I would like to thanked all those supporters that have been supporting and visiting BadmintonFreak all this while. For those all timers and new comers, thanks once again! You know who you are… ^^

Just a little update on the subcribers of our sites. Currently we have 27 RSS Feed Subcribers vs 131 Youtube Subcribers.

To be honest, i couldn’t careless about those Youtube subscribers! ^^ But, BadmintonFreak RSS subscribers is really trailing far behind against Youtube subscribers.

So to show your LOVE and SUPPORT towards Badmintonfreak, please :-

If you like this badminton blog then please consider subscribing to our full feed RSS. You can also subscribe by Email and enjoy latest badminton news and videos sent directly to your inbox.

Thanks and happy Badminton-ING! ^^


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  • Hui Fern 9 years ago

    hey ! Visit Wong Mew Choo’s Fan Blog http://mewchoowong.blogspot.com

    Could u help me 2 promote it ?
    tks !

  • Why no confirmation to my email after I subscribed to this site/

  • jason 9 years ago

    Can you try using another email? Maybe Junk mail? Not too sure but it’s fine for me here.

    Thanks for the support! ^^

  • Jason,

    Thanks. That hotmail is spelt as hotmil without an a in it. I have since changed it now.

    You know you would get more people visiting your site if you posted 6 of 7 videos of LCW Vs PG match. If anyone wanted to watch the last 7/7 match, they have to visit your site.