improve your GAME!!!

  • blahblah 8 years ago

    Give the guy a break man. Everybody loses. It's not surprising that Lin Dan is losing at the All England or the Swiss Open. If you guys pay any attention at all when the commentators are speaking you will have heard that ALL the Chinese badminton players put their country first, and themselves winning second. Like in the 2008 AE, Chen Jin had to win AE for him to qualify for Olympics and he did. LD lost that match because the Olympics is bigger than AE and another Chinese player in the Olympics increases the chances of their COUNTRY winning medals.

    These little tournaments mean nothing to LD anymore. He wants to win only the big events now. Like the Thomas Cup, Sudirman Cup, World Championships, and the Olympics.

    So for all the die-hard LCW fans, it is impossible that a player so good can be so bad in a span of a couple of months. LCW is good, and he has spent forever trying to beat LD, there is also no way he improved so drastically in a couple of months.

    The only problem I see with LD now is not that his game is gone, its his tactics at certain stages in a match. Like the one against Bao, he just refused to attack and smash shots he normally would have put away in the 3rd set.

    He will be back, but only when he wants to give it his all will we see the true LD crushing everyone again

  • blahblah 8 years ago


  • Flying Kangaroo 8 years ago

    Wow, Jason, 23 posts in one day, not bad. Looks like more coming.

  • christiantarp 8 years ago

    well ive heard that China want to set Bao Chunlai as First Singel at the Thomas Cup because he beat Lin Dan.
    That is the reason for Lin Dan losing to Peter Gade, so that Lin Dan losses som points in the world ranking, and Bao Chunlai wil be able to play First Singel.

    Peter was told by the Indonesian coach (don't know name) that he will win convicing over Lin Dan in two straight sets. He did.

    I just hate the chinese team for doing that!

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Lin Dan isn't allowed to lose on this site. When Lin Dan wins, then it's because he plays too few tournaments, when he loses, then he's lost his form. When LCW wins, hes peaking and he's the next best thing since sliced bread, when he loses, it's because he plays more tournaments then Lin Dan. Hahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!

  • phansus 8 years ago

    after a brief look through the comments…only one conclusion can be reached.

    nomad is an idiot. probably cant play badminton for gods sakes either.


  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Hey, I love you too pansy phansus. LOL. After a look at your brief comment my conclusion has been reached too

    pansy phansus is a virgin. probably never got laid except for humping a shuttlecock after watching lcw.

    -epic fail-

  • Sometimes.. I can just *feel* the love around here, like a warm blanket covering us all.

  • fluffy89 8 years ago

    well, Jason, give LD a break yo. Even players are human. They may have a slum periods even though you are a superstar in sport. Lets judge LD only end of the season.

  • fluffy89 8 years ago

    @Normad, Serious bozo, do you are a mental problem. What you are talking about aint making any sense. Jason asks us for views on if Lin Dan lost his Aura and here, you are shooting unrelated comments at every1. So what if proclaim that you are a fan of LD, LD is not going to report on the news and say,” i would like to say thank you to Normad for the support he showed me in Badminton freak.” ? Pls, grow up and stop making childish comments.

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    fluffy..or kimmy or pansy or whoever you are, you must be on one of the biggest 'tards here if you named yourself after one of your plush rabbits. and for you to come out now and call me names…you think that's related to badminton? Don't try to sound like me cause you aint even good at that, dufus.LOL. And as for me not making ever read your comments? Me proclaiming iam a lin dan fan and him not thanking me in the news? First of all retard, i never “procalimed” iam a lin dan fan. I use lin dan as a stick just to prod and poke all the two faced, hippocritical lcw ass kissers on this site….like you. Without me, all there would be is an anvalanche of lcw ass kissers here.Second flufflyboy..but i presume your a woman, about lin dan reporting to the news and saying thankyou to, you must have spent all night comming up with that piece of work. bravo to you! the funny thing could have said the same thing to egodork kimmy..because everyone knows that dork is a self professed lcw ass kisser, so why did you take exception to my comments eventhough i never refered to you? The answer..and heres a stretch that you are one of the two faced lcw ass kissing kimmy lovers here. LOL. Ok fluflykins..take a deep breath sweetheart..calm down relax…, out, in,out. I dont want all that anger to turn you into an egodork like kimmy.Hahahaahahahaaahahahahahahahaha

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Yes…there is so much love here.

    We are the world,
    We are the children!
    We are the ones who use a shuttlecock
    to make a living!
    Theres a choice were making,
    Were using feather birds,
    it's true, they all really play
    just like a turd!

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Come on..all you kimmy kangaroo lcw ass kissers here, keep it comming! Keep showing how right Iam, that this place is full of lcw ass kissing two faced hippocrites! Hahahahahahahhahahahahahaahaaha!!!

  • Lin Dan is a human, not a robot – 'nuff said.

    Also, don't feed the troll, please.

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Lin Dan is human? Holy shit I always thought they made him from spare auto parts in china! No shit, Sherlock. LOL

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    On the back of a few things i've said now all the lcw two-faced hippocritical ass-kissers come out of the woodwork like cockroaches in a 3 star Malaysian hotel. LOLLOL. Take note, just like roaches, one by one they come out to expose themselves to the world. LOL. I could not have planned this better! LOLOL

  • wilson 8 years ago

    i dunno how, but jason please post lindan's recent matches ! really wanna watch them.

  • Steven 8 years ago

    well, i think he's just taking it easy…i mean he isn't getting any younger and everyday only get tougher because he's getting old..and also I guess it's got sth to do with his fiance retiring? I mean he doesn't get the same sort of support anymore so maybe he is wondering why he should play on? ..i mean everyone saw him at his peak..he was godlike even Lee chong wei couldn't touch him so ..ya personal opinion

  • Neutral 8 years ago

    Woah, big fight sia!!! Looks like LD and LCW wont need lawyers to fight for their reputation. There are free lawyers. Keep it up people!
    Jason, Hmm, dont judge him so soon yo. It is tough being an chinese superstar when the almost the whole of PRC are watching.

  • Apparently he was told to lose to Bao Chunlai and it's not the first time it has happened. 2008 All England final he was told to lose to Chen Jin so Chen Jin could qualify for the Olympics.

  • Seriously?.. How'd you know?.. It's no wonder why their scores were so close.. That means Lin Dan can win against any other China players right?

    But wasn't Lin Dan injured during 2008?…

  • I think it might be a ploy from China to have Lin Dan losing matches in Super Series events so that his ranking will plummet as the Thomas Cup is coming up. I wont be surprised if LinDan is suddenly in second singles, thus basically guaranteeing a point for China. A match in the 1st singles against likes of ChongWei would be too close to call.

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Just cause scores are close or not close or if 2 or 3 games were played in a match doesnt mean a match wasnt thrown or fixed. the last thing lee yong bo wants is the badminton federation bitching at him again like they did before when he admitted he asked his players to throw matches. lee yong bo defended it and called it patriotic. in 2008 chen jing got a free AE thanks to lin dan. Dont think anyones gonna cry about getting a free AE. Hahahahahaha

  • Flying Kangaroo 8 years ago

    So Nomad, who's listening to you now? Your views are always juvenile, baseless and where's your 'rent-a-crowd'? Like I said, what do you know about an asian sport? The more you write, the more rubbish you generate, what's so bad about not winning an argument. Writing rubbish as you always do just show that's where you come from. So no more alias and gay bashing but still thinking those who disagree with you (and there are heaps) are the ones who never get laid or virgins, I think you are talking about your pity self? Are you a member of 'world's most beautiful people'? have you tried to join?

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Well its obvious YOU'RE listening isnt it cause why else do you reply? Oh wait i forgot, you're a glutton for i have to correct you again dufus, I didnt say people who disagreed with me were virgins…just you. hahahahahahhahaahaha. But hey, i recall saying before you were an angry little badminton dork and guess what, you proved that once again. Hahahaha!! Man, its so dam funny how you talk about rubbish while serving fresh shit out of your mouth, but hey, you're no hippocrite are you now? LOL. Ok kanagroo kimmy, since you're living in a dream world..let me reassure you by saying that the world is made of chocolate and youre a badminton star just cause you come on here and say so. hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! yeah sure, and I'm donald Trump.

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Oh i forgot to tell you kimmy kangaroo, a woman called me an hour ago looking for you, she says she wants her long hair back.
    When are you gonna cut your long greasy hair man?

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    well, where's your reply little kimmy? im i know you like to listen to me, i know you like to reply, lol. what, you ran out of hippocritical things to say? I love how you call me juvenile when you're the one who insulted a billion ppl by calling me a” chinaman” on the other pages. i love how you call me a gay basher when you used the term ” ball lickers” before. i love how you seem to think you know about “asian sports” when all you do is come on and tell ppl you used to play with ex-champions, as if somehow by mearly mentioning it we're supposed to believe you like you're the pope. LOL. And now you are a champion of gay rights. Well, no surprise seeing as how you love to mention ” ball licking”. So that's why you have long hair kimmy, you're a pre-op LOL. comon little kimmy, reply to me and show everyone here how big of a hippocrite you are. show everyone how sore you still are after i exposed you as a petty litle ego dork that you really are before. Oh wait, i cant take all the credit, you did a masterful job at exposing yourself again. LOL. Little kimmy, master of asian sports..the sport of being an ego-dork.! hahaahahahahahahahaha!!!!

  • Flying Kangaroo 8 years ago

    Iam af lying kangaroo because iam great asian sports champ, unlike you nomad. i hate chu. Just to repeat again you are a chinaman and a lin dan ball licker. you no badminton champ like me cause you never say you are, unlike me. i say iam champ and ppl believe me, because i say so. oh wait, oh no i said bad words again. Jason can you please erase my bad words like chinaman and ball licker? pleeasse jason? please rease for me , i know i ask you before but this time i beg you. i dont want ppl to think iam two face hippocrite.that stupid nomad will make fun of me again and i will cry, i will cry so hard like when my new arcsaber racket broke. then mom will make me work long hours in biscuit factory, and i cant play badminton no more. please jason please!

  • peakfreans 8 years ago

    What's with all the pop-up ads that come up when I go to this site? Not to mention that if i wait too long, this website suddenly redirects me to something else completely not related to badminton!

  • Flying Kangaroo 8 years ago

    Bad to old little shit like you again. Must you win all unwinable argument? How old are you?

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Bad to old lttle shit like you again? LOL. Looks like little kimmys so mad he cant even form a coherant sentence.LOL. Whats the matter kimmy, youre scared you'l expose yourself again? Face it kangaroo dung you lost a long time ago…when everyone here saw your begging of jason to take back your shit. Please jason, take away my bad words..please please please! LOL. How PATHETIC man can you get kimmy?

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Oh yeah and one more thing everybody. If you go over to the charmaine reid vs mew choo wong page youll find under the comments a certain kangaroo kimmy replying to susan, making the most pathetic excuses for him using the word ball lickers. LOL. It involves apes at the zoo and michael jordon.Hahahaha… dont ask me, only beastiality-kimmy kangaroo can come up with the most pathetic excuses.Also, he begs jason to take away his shit that he's posted. Oh man you'll laugh your ass off just reading it. But im sure kimmy wishes he hadnt written that either. LOL. Please jason please!!!! Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaaahahaaa!!

  • Cobra 8 years ago

    Hi, can you please upload some of Lin Dan's matches too? I haven't seen him play in a long while and would greatly appreciate it. Really wanna see how he lost to Bao and Gade.

  • anonymous 8 years ago

    This shows exactly why you don't know anything about badminton at all. Choi Ho Jin was the one who beat Lin Dan at the last year, not Shon Wan Ho. At least get your facts right before you start talking.

  • Anonymous 8 years ago

    Hey, kid…calm down. You don't need to whine just because you lost your lolipop, you know…

  • peakfreans 8 years ago

    Well, thanks to all these annoying pop-ups, I am no longer going to come to this site. The pop-ups have now ruined the wonderful experience that I had watching all these wonderful badminton videos. T'was fun while it lasted.

  • apacssports 8 years ago

    He will be back, Pure and simple!

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Anonymous , here's a better idea, why dont you suck on your own lolipop, considering you know so much about lolipops.LOL. I think you should calm down little girl, before you wet yourself. Trying to sound all manly on your little PC. What's the matter, are you angry cause you know I'm right? Your bra too tight? momma took your barbies away so you come online looking for a fight? Hahahahahahaaha. See you later, little girl.

  • Rasuke 8 years ago

    yo, Nomad, y the hell are u so angry at LCW? Seriously, calm yourself. How do u even live? It seems to me that you have been describing yourself. BTW, these guys aren't LCW “ass kissers”, they are called fans. So wat if this website gets filled with LCW fans? You don't own the place, y the hell do you even care? You said that you were NOT REALLY a Lin Dan fan, but y are you so intent on telling other ppl that LD is better than LCW? Do you hav a grudge against him? You seem to think that LCW isn't that good, but compared to an unknown creature like you (don't try to come back at me saying that I think I am world renowned or sumthing cos I am nt, you seem to think u are) he is superb.

    -Wat is the matter with you? Got bullied or sumthing? I heard a strange saying that people who like to argue and insult are the people who really get insulted and have a sad, sad life a.k.a – Mr Nomad here-

  • Guest531 8 years ago

    I never grow tired of watching the 2008 Olympics MSF between lcw and ld. Amazing… lcw was tamed!

  • Guest 7 years ago

    and the trolling stops :O