A simple exercise can bring you a long way to further your badminton career. As we know, our wrist is very important in the game of badminton. The stronger the wrist, the better for us as we use a lot of wrist power in badminton.

In this exercise you will need to put your racket head cover over your racket. Don’t forget to make some holes at the racket cover so that it will be slightly lighter so that you can do the hitting action quite fast.

For this exercise, you should tap the shuttle rather then making a full swing because when you tap the shuttle with your racket with the cover on it, it requires more power rather than follow through.

You can repeat this action for 10 to 15 times to strengthen the wrist. Not only that, you can also try your feet while waiting for the shuttle to come.

Try it out as it might just improve your game of badminton!


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