It was indeed sad that the English team is skipping this year’s World Badminton Championship 2009 in Hyderabad. The reason for them to quit is due to the rumor about the terror strike in Hyderabad.

It was indeed sad as i was really hoping to see Nathan Robertson & Anthony Clark in action in the men doubles event.

Quoted from Nathan Roberson :-

“It doesn’t matter to me where it is in the world, we weren’t safe in that situation. It wasn’t a difficult decision in my mind. The only decision was to come home. It wasn’t a safe place for staff or players.”

England has returned home and i hope the rest of the player in Hyderabad will be safe and sound. Our blessings are with you all and let’s get smashing!

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  • Cedrick 8 years ago

    I’m just wondering, what would the England team think after this world championships is over, and was very successful without harm done to anyone?! I believe they are also thinking that they have a big chance of winning gold medals. 🙂

  • mhm, its a bit of a pity. robertson & clark are always fun 2 watch especially if there is an english commentator who explains robertsons “impressive style of play at the net” 😀 … sometimes u even can see it in the eyes of anthony clark 😉