It is a team event match between Malaysia taking on Singapore in the men singles of the 2009 SEA Games in Laos. Hafiz Hashim took on Derek Wong of Singapore.

This is the first time i am watching a Singapore men singles player in action. As you also know, drug Malaysia and Singapore are only side by side in the world map.

There is a great rivalry in everything between Malaysia in Singapore. From politics to sports. Of course i am rooting for my home nation in this match! ^^

Nonetheless, stomach to all those Malaysian and Singapore supporters enjoy this match. I know some of you would even be screaming and jumping whenever your country wins a point. Enjoy!

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Set I

Set II

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  • ch from HK 8 years ago

    this was a full effort vs experience match. derek wong has used this 100% effort, but hafiz has advantage of intelligence and experience to break derek’s anticipation. so, derek went around the court and breathed deeply but hafiz played with tranquility.
    i appreciate hafiz cross net shot played at 18 vs 15 of game 1. hafiz’ tall body gave derek very big pressure that’s why derek’s shuttle always dropped out of the court, so many unforced errors found on derek. they are two different levels of player.

  • Matty 8 years ago

    Really nice first set, he has a very good smash, and his net play is not bad either.. the few nice cross courts broke his concentration and it went downhill from there.

    Thanks for uploading!

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Ah..good old Hafiz gotta love a guy like that. He won only one big tournie in his life [ the All England ] and since then hes ego has grown exponentially. He’s still playing even though the odds of him winning another big one are smaller then a crack in an ants bum. Instead of retiring and giving another young Malaysian a chance to get a spot on the national team, he stays on for the memories of a one big win many moons ago. Hafiz is like those guys people hate.. The kind of guy who wins the lottery and then goes on tv and tells everyone that even though he won millons he’ll still keep his job. Greedy , greedy, greedy…selfish guy. He should stop being a selfish twat and step aside and give some young kid a chance. sorry Hafiz, winning one All England does not put you in a Malaysian badminton hall of fame.

  • Joelidge 8 years ago

    Hey Jason, I would love to see the first mens doubles match between Vietnam and Singapore in the teams event. Have not seen much of either pairings so I would love to see the standard.

  • kim chua 8 years ago

    Hafiz is the Andy Roddick (US Open 2005) of badminton. He is naturally talented but got married too soon. He shouldn’t retire just because Nomad says so. He is getting back slowly but may not win another big one. You don’t need to have ability to win an Olympic Gold or AE to stay in the game, just ask all the 200+ plus players below LD and LCW. Nomad loves a winner, I stay longer to see if he is still licking LD’s boots when the latter starts losing.

  • I agree with Kim Chua

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    First of all, i know LD isnt going to win forever and if he were to retire today he will no doubt go into the hall of fame. Second, Hafiz is OLD and he’s playing for a big badminton country. Its not like the geezer was playing for Canada..if he was, then he’d be the best player ever for them…but hes NOT. Hafiz is a guy whos talented [ but then again, who isnt talented in the top world 100?] but his prospects for winning another big one are little to none. So hear me out..what’s going to happen in a million years after he retires? The kids who are waiting in the wing to take his spot would have gotten older without the experiance they so desperately need. At this rate Hafiz will probably retire when LCW does. Badminton Malaysia should be thinking about the future, about developing players beyond, lcw, kk, hafiz. Did i make the point that Hafiz is old? It’s not like the guy is 18. How many more years is the dude gonna hog a spot on the national team? Comon, let’s give some of the young kids who are hungrier and fitter a chance to shine. And even if they dont, what loss it it to malaysia if hafiz doesnt play anymore? It’s not like Hafiz was winning a ton. Am i right or am i right?

  • Joshua 8 years ago

    i’ve been waiting 4 the SEA GAMES

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    I agree with nomad. hhahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahhahhahhahhhah

  • i totally agree with you 101% nomad, Hafiz is just wasting everybody’s time, and of course the BAM resources and money. Anyway, i don;t mean to be racists, if they don;t put Hafiz to represent Malaysia, who could ? Which explain y, again and again u see Hafiz still playing even though he flop.
    Worst still, he can still complement himself after losing to Sony in Sea games! How pathetic can he be ?

  • fuzzion13 8 years ago

    hey jason can you post Vietnamese and Singapore plz?

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Andrian makes a good point. On the back of his performances.. if Hafiz Hashim were playing for the chinese national team he would have been kicked out with a free cabbie ride home a long long time ago. Keeping Hafiz on the Malasyian team is more of a hinderance then anything. Wouldnt you rather see 2 or 3 new and young exciting players from Malaysia play and given a chance win or lose then to see ol’ Hafiz wasting court time? i cant speak for Malaysian fans but im sure they want someone fresh to cheer on and hope for. You cant develope an athlete if he doesnt have a chance to play and compete. That should begin now..not in 40 years when Hashim retires.

