Newspapers in Malaysia especially in the sports section always have the tendency to count the eggs before it hatches. The title of the newspaper stated that Chong Wei gets “easy” draw for next months All England.

I personally will feel very uneasy whenever i read the newspaper with such title for the article.

How can you be so sure that Lee Chong Wei can get to the final without much problem just because Chen Long and Lin Dan is on the other side of the draw?

Although Chong Wei is World No.2 but age is not on his side. Chong Wei’s first round opponent will the P. Kashyap from India and is no pushover by all means.

This year’s tournament will begin from March 8th-13th in Birmingham with Chong Wei winning it for 3 times at 2010, 2011 and 2014.

In Chong Wei’s path, Taiwanese Chou Tien Chen and also Kento Momota and both of these players are dark horses for the tournament and no easy run for Chong Wei.

That’s why I don’t fancy those making such predictions that Chong Wei have an easy draw for this year’s All England tournament.

Nonetheless, we hope the best for Chong Wei and hope he can win his 4th All England championship!


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