Just curious do you watch your badminton videos at Youtube or at badmintonfreak?




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  • Guest 7 years ago

    I get updates from RSS, so I watched videos here.

  • Nuutz 7 years ago

    both XD

  • Shikyo31 7 years ago

    Badmintonfreak off course !!!!!

  • Both, I enjoy watching them from Youtube from time to time.. but often you upload parts at diffrent providers so I'm forced to check out your post on here so I can view all parts. I really appriciate all your work though!

  • Venchow 7 years ago

    I wahtch videos here.

  • Vaslin-guitares 7 years ago

    You are my main source for badminton videos ! Thanks a lot for the good job !

  • Barryslgoh 7 years ago

    Me too, here….

  • Hoihoi11 7 years ago


  • Guest 7 years ago

    Sometimes, certain matches are not found here. So youtube then. Also, the timing – some popular matches are uploaded very quickly to youtube.

    Of course, the best would be to get emails from you and watch them here. Thanks very much for your efforts.

  • It's too much of a pain to search thru youtube, so I watch it here always…

  • I check here what videos you have uploaded but then click on the youtube link if available. in youtube one can expand the size of the video. watching here the video is too small. and the other option, watching on full screen… well the quality just isn't good enough for that

  • SandiBad 7 years ago


  • Rimas 7 years ago

    Where do you people find recent badminton videos on youtube? I haven't been able to.

  • Veerayuthc 7 years ago

    Mostly on badmintonfreak except some match does have on badmintonfreak.

  • Buni Jumpa 7 years ago

    At badmintonfreak! thank you for the good job!

  • Ai_laikher 7 years ago

    of course in here because badminton freak is mush easier than youtube..
    thanks a lot for the videos.. 🙂

  • Brianleung_ 7 years ago

    i used to watch them on both, but for the last little while i always get these little background music playing while i'm watching the videos on bfreak, soo it's kinda hard to enjoy the matches
    and because of that, i've switched over to the youtube page
    but if the problem is fixed, I'll watch them on here

  • Patrick Corridon 7 years ago

    I watched badminton videos on BadmintoFreak

  • DxHuman 7 years ago

    Used to come here all the time, but many times when the site went down I went to youtube and over time I noticed youtube gets updated with the most recent matches faster than here. So now I go to youtube first but still comes here from times to times.

  • Badmintonfreak mainly, sometimes youtube

    Thank you so much for the uploads

  • Jliu21 7 years ago

    Well, I used to come here a lot. But now the vids using the video player other than Youtube or Myspace have been down for a long time.

    And those are usually the best matches in my opinion. So, I go to Youtube now.

    Jason, if you could fix those videos I'd definitely be back here.

  • PETERO 7 years ago

    mainly here 98% at this stage- look at training videos on youtube