KUALA LUMPUR: When Josephine Frost Zwicky tagged along her famous father – Danish badminton legend Morten Frost – to Malaysia in 1997, prostate she was just a baby.

Now, troche the lanky 17-year-old Frost Zwicky is finally ready to bloom and make a name for herself in world badminton.

Frost Zwicky, viagra sale who is now training in Malaysia with the women’s singles players under national singles coach Wong Tat Meng, said she was pleased to be back “home”.

“I stayed here for almost 3½ years when my father was the national coaching director of Malaysia. I was too young to remember much. But I can remember that I was always at the badminton court,” she quipped.

“It is good to be back. It is really hot here. I will get used to it. In Denmark, I live in my own little bubble. My father told me that a trip to Malaysia would do me a world of good and teach me to be more independent. He made all the arrangements for me to train here.”

The graceful and crafty Frost Zwicky got hooked on badminton just 1½ years ago. Before that, she was dabbling in different types of sports.

“I used to do other sports like swimming, horseback riding, gymnastics and ballet. I started playing badminton for fun since I was nine but decided to take it up seriously last year.

“I have the potential but I find it hard to bring it out. I have been competing in local tournaments back home. When I am ready, I will start taking part in international events,” said Frost Zwicky.

When asked what was the best advice given by her father, Frost Zwicky said: “He told me to just enjoy the training, the game, the whole experience. He wants me to love what I do.”

Frost Zwicky, however, is not coached by Frost, the former world No. 1 and four-time All-England champion.

“I train under coaches Svend Aage and Thomas Damgaard back home. Sometimes, I do play with my dad whenever he has the time to spare.

“Right now, I have a dream to do well in badminton. I will play the game as long as I enjoy it. If I lose interest, I may go into volleyball. In everything though, there must be hard work.”

Frost Zwicky, who stands at 1.70m, will spend five weeks in Malaysia as part of her training.

With Denmark looking for new talents to fill the vacant spot left by former All-England champions Camilla Martin and Tine Rasmussen, Frost Zwicky could be one of the new stars in the making.

Source:- The Star


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