To play good badminton, story we must be very enthusiastic whether to make or retrieve a shot. If you can take the shuttle early, troche you will have a better hitting angle, faster shuttle speed and also more power.

When we are at the front courts, we should take the shuttle early. If we have the habit of doing so, we might have the chance to do a killing net smash.

We can divide the badminton courts into 3 different courts which is back court, mid court and also the front court.

When we are at the back court, one have to shit the shuttle at a high point. To finish this shot, one have to

It is slightly easier for you to hit the badminton shuttles from the mid court area as you will move forwards. Never back off and let the shuttle @ birdie falls too low.

Do not back off or be afraid when your opponents just want to make a smash. Instead, you should just be bold and be more aggressive by moving towards the shuttle.

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