Koo Kien Keat & Tan Boon Heong made their second consecutive finals in the Super Series calendar. After winning the Denmark Open, they will be looking to add the French Super Series into their collections.

Waiting for them is the Olympic champions Markis Kido & Hendra Setiawan. The Indonesian have had a up and down campaign in 2009 due to injuries.

What i like about Kido and Setiawan most is that they don’t like to make excuses whenever they loose and they always made their badminton do the talking. That’s the true attributes of champions.

Can Koo and Tan make a double or Kido & Setiawan put a full stop in their march?

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Part I

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Part II

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Part III

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  • nickstaaa 8 years ago

    can you post the mens single final lin dan – taufik??
    thx a lot

  • This is so funny. Neither of them wanted to lift the shuttle coz its just too fast. And the number of lifts went long of the back line is just astonishing in a pro game. But what a great smashing game!!!

    Thanks for uploading!

  • Ginee 8 years ago

    I want watch Women Singles and Doubles !!!!!!!!! upload faster…

  • Ginee 8 years ago

    I only watch the first match.Hope the next match of them,our malaysia player can win..

  • MK/HS is awesomee!! their nvr say die attitude is just commandable!

  • Jonathan Truong 8 years ago

    Wow… it was quick… LOL

    But I’ve really appreciated the deciding game… There were less errors than the first two sets. The net play of all players was very impressive.

    Thanks Jason for your work…:)

  • Ginee: Jason upload the video in a very fast speed already…be patient ^^

    Anyway, great match between both pairs….

  • wee seong 8 years ago

    Thk u for uploading the match!! too bad KKK/THB lost, but i’ve got to say Hendra is just superb in the front of the court!

  • you are a GEM! was just hoping you would post videos from the french open and…….lo and behold! Thnanks

  • nanta 8 years ago

    could you upload mixed doubles semis between he hanbin/yu yang vs nova widianto/lilyana natsir.


  • thanks for uploading~appreciate it….

  • Thank you Jason.

  • Marchia Lika 8 years ago

    mixed doubles please…

  • Dinhcom 8 years ago

    Tran nay hay thiet!

  • A good match. HS anticipation vs KKK tricks…

  • Bumblebee 8 years ago

    Wow in the first game at 8:34, KKK was scratching his nose during a rally, he plays so casual lol.

  • i think kido/hendra are better than koo/tan.
    n i only watch the 2nd n 3rd game.

  • james 8 years ago

    Thanks for upload, jason! I enjoyed it.

  • Benny 8 years ago


  • Fantastic match from two teams who don’t always rely on overpowering smashes, coming down to reflexes and some great net play. Thanks for posting!

  • hxhong 8 years ago

    Great game! But the reply is annoying. It often only shows one side and one has no idea what is happening from the replay.

  • cimuth 8 years ago

    thx for the video,
    niways, is it just me or markis kido looks skinnier? hmmm..

  • Chiang Shih-Hwang 8 years ago

    Really enjoy!

  • lexluthor1975 8 years ago

    this is a short match given that it’s a 3-setter. but wonderful shots from Markis Kido, some were just so amazing. as always, i agree with Gill Clark that Hendra Setiawan maybe one of the best if not the best front court player. he’s reading of the game is just brilliant. no fancy shots like Koo Kien Keat but very very effective…

  • KINDRA love u forever.,.,.,.

  • phoenix26 8 years ago

    would you please to upload mix doubles semi n final video….


  • Kevin 8 years ago

    Thank you for uploading Jason, you’re the best

  • rulyta demez 8 years ago

    Markis Kido n Hendra Setyawan good perform, the best player from Indonesia. Love U……

  • It’s very funny when see the malaysian give a code to his friend, not long after that they give point to Kido/Hendra…….lol

  • Anyway that's my thoughts, Whatever you do do, keep this site going, because its good

  • Jason could you ban this guy.. he's only posting to promote his site.

  • kimchua 8 years ago


    Matty is right, when I click on his name “euroluxury” all I saw was a site selling fake jewellery. We need bona fide badminton fans only like Matty, Nat, Bel and Anna here..

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    Maybe he really likes badminton? 🙂

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    Love the way Setiawan plays – they certainly deserved that one.

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    Matty and Alpha,
    Having said that may be it is DISQUS way of advertising. When I click you, Matty, I can see a site ANIME Squish Com and I am sure you are not advertising this site.

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    Hey Alpha, this is the actual text from a fan here, what do you make of it?

    “I want watch Women Singles and Doubles !!!!!!!!! upload faster…

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    re: women's singles and doubles… being a GUY, that doesn't interests me at all, I want to watch men's doubles and singles most, some mixed. Not to say women's doubles and singles isn't good, just not my preference. Seeing as to how we only have 24 hrs in the day and Jason is already doing his best at recording, converting and uploading I don't think we should “demand” too much, we should just be glad he's taken the time to upload what he can and thank him for it. (click on those google ads won't hurt either) 😉

  • I really miss the WW3 war of words between alpha and “Chinaman” Nomad (I am just quoting what Kim said) and kim chua and others.

    There were a lot of arguments, good points highlight plus some controversial ones and foul languages as well. But the main point is that they made this website livelier and interesting. Really miss those things…

    What about the rest of you? Don't you think so?

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    “Gary”, it wasn't a WW3 at all. Life goes on. It was a bit out of hand and my “chinaman” quip wasn't done in good taste. I did some research and at first it meant people of chinese origin but subsequently used in the US in the least complimentary manner to the great people of China. However, we must keep the argument, if any, in the most civilised manner and all the “flanks” I copped were of course untrue. Then, there's identity theft, duplication and other 3rd parties who are the same person, a thing I will never do. Its better to lose an argument than to lose one's integrity and respect. No foul language too on my side for sure.

    Its better to be a quiet achiever than to publicly bragging the person you are not. I still call you “Gary” cos its strange that you can only remembered the things I said but not the other side. I think we know who you are.

  • well the animesquish one is the one I maintain, but not necessairily to promote on this site.. if you find it not suited I'll just delete it. No problem :).

    I just thought the guy wasn't saying much of anything, sometimes repeating other peoples comments, just to get that link post imho.

  • In truth I do commend Alphadeck and Kim's efforts to make these video's be more discussed. And I'm sure Kim just got a bit frustrated and things happened. Fact of the matter is that Kim's a good person, and so is Alphadeck, which I've known all along xD.

  • To Matty: I am sure Kim and Alphadeck are good persons. No doubt about that.

    They delivered good comments and very fruitful ones. I also remembered you giving good feedback and views as well.

    It's just that the comments and views posted in the past were a bit I would say “extraordinary” where certain people argued and defended their view points professionally and in certain circumstances emotionally but they stick to their opinions steadily. And to me what makes all those things really interesting are not only the arguments but also the way the arguments were structured especially from Alpha and Nomad.

    And now I don't see any of those kind of 'extraordinary' comments anymore. So, I would say things have turned out from extraordinary back to ordinary. And I just miss all those extraordinary things. That's all.

  • Susan 8 years ago

    Well Gary, I also missed all those extraordinary things… comments and views.

    Anyway, thanks to Jason for providing us with all the exciting badminton videos and a platform to share views and experiences.

  • Hunter 8 years ago


    Like what a wiseman once said, “all good things must come to an end”. And the same thing applies here.

  • Haha they made me start commenting on video's though.. so you could say “the damage is done” :).

    I'm sure even these comments will invite others to join in and discuss some fun – and less fun – aspects of the game.

  • Alphadeck 8 years ago

    Gary and All,

    It used to be that the net was a great place to express your views and comments and to a certain extent it still is. It all depends on the powers that be whether we want to have an 'open' forum or not. My position has always been that of freedom of expression, speech in an effort to stir up some excitement and controversy, to spice things up, get people fired up and even angry enough so they would stand up and defend their point or what they believe in. I know many of you have probably read the posts but not participated, some of you may or may not agree, but the ones who participate are the ones who've expressed their views, like they say the squeeky wheel gets the oil. So the powers that be, has obviously listend and implemented a new board system and has threatened to ban all those who do not “behave in good manner”. Therefore I'll respect that decision and have gone back to being as someone put it “ordinary”. I have to agree its like drinking distilled water instead of Hard Liquor, its not necessarily a bad thing, I do agree with a certain level of civility. Some of the tactics used were shall we say “deceitful” but always in good humor. Sometimes you have to rock the boat to the people's attention and I believe there's now more participation and the community is growing. If that is the case then I've done my job.

  • Emaster 7 years ago

    They are good players

  • ok iam want to watch