The above picture is where Hafiz Hashim used to be the hope of the nation. Winning the prestigious All England which Malaysia has been waiting for more then 10 years. Hafiz did it in style by defeating Chen Hong in the finals in straight games.

Indra Gunawan was Hafiz coach then. All the hope and joy Hafiz brought to the nation was short lived. After winning the All England title, Hafiz has never regained his status as a world beater. Hafiz is beaten by unknown players left and right.

In short, that little success has got into his head!

Hafiz Hashim did it once again this time at his own home court at the Proton Malaysia Open Super Series 2010. Hafiz lost in the first round to Taiwanese player Hsieh Yu Hsing.

I am not going into details about that match but i see that many are hoping that Hafiz Hashim will wake up from his slumber and lead Malaysia’s charge in the international scene and also the Thomas Cup.

Don’t be too optimistic about this chap. He will disappoint you like he has done in the passed. Hope he will wake up from his sleep and do the nation proud.

Do you think this guy still has hope in him?


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  • martin_ger 8 years ago

    no…sorry to all malaysians but i dont think he's gonna pull it out once again…i never saw him passionated on the court…like we could see it in one of your videos jason he can't stress taufik even a bit (india open 09)…although i don't understand how he could make it to the final

  • loveindonesia 8 years ago

    gk ada yang bisa ngelatih si hafiz lagi kali bos…
    apalg sekarang Indra Gunawan udah RIP…

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    Hafiz tak habis lagi. Pergi tanya Hendrwan. Nanti May Thomas Cup, Hafiz boleh! Tungu empat bulan, Hafiz tidak RIP, dia macham pontianak dalam Court.

  • Boomer 8 years ago

    Jason, to be have a better chance at winning the national lottery then Hafiz winning another big one like the AE. That being said I'm sure that the other countries love the fact that Hashim is still playing…it helps their cause. LOL. Why the Malsaysian badminton federation spends so much money supporting him is beyond me. Even if the young kids arent “ready” what? How can you tell when a player is “ready” to win? I say send out the young kids and give them a chance to get some experiance, even if they lose. It's not like the top ten players are always winning either…everyone loses matches. The longer Hafiz stays on, the more money, time and hope that he will suck from BAM and the fans. He's like an old family dog, you know it's time to go but no one has the heart to put it to sleep. It's time for Hafiz to go bye bye.

  • BILAL 8 years ago

    how old hafiz hashim is?

  • loveindonesia 8 years ago

    Pontianak apa sih…? kota di kalimantan…? atau jeruk.

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    27 coming to 28, born Sept 13, 1982. AE Champ in 2003 aged 21! same age as Jorgensen and Cheng Long now

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    Bukan, Hafiz dari Kota Bahru di Kelantan, Malaysia. Saya cakap di macham pontianak (devil on court), cakap suka saya.

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    Jason and Martin,

    You both have a point, like many great players in badminton and tennis, Hafiz is so far a one slam wonder (in reference to 4 Grand Slam tournament in tennis). He won AE in 2003 aged 21. The last Malaysian who won it was 37 years before that, one Tan Aik Huang in 1966. Hafiz has only 2 supporters in Malaysia, BAM and me, LOL. Sometimes, we have to stand by our fallen hero when he hits hard times. He is still useful for another 3 years unless Chong Wei “Fang” (I swap his E for an A) started to strike terror or Tan Chun Seang starts to beat NTM again like he did once before.

  • Andrian 8 years ago

    i totally disagree with KIm Chua, it is good that we stand by the fallen heroes but this is definitely not with Hafiz, he has no motivation at all, remember his promises, after his marriage he will be more committed, he didn;t he went on to lose as many tournament as he is fielded in, then again came hendrawan, he promised to rise again, only to see him tumbling like a dominos…….
    Its not Hafiz who should wake up, its BAM and the rest of the badminton fans in Malaysia who wants to see a world champion in Malaysia to wake up!
    We need to bite bullets in order to taste success!

  • badmintonfreak 8 years ago

    For me, i will always give encouragement for players who are worth it. It has been 7 years, and Hafiz still can't perform. So it really looks hopeless for him.

    Trust me, there's nothing wrong with his skills but i am pretty sure there is something wrong with his attitude towards the game. Just my 2 cents! ^^

  • badmintonfreak 8 years ago

    True true Andrian.. Hafiz to me is a goner.. You can bring Lin Dan to coach Hafiz but he will still be the same because i think he has the wrong attitude towards the game! That's sad..

    How i wish Malaysia had more of Foo Kok Keong!

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Time for Hafiz to go retire to a zoo.

  • taqiahgogog 8 years ago

    i hope…hafiz can do it.

  • taqiahgogog 8 years ago

    i still hope..hafiz bole bangkit,hanya hafiz bole lakukan…

  • No! He proved it again that Malaysia cant rely on him for 3rd Single in Thomas Cup!