Mohd Fairuzizuan Mohd Tazari-Mohd Zakry Abdul Latif got what they deserve when they were dropped from the list of players going to the German Open and All England.

Up and down performances is not doing this pair any good. I think their best results of late is the semi finals of the world championship in 2009. That’s about all after 2 or 3 years time frame.

Back to back Super Series victory by Fairuz-Zakry is the downfall of Fairuz-Zakry. I guess they also got big headed after that just like Hafiz Hashim winning the All England men singles title.

I totally agree on what Rexy Mainaky and the coaching panel is doing. You don’t perform you sit out. You play shit, you are dropped. This will spur the players to work and focus harder during trainings and match day.

We have no time for under achievers!

The second ranked national men’s pair of Mohd Fairuzizuan Mohd Tazari-Mohd Zakry Abdul Latif have to pay a heavy price for their poor start to the season at the Malaysian Open last week.

Yesterday, the duo were omitted from the squad for the centenary All-England championships, which will be held in Birmingham from March 9-14.

At the Malaysian Open, Fairuzi­zuan-Zakry were beaten in the first round by former world champions Tony Gunawan-Howard Bach of the United States and their early exit did not go down well with the coaching panel.

And to make it worse, national doubles chief coach Rexy Mainaky announced that only the reigning Malaysian Open champions, Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong, were assured of places in the team for the Thomas Cup Finals, which will be held in May.

Rexy has thrown the challenge to the beleaguered Fairuzizuan-Zakry to prove their worth at the Swiss Open in Basel from March 16-21.

He said that he had to be fair to all his players.

“As a coach, I have to treat everyone equally. Fairuzizuan-Zakry had been given a lot of opportunities. They have the experience but yet, there have been no good results from them,” said Rexy.

“They will skip both the German Open (March 2-7) and the All-England. We want them to work at home to iron out their problems. Let them be really prepared before going out again at the Swiss Open. I have spoken to them and they understood the situation.

“They (Fairuzizuan and Zakry) are also not guaranteed to be in the team for the Thomas Cup Finals. For now, the race is open for the second and third pairs. I will name them in April.”

Three back-up pairs are in contention for places in the team. They are Chan Peng Soon-Lim Khim Wah, Mak Hee Chun-Tan Wee Kiong and Ong Soon Hock-Hoon Thien How. All of them have the chance to impress the coaches in the German Open.


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  • Barry 8 years ago

    At least Hashim won – All England….what hast they achieved to get big head?? I am very sure, there are better team in Malaysia…..

  • mal-NAF 8 years ago

    Well, to be a tiny little bit fair to fairuz and zakry, gunawan and bach are no pushovers. That being said..any player who isnt performing should sit at home. There's nothing wrong with benching players who constantly under-achieve. This is part of Darwin's survival of the fittest. Players who choke and under perform will always be outclassed by others who WILL perform better. Let nature take its course, in time better and more willing players will rise to the top and take their rightful place, this is called COMPETITION….IF BAM LETS THIS HAPPEN. Some players may have all the talent but for whatever the reson will never make it to success. Call it fate, call it will, call it luck,call it mojo… whatever.This is a cruel world and in the world of competitive sports there is no room for losers. Hashim won the Ae a long time ago but so has Chen Hong..and Hong isnt even a member of the Chinese team anymore, in fact i havent seen him play for a while.The point is if Hashim were to knock on lee yong bo's office door tomorrow and ask for a spot on the team they'd kick him back to Malaysia and mail his front teeth back to him via UPS.

  • badmintonfreak 8 years ago

    They have a couple Super Series victory and a World Championship bronze medal i guess..

  • canasianboi 8 years ago

    Ya i gotta say that may be a bit unfair because Tony G and Howard Bach are actually a very good pair. I mean they won the world championships and in 2009 world championships they beat mathias boa and morgenson and almost beat KKK and TBH. So i think basing their decision entirely on this might not be fair. Although they might have other reasons as well. Well good players come and go, not all players have tremendous staying power.

  • Codename_Nemesis 8 years ago

    Don't mean to be rude dude
    but i think your comment is fuckin' unfair
    you always shoot hafiz hashim and now fairuz and zakry
    there always up and down in badminton world…….
    hahaha after this i think all the fans want to kill me
    but i just speak my mind don't blame me………..
    anyway your site rock……………

  • badmintonfreak 8 years ago

    No worries brother. We here are open to discussions. ^^ I also shoot hafiz because he deserve to be shoot. Don't you think so? ^^

    Fairuz-Zakry is also another Hafiz in the making.. I just hope they will change their attitude towards the game for the better.

    Trust me, there isn't anything wrong with their skills or gameplay but what is in their head. Attitude.. If you have poor attitude but have the best skills won't bring you far as well. Just my 2 cents..^^

  • mal-NAF 8 years ago

    Badmintonfreak, your coments are not off base. As far as Iam concerned, a player can have all the talent, all the potential, all the speed, power and technique but if he cant win then he's as useless as a broken condom. Kick him off the team and send him home. Theres no excuse for persistant failure. Only LOSERS stick with LOSERS. Hashim has no one to blame but himself for sqaundering so many opportunities for so many years. Now i know know what B.A.M. stands for… Bullshit-Ass-Management

  • malaysiaboleh 8 years ago

    I heard they always outburst outside the that true? They deserve it!!!Win few tournament lawa lawa then now lost heavily!!!Malaysia badminton future will become darkish if those of players are in the team!!!

  • jammer 8 years ago

    Even KKK-TBH pair, they have never been consistent. This also shows how Rexy runs the team.

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    I read some of the opinions here about player's performance and many expect players to provide 3 things. 1) you must win, 2) you cannot lose and 3) you must always win. Wish life is that simple or easy. Guys, players have injuries they don't tell you (Bao CL), personal problems (Susilo), Chnage of coach (H Hashim). Even Roger Federer lost 12 times in 2009 playing 73 matches! If BAM/PBSI implements your team selection strategy, all the players would be sent home. There's no one left. Judge not by the matches they lost only, judge them equally by the matches they won and lost.

  • badmintonfreak 8 years ago

    Yeah that's true also but don't forget at least they make it to semi finals sometimes, finals and winning it sometimes. We don't expect them top win all their matches but please la don't give us early exits always..

  • mal-NAF 8 years ago

    Most people would [ figuratively speaking] give their right arm or leg to be able to play as a professional athelete in any sport. Does anyone here in this world think that if every player on the Malaysian National team were sent home, that there would be no one who would get in line to replace them? The fact is for every player on any national team, there are dozens waiting to take their place. If a player cant take the pressure or is always injured or is mentally weak in competition then they can go home and cry to their momma. By babying unsuccessful players all you are doing is enabling their losing ways. Haifz is the best example. That man has had so many chances Ive lost track. How much is enough? 5? 10? 15? Life doesnt always give you even a second chance and death certainly wont give you even one. Yes there are alot of things we may not know about a players life, their injuries, their marrital problems, their dog's died, their inlaws are evil etc…life is tough, cry me a river. You want to play, you perfrom up to standards. You dont do well, you sit on the bench and watch others play…simple.

  • sin# 69 8 years ago

    Kim, lets' not compare rodger Federer to the mediocre players in the Malaysian badminton team. Federer has won many grandslams among many other tounies. Federer is regarded by many as the best modern tennis player in modern histor, aurguably better the Sampras. Federer is a tennis god, Hashim is a badminton peasant… Big difference. Even if Federer loses half his matches he still wins enough big ones to justify it.When you win so many big tournies like Federer its not unfair to say that Federer has earned his chances, has earned his spot on the tour, has earned his global respect. What has Hashim done in over half a decade to warrant this comparison? Lets not compare fine wine to 3 dollar supermarket champagne.

  • jakobphilipsen 8 years ago

    Hi Jason, i am wondering if you can get a game from swedish international with viktor axelsen?

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    Grand Slams is just a media invention and btw I watched Federer won another one last night in Melbourne. Oz Tennis Open is no different from say AE, Indon, Malay, China and Denmark Opens in Badminton is just like these tournaments. I used Roger as an example for a statistics, even a maestro lost 12 times in 2009. Not all Malaysian players are mediocre, ther is a MS and MD who are ranked as No. 1 and they lost less than 12 times in 2009.

  • sin# 69 8 years ago

    Kim, if grand slams are just a media invention then I geuss the local tournaments in Malaysia are just as good as the AE and worlds and Olympics.Then in which case the Malaysian national team need'nt even travel out of the country to compete. It will save them money on travel and still have international credibitlity.The same goes for players in north America. After all, why travel to play the World's when the Seattle open is just as good, eh? Yes, not all players in Malaysia are mediocre, but the ones who for *years* underachieve should go. The fact is even if..”even if ” grandslams are a media invention, the perception it creates is that it is hard to win and players want to win it because of that. It is safe to say that the top players in the world play these” grandslams” with more ferocity then they would at the jakarta open or the amsterdam open, etc etc. That is why we hold players who have won grandslams with reverance. Ask anyone if they remember the person who won the south Africa open or who took home 1st at the orange county open. Grandslams seperate the strongest from the strong and mediocre.If the Malasyian public were to regard all the tournaments in Malaysia as grandslams then their team should stay home and play just local tournaments…but its safe to say that's not likely to happen. Bottom line, whether grandslams are a media invention or not, they are the hardest to win among tournaments, ask any player.

  • kimchua 8 years ago

    If you think about it, Australian Tennis Open is just another tennis tournament, except bigger. But my intention is not to drag badminton into tennis cos compared to tennis, badminton is not a major sport. My point is even Roger Federer, who is supposedly the best (that is using the no. of Gram Slams won as a yardstick) lost 12 matches in a year. Yes, Gram Slam is hard to win cos it lasts two weeks and the field is 128 players (SS is only 32). On the same token, ask any player outside China if he can win The China Open, a non-Malaysian to win the Malaysian Badminton Open or a non Danish to win Danish Master, its hard too. Even in tennis, very few non European won the French Open on the clay surface and one of the past winners of Oz tennis Open is one Brian Teacher!! (who?) and Bjorn Borg never won Oz Open cos he never bothered. Seriously, Tennis had it made, Gram Slams are a media hype.

  • sin #69 8 years ago

    Whether a grandslam tounament is “media hype” or not is beside the point.If the media were to deem the “artic polar bear tournament” a grandslam then you would have players lining up to play and win that one too. No one is saying that winning any tournament is easy, because its not…but winning the “percieved” or “media hyped” grandslam is harder because all players try harder to win those ones. Ask any pro athlete that and they'll tell you the same thing. Gillian Clark once said any country who doesnt think the olympics is important should not be sending any of its players there to compete. The same goes for BAM. If BAM doesnt think the worlds, and AE and olympics are the ” biggest” tournaments then they should NOT be sending any of its badminton players there. But we all know that's NOT like to happen, right? As for Federer losing 12, thats not shocking. Everyone loses but not everyone wins the ” grandslams.” Try telling any tennis player that their AE trophy and Olympic trophy is the same as the ” San Fransisco Open” and they'll laugh at your face. Because of the money, the fame of winning a “media made” grandslam all players dream and flock to try to win those tournaments because it holds more ” meaning.” Technically all tournaments are the same and they are not easy to win but to be the champion you have to beat the champion, to win a grandslam champion there has to be a grandslam tournament. Who decides what is big or not is not only beside the point, its been decided already so why not embrace that notion? Anyone who doesnt believe in the notion of the “big fight” or the ” big tournament” should not be competing in those events. And yes, very few players where the grandslams are held win it..that's why its so hard to win a grandslam. If the Malaysian Open were considered a grandslam it would not be surprise me if few Malaysians were able to win it even though it's on their home soil.. And that is why those tournaments are “made to be grandslams” because EVERYONE wants to win them so badly, it's harder then your everyday average tournament.