One of most popular badminton player on tour, Lee Yong Dae is bidding adieu to badminton after his last tournament which is the on going Victor Korea Open 2016. It is definitely a setback to the world of badminton because he is such a well respected player and popular as well.

At only at the age of 28, he is already decided on this decision which according to Yong Dae was final. After a batch of Chinese ladies player quit the sports, now it’s the Korean men doubles ace to call it quits.

One more the most significant victories for Yong Dae was surely during his days playing in the mixed doubles when he won the Olympic gold medal in Beijing 2008.

According to Yong Dae, he wanted to take a break from all tournaments and see what opportunities are available and take it from there.

Yong Dae’s biggest regret was certainly the just concluded Rio Olympics 2016 when he was way too tense and felt too much pressure from the public. Without that, he could probably have done a lot better.

We wish this great player all the best and he will surely be missed!


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