I am pretty sure Taufik Hidayat is almost back at his best while Peter Gade is storming the world badminton once again. In short, the Golden Oldies are back! They face off in the French Open 2008 Men Singles Finals match. The French Open is a Super Series event!

In the previous round, Taufik defeated top seed Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia in a tough 3 set battle despite loosing the first set. Meanwhile, Peter Gade defeated compatriot Kenneth Jonassen in the semi finals.

This finals was indeed a fascinating match. I am sure you all will agree after watching the videos we have uploaded.

Gade started off well and took a commanding lead in the first set but could not finish Taufik off. Taufik won the first set 21-16.

I guess physically, Taufik really was tired. Taufik played 3 sets from the first round until the final. I think Taufik ran out of gas and lost 21-16, 17-21, 7-21 in 59 minutes of grueling badminton match. Peter Gade the deserving winner for the French Open.

The positive that we can see clearly that, Taufik is back like a hungry tiger. Meanwhile, credit must be given to Peter Gade for playing the perfect game. Even at the age of 31, Peter is still playing top level badminton. Peter Gade took back to back Super Series title. Gade won the Denmark Open together with this French Open.

Another site that did a report of Peter Gade’s victory on the French Open 2008. (In Danish)

Lee Chong Wei, better get your guns ready as your number one spot is at threat!  Enjoy the video…

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

Part VII


Part IX

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  • “Lee Chong Wei, better get your guns ready as your number one spot is at threat!” hahaha agreed… what a match… Thank you guys again

    Hope you will be covering the coming up China Open…Lin Dan will be there… and my favorite doubles pair FU and Cai is apparently back together for that tournament … going to be a hell of of a tournament!!

  • jason 9 years ago

    China Open i might come out with the video a little slower. I won’t be around that time. Keep ya fingers crossed ya! ^^

  • Taufik didn’t play well in the third set, Peter played more stable until the last set.. respect 😀

  • JeppeK 9 years ago

    I suppose Taufik was tierd by his previous 4 full distant matches. I would’ve been incredible impressed if Taufik would’ve won that match. Peter Gade played stable and confirmed he’s still in top. Way to go, Sir!

  • gade was a great badminton player!!!!!!!!!he cant be retiered!!!!

  • blade 9 years ago

    hmmmmmm, why the videos have been removed? where i can go see this match?

  • why the hell did youtube remove that video, it didnt violate shit

  • Philip 8 years ago

    haha agreed , why remove a video like that ….seriously ? :O

  • BadmintonKid 8 years ago

    Jason please upload that video again.. because it is removed from youtube .. and i couldn`t find it anywhere..please do that thing for me