  • kim chua 8 years ago

    Nomad, so you are now a guru of Malaysian badminton too. BAM is the best body to know the best for Malaysian badminton, not North American Arm-chair critic. You said you had friends who play badminton for Canada, hey I played with ex Indon AE doubles champion, Chinese former National and AE Champoins and of course Hafiz father Haji Hashim to name just a few.
    Malaysian youngsters are not promising at the moment, some of them are just a flash in the pan. Chong Wei feng beat CJ one day but can lose to Indon No. 7 the next. Daren Liew los to Viet No. 3 player at SEA Game etc. Hendrawan, the new coach, shares the same view as me, not you and that it is better to stick with proven players than trying new blood. Hafiz is just one notch away and it was an executive decision to give him one final, err, final, final chance. In a small way, he is indeed playing on borrowed time but when he smashed down the shuttle to put Malaysia into the Final of the Thomas Cup this year, all of you HH knockers will shut up.

    • jason 8 years ago

      @ kim chua

      To be honest Malaysia don’t have any good youngsters at the moment. I totally agree with you on that statement but i am not so convinced about Hafiz as well. He is also a hot and cold player. He can play well today and play like shit tomorrow. The main reason for such problem on Hafiz is that after he has won the All England, the success went into his head and now he has a big head which his body can’t carry him! ^^ Make him much slower compared to lastime!

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    To Kim
    Once again, you seem to like putting words into my mouth for me. You`re really starting to sound like sour grapes. You make it sound like i want Hafiz to retire because i want to destroy Malaysian badminton or something. Uh..heres a news flash in case you didnt know…Hafiz hasnt won crap all since the AE. You`re right, you dont have to win big tournies to stay in the game. The thing is that Hafiz is playing for a big badminton nation..where winning is everything. He`s not playing for S. Africa or Canada. At least the other old players like Gade and Taufik have done alot more then he has. As for Hafiz getting married young ,what does that have to do with anything. I wasnt invited to his wedding so i really cant comment about it like you. hmmm..maybe thats why i dont like Hafiz..cause he didnt invite me to his wedding. And lastly, you made a comment about me licking Lin Dan`s boots… Childish, childish, childish. Did you know that many years ago i thought that Taufik was a better player then LD. It`s true, Taufik was better years ago…but not anymore. You see, the difference between me and you is that you seem to lack -objectivity-. Taufik has won one olympic, and one world and many other titles.LD has also one olympic, 3 times world championships in a row, and 4 AE and many other tournies..not to mention he leads Taufik massively in the head to head vs count. so what are you going to say now..that Taufik is better cause he has a backhand smash that gets him maybe 1 or 2 points in a match. Or that Taufik is better because he was able to beat LD in the worlds that one time. Whats counts in badminton are the WINS. You can have the best backhand and the prettiest form..but if you cant win..whats the point. This may shock you Kim..but if LD were to lose to Taufik in the 1st round or the #777 ranked player NEITHER i nor Lin Dan would cry or lose any sleep .. Do you know why. Because Ld has an olympic, 3 worlds and 4..yes thats right..4 All England titles. You should try to be objective once in a while might help you from sounding like such a narrow minded nationalistic fanboy.

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    Kim..I said knew a few people who play in Canada who knew Charmaine ..i didnt say for what and who. You played with former national champions etc etc..Good for you! I hope it makes you feel great about yourself at night. Would you like me to serve you some cheese with your wine. I said that you lacked objectivity..which is true..but another thing you lack is humbleness and maturity. Do you really think that anyone in this site is impressed that you played with ex champions or if you go shopping with their wives. Nobody cares bro. the funny thing is..ppl like Ld who have won everything are more humble then someone apparently like you. Iam sure that BAM is more qaulified to make decisions about Malaysian badminton then me or you..but you know what Kim..this site is called badminton freak..not BAM. this area on this site is a comment area…you know …where fans comment. All you need to do is to stop being an angry little infant and scroll up on your pc and look. As for your comment about me being a N. American Arm chair critic..let me ask you.What have you done in the world of badminton. How many AE, worlds and Olympics have you won…hmmm. there are alot of people like you here believe it or not Kim. Players who think that somehow because theyve played with so and so, that theyre the next best thing to sliced bead.They see themselves so great of a player that no one else is allowed to have their own oppinions..and they get angry like you when others have differring views. do you know why i call myself nomad. No- mad…cause i dont waste my time like YOU getting mad over little and petty shit. i dont get mad when someone comments on LD or Gade or etc because somehow its like an insult to my country or something. I dont get mad like YOU and go running to BAM and crying about how this guy named Nomad on badminton freak commented about Hafiz, wah wah wah. Kim..No offense but face it got some anger issues and it will only eat you up in life. Life is short..why get so angry over petty little shit. If you think that malaysia beating the world is the end all be all in your life then im sorry, bro but thats really sad.

  • kim chua 8 years ago

    Nomad, I don’t get mad, its you. Its hard for a Chinaman to tell you that you are wrong. You even Q my English which shows how ignorant you are about Australian or Malaysian culture. I am not a name dropper and like you, I only spend may be 50 seconds or so reading your shit and you to mine. I don’t feel great either cos I have only 2% talent in badminton compared to these ex internationals, they make me run like headless chooks. Oh yesh, one more thing, what I said is just a joke, didn’t you get it, please refer to wikipaedia on the meaning of joke and master your English a bit better, we don’t speak american here.

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    kim..Im ignorant? hahahah.
    It’s funny how that statement is comming from you.hahahahha. And you feel it’s hard for you to tell me how iam wrong? Check this site again my friend. I dont go around telling them how wrong they are, i just make my comments and they make theirs. You on the other hand seem to love to tell people how wrong they are. I geuss it must just eat you up inside that other people may have a differing oppinion then you. Also, you mentioned that I do not understand Aussie or Malaysian’re right, i dont. But then again i dont ever recall saying i did. I dont recall myself slagging their cullture either. It appears that you seem to like to think that people are dissing your culture when they are obviously not. Maybe it gets your blood boiling or something and you enjoy that….i dont know youll, have to ask yourself that one. Lastly, it might shock you to know that Iam not American. i tell you because you seem to like to “assume” that iam. In fact you like to assume alot of things,hahahahah. As for me being mad ..well i do protest about that, cause all you need to do is scroll up yet again on this page to see that it was YOU who seemed to take acception to my comment. It’s YOU who replied directly to me, not the other way around. How can i be the one to be mad when YOU’RE the one who’s replying to me , telling me oh how” wrong” and ignorant and etc iam.hahahahaa. The only time i ever responded to adressing another fan on this site is towards you, because it is YOU who called me out by name…or have you forgotten? Scroll up and check you you doubt me. You seem to feel insulted by everyone from everything they say. Thats not a healthy attitude to have in life, my friend.

  • kim chua 8 years ago

    No nomad, see I mention you again. I read everyone’s email here except my ex friend Alpha something. I never insult anyone first unless he fired the first ammunition. I learned martial art as a self-defence, not attack. It was you who first asked me to check my English etc and refer me to wikipaedia. Yes I am replying to you, aren’t you replying to me too? I still respect you, cos you have used swear words as “you are what you write”. Be a man, write what you like and expect an answer accordingly. you do have some good knowledge on badminton, 100 times more than I know about ice hockey. Just remember one thing, like LD, lcw has fans too and each time you mention about LD, just leave lcw out of the equation. We are trying to get LD too, he will be beaten on a badminton court. On-going ding-dongs is healthy, its a free world. You call me immatured so why get so crossed when someone calls you ignorant? You cannot be serious!!!

  • Nomad 8 years ago

    My god man, you really like to put words into my mouth for me. As for me loading amunition? Dont you think your being a little petty? Scroll up and check again, it is YOU who responded to me FIRST by calling me out by name. Go ahead..use your mouse and scroll up and look. It’s there for all to see. I only responded to you by name AFTER you called me out by name with your dont try and make it sound like somehow i started this.hahaha. please do scroll up and check. You’ll find that all my comments with the exception of agreeing with Andrian, i never adressed anyone by name on this site. Also have you noticed that this is a comment site? Oh, so now according to you people are not allowed to comment about anyone except LCW? Should we all end our comments with the words” let’s praise LCW?’ Dont you think youre being a little petty here? I didnt know that you were LCW’s manager or something. The next thing you’ll probably say is LCW is a saint of some sort right alongside of mother Theresa. Not that i have ever slagged lcw..but you seem to think i have.. I never said LD will never be beaten or has ever lossed. ..please check again. In fact i’ll make you happy by saying that Ld does lose and no one can keep winning forever, not even him. Are you happier now? If or when LD loses in the future to LCW someday im willing to bet that you will be the first one here to brag about it…am i correct? As for you and your “ex ” friend on this site iam in no position to comment, but i will say this. Maybe Kim, just maybe..hear me out..if you just take other peoples comments with a little humility and with a grain of salt then maybe, just maybe youll have less “ex” friends. I think its safe to say that no matter what ppl say here you somehow think its an insult to LCW. Hell, i can say that i like to eat apples and you’d probably say” Dam you Nomad, how can you like apples when the best fruits are grown here in Malaysia?? And if you dont like Malaysia then you must hate LCW!! DAM you Nomad!!” LOL. People on this site make their comments and no one ever says that they are god or that they have the devine truth. You are the only dude who thinks that everyones is attacking LCW and by that are somehow attacking you or Malaysian culture. Really bro..seriously, give us all a break.