My hard disk is running out of space because of the World Badminton Championship. Dang… Don’t know how many more days i can go on as the badminton tournament is only in the 2nd round.

Wanted to go and buy a new hard disk but didn’t have the time… Argh…

Help help… Please don’t explode on the crucial times!


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  • jérôme 8 years ago

    ohhhh…hope it will not occur… 🙁 i hope to see the matchs and see your hard work granted 🙂

    btw, could you have on your hard disk the men single between simon santose and yuhan tan in men singles? i’m from belgium and it would be a great pleasure to see the performance of my comrade… he lots 22/20- 21/11…

    thanks anyway for your devotion and your hard work

  • clicking ads for you hope you have enough money to buy =D. You hosting on your own com? or a server

    • jason 8 years ago

      To shaun : We are hosting on a server. Not on our own.

  • no jason, dont let it end up like this, go to the next shop and buy a new 1 … we even could donate for this i think !

    and if u dont have the time, send ur little sister/girlfriend/wife out for it 😀

  • Jason!!!!
    Great work! Cant say how thankful i am!!!!!
    Keep on uploading….. 🙂
    see ya

  • matt m 8 years ago

    If you make high quality videos you don’t have to keep the original on your harddrive anymore 😉

  • jason 8 years ago

    To shaun : I have taken out your last post. Please don’t ask people to do that. We will get into more trouble. Thanks.. ^^ No hard feelings ya.

  • chiewshi 8 years ago

    always the same word…
    appreciate your hardwork always…
    Sorry for couldn’t help you out.
    But I had heard my friend said before,actually you can store the previous tournaments by using skydrive which is availabe free at hotmail account.
    Hopefully your hard disc space can stay till this sunday,praying hard !!!

    • jason 8 years ago

      To chiewshi : No way can last till Sunday. Must go and buy New one tomorrow already…

  • oh…no jason…. don’t go anywhere, just ask some one in there to help u, to go to buy a new hard disk…. do u have maria kristin vs pi hongyan vedeo